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More Homecoming Video

31 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to lojolauk for sending in the links to her videos from the Homecoming Concert.
There's a total of four of them posted after the jump.

And lojo - you got a good seat, girlfriend. Way to go!

Looking Forward to the Tour

31 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Yes, we've spent the last two days being inundated with news items, video of live performances and pictures galore and still we want more. In anticipation of the group performances and possible dork dance opportunities coming our way, our own Aspiring made this JibJab video.

Thanks, Aspy.

Try JibJab Sendables!

Jason Castro Shirts

30 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We like Jason's style -- and that extends to his fashion sense, too. After achieving and maintaining Google dominance for Jason Castro Pants, we've moved on to this shirt, which has fascinated us all since Mariah Carey week, when we were trying to figure out exactly what that embroidered design was. (Yes, we're obsessed fantards around here. Sue us.)

Jason's shirt
(Photo sent in by a reader who had JUST touched Jason's hand as he walked past her yesterday. Lucky girl.)

Some of our forum posters were trying to figure out the lettering on the shirt, when pinkpjs pulled this from her stack of fabulous pics (more on those to come) from yesterday:


Then Faith proposed that it said "False Idols" and found the website for this shirt:
(We could only find it in blue.)


Props to Castrophile for finding it, too -- if not for her pesky doorbell, she might have had it!

So you may be asking yourself, what the hell does False Idol mean anyway? Well we're gonna try to answer that once and for all.

So what is it and what does it stand for? Well, contrary to popular belief it is not a religious clothing company. It's a company with a stand, with morals, but we're not associated with any religion. We're not political either, we're just about integrity. If that's Christian then it's Christian, if it's Buddhist then it's Buddhist. It's all the same to us.

False Idol originally started off as a personal statement. It later grew into an observation of the society in which we live in. It has transformed over time. Kinda like our society.

Our society has gone from rewarding and worshiping real heros to worshiping moronic celebrities and False politicians. We obsess over money and material things everyday.

The standards of our society have dramatically decreased. Honesty and integrity are chores and are no longer rewarded. We look up to wealthy vacant heiresses and occupy our time with how they spent the night or who they spent it with. We over look the genuine and worship the fake.

Our Society has done a 180. The False Idols of our society: money, tv, drugs, violence, False politicians, vacant celebs and all the things we believe to be cool are just wasting away at the core foundation of what it means to be a real hero.

Integrity is just not "cool" anymore. Well then, in that case, False Idol just isn't cool. We can live with that.

So there it is: True Love/False Idols. Awesome job, ya'll. AND I want one.

And I want a shirt like the one he wore for Travelin' Thru, too - I don't care if it IS mens clothing. Don't act like I'm the only one.

Edited: To put some more links in.
Try here

Or here.

Say What?

30 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
There's rumours of an Easter Egg for Castro fans at the end of Slezak's latest installment of Idolatry. And it's so brightly coloured, you'll forgot all about Jessica Shaw's presence in the video.

Thanks for the tip, Jim.

Castrocopia Loves RockwallLovesJason

30 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
They've got a total of four videos posted now, including crystal clear audio of the new song!


It's Time For the Cake!

30 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
What's a party without cake? Let's let McLovin have first dibs and then you all can serve yourselves. Free drinks at the bar.

Bluejean cake!

The band Cake!

Chris and Blake Cake!

Crowded House Cake!

Edited by McLovin: Decisions, decisions. I love cake. And blue jeans. And I love CAKE. And Cake.

And Chocolate Cake. Not everyone in New York would pay to see Andrew Lloyd Webber. Best lyrics ever.

Jason Audio

30 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to Tiffani for the tip about this mp3 from neighborsgo of Jason talking to the crowd and performing Daydream.

Update: More audio, featuring the opening of the previously unheard original. Thanks again, Tiffani.

More on the Scene Coverage

30 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Sunny over at Idol Blues was able to make it out to Jason's homecoming yesterday and is blogging - with pictures - about it at her site, so go give it a look.

Jason Castro Homecoming

30 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
For those of us who couldn't be there for Jason's homecoming in Rockwall yesterday, a big heap of thanks are in order for sixtimemom over at DaydreamingBoy for agreeing to share her pictures of - and a few words about - Jason's homecoming with us. Thanks, sixtime!

Two buses of Dreadheads were part of the parade before the concert yesterday. Here's one of them:

DreadHead Bus


Jason surprised the Dreadheads and drove up behind the buses before the start of the parade. We were supposed to stay in the buses but there was a mix up in communication so we were piling out of the buses. Jason was so sweet to sign shirts.

(Continued after the jump)

Right Fucking On Recipients Honor One of Their Own

30 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
You know who loves McLovin? MTV. John Norris and Jim Cantiello, you guys totally rock.

JohnNorris, Jim Cantiello

(I realize that this is totally not going to help quell the rumors that I am, in fact, Cantiello. )

McLovin said: How could a camera ever want to work again after capturing that much human awesomeness in one shot? Everything after that would be a letdown.

Thanks, Jim and John. That's the scrapbook pic of a lifetime.

Lemon? You're NOT Cantiello? Crap.


30 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Srsly - we'll get back to the Castro news ASAP. This will just take a second but I've got to say it, so thanks for the indulgence.

Liz Lemon - Coding Goddess. Legendary Beauty. Erudite Brainiac. Multi-lingual Mojito-lusting MILF and my Hetero Life Partner. Thanks for the birthday wishes, the banner, the secret admirer and the awesome compilation of music and comedy vids. I love you and your big mouth like nobody's business and look forward to returning the favour on your birthday. Oh, yes I do.

Oh, mah gaw! Tdouglas Woomble, Esq.'s Fake News! Holy Shit! but that was fucking hilariously incredible and could possibly get us both kicked out of Utah. Oh, wait -- you're not here with me, so I can't hug you for that personalized slice of Heaven. *tears* You, I love too.

Lundy - In my humble opinion, that is quite possibly one of the most excellent videos ever uploaded onto youtube. Thanks for putting a bunch of my favourites all together with a completely ass-kicking soundtrack.

Castrocopians: You rawk hard, ya'll. Thanks for the birthday wishes in the forum today and the hilarity and intelligent commentary every single day. The angels were smiling at us when they sent you all here.

Edit Liz Lemon: I love that she thinks we're done. Oh and if you want Castro news - just scroll down. It's there. Indulge us - we love McLovin.

What the Crap?

30 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Being another year older has obviously fried my brain -- I've just realized I linked to the same Dallas Morning News video twice in the last few hours. Sorry about that. I guess the good thing is I found out that registration is now required to view articles on their site, so I checked it out. It's free and practically painless, so do yourself a favour and take a minute to get signed up, lest you miss the chance to access their exclusive Jason content.

And Now For Something Completely Different

30 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
From The Salt Lake Tribune, May 31, 2039

An Unbuttoned Pantz Party to Remember
Entertainment’s elite helps media mogul celebrate 60th birthday in style
by tdouglas woomble

No, it wasn’t the Grammys, though you might be forgiven for mistaking last night’s bash honouring McLovin on the occasion of her 60th birthday for the music industry’s biggest awards gala. A veritable who’s who of rock’s leading lights, as well as luminaries from other creative fields, packed the Grand Ballroom of the Jeff Archuleta Memorial Child Star Indoctrination Centre in downtown Salt Lake City to pay tribute to the revered, ever-radiant co-CEO of Pantz Unlimited, Inc. It was an evening of tunes, testimonials and more than a few drunken toasts. Highlights included Paolo Nutini and Josh Homme serenading the woman of the hour with a raucous cover of the Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney chestnut “The Girl Is Mine”; a solo performance by Thom Yorke, who somehow managed to turn the special-occasion standard “Happy Birthday” into a desolate rumination on post-millennial discomfort; and an erotic interpretive dance by the Followill brothers and their cousin.

Story continues (click Read More)

More Jason Video

30 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From the Dallas Morning News, set to the soundtrack of Jason's "Daydream" from yesterday.

A Birthday Wish from lundymicron

30 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon

Thanks lundy!

Happy Birthday, McLovin

30 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
I know you're going to want to kill me - at first. But hang tight because you're soon going to be laughing so hard you'll be crying. And my goal today is to make you cry big, ugly, hot tears - of JOY!

I know there are readers out there who come here primarily for the Castro info but stick around for the McLovin awesomeness. If you want to pop in our forum today and give her some love, there's a whole party going on here today. It should be a lot of fun.

And to kick it all off... I received the following from a mysterious secret admirer who is made of win and awesomeness.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. You know I love you. I waved!

Jason Videos!

30 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
With awesome audio from RockwalllovesJason.

Thanks to jragonfly for the tip!

Jason Commissioned at Homecoming

30 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason received a commission from a pastor at his home church, Lake Pointe Church, today during his homecoming. Thanks to castrosbitch for this picture of Jason and the pastor, who I assume (from information from neighborsgo), is Teaching Pastor Wes Hamilton.

Jason, Pastor

Jason Castro on NeighborsGo

29 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Be sure to head over to Neighborsgo for tons of pics and blurbs about Jason Castro Day, including this:

American Idol contestant Jason Castro closed the concert with a special gift to his friends, singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas." At the end of his performance, he thanked the crowd, saying "it means more than you know." He finished in his typical, humble style. "Thank you for having me."

Jason's Homecoming: Daydream

29 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Coverage of Jason Castro Day from the Dallas Morning News:

Mr. Castro made his big entrance at The Harbor in Rockwall via boat on Lake Ray Hubbard.

He fielded several questions from the audience of thousands, such as what he took away from his American Idol experience.

"I got what I came for – for people to know who I was and for people to listen to my music," he said.

Bonus: There's video on that page with the full audio of his performance of Daydream.

Jason's Homecoming: More Video

29 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Video of the crowd; excellent audio of Jason doing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, plus part of Deep in the Heart of Texas. Our thanks to the youtube uploader.

Jason Castro Day:

29 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason's congressman, Representative Ralph Hall, presented him with a flag from the Capitol today. Thanks to pinkpj's for sharing this incredible picture with us.

Jason Castro

Jason Castro Concert

29 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to LisaRoo for finding these snippets of video from the mini-concert in Rockwall today.

New original song


Deep in the Heart of Texas

Live Feed from Dallas Fort Worth Fox News

29 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
If you want to watch some guy stand around doing nothing and talking to himself for a bit, you can head right over to Live Feed from Dallas Fort Worth Fox News.

Hopefully, they will be covering the parade and the mini concert live. Sounds like they're going live at 5 CST.

ETA: It has gone off air. I don't know if it will be back or now. Grr.

ETA 2: The feed's back up and I hear music!

ETA 3: The link above is at the ampitheatre. Follow the parade from the chopper here.

Finger Drumming

29 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Looks like we'll probably be waiting until the parade starts for any more news.
You know what we need while we wait, right?

Irresistible Object vs. Immovable Force
Uploaded by castrocopia

Jason Castro on 103.7

29 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
The interview with Jason Castro on the Gene and Julie Show has been posted to 103.7's website and can be heard here.

They don't have the full interview posted yet. There's another section with a performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and some caller questions. Keep checking that link -- hopefully they will get the rest posted.

The remaining segments are up now.

Jason Castro on The Gene and Julie Show

29 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Bumping this because it's way down the page.

Thanks to Aimster for the tip that Jason will be a guest this morning on the Gene & Julie Show on 103.7 in Dallas tomorrow between 7:00-7:30 am (CST). He'll be performing live on the air and taking listener questions.

There's a streaming audio button at the top of their site if you'd like to listen live. And don't go rending your garments if you're not able to tune in at that time; his previous interview with Gene & Julie was posted on their website within a couple of hours of the live segment -- they'll most likely do that again tomorrow.

Today's the Big Day!

29 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Rockwall is going all out to welcome Jason home. If you're lucky enough to be in the area, you're going to kick yourself tomorrow if you don't attend. Or maybe even later tonight. So make sure you go! And film it all and e-mail it to me, Please. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.

From neighborsgo:

The parade rolls out from the corner of Ridge Road and Summer Lee at 5:30 p.m, and ends on Lake Front Trail near the Cinemark Theater. In car one, will be Rockwall Mayor Bill Cecil. Jason and his parents, Rene and Betsi, will be in car number two. Cars three through eight will include members of Jason’s family. The vehicles that follow will include Jason groupies, the Chick-Fil-A cow, and of course, the dreadhead buses. (I think you’ll see me hanging out one of the windows!)

At 6:30 p.m., Jason will perform three songs at The Harbor’s outdoor amphitheater on the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard - and yes, dreadhead fans, I’m told he’ll bring his ukulele and sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Mayor Cecil will present Jason with a key to the City. Teaching Pastor Wes Hamilton from Lake Pointe Church (Jason’s home church) will commission Jason.

Rockwall Loves Jason has a parade route map and information on parking and shuttles to the event for those of you who will be attending.

A Few Words About Jason Castro

29 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Abrahammy from the forum graced us with these lovely words a couple days ago. With her permission, we saved it for a special day to share with you all.


He entered the show as a semifinalist who had no face time in Hollywood. He got to the Final Four. That’s remarkable.

He specialized in quiet, heart-felt performances in a show that measures singing ability in the volume and length of glory notes. He got to the Final Four. That’s amazing.

He’s a genuine amateur with very little professional experience, and he went up against show business veterans who have been working at this for years. He got to the Final Four. That’s astounding.

He made his way through the ranks in a season full of staggeringly talented people, the best top 12 the show has ever seen. He got to the Final Four. That’s incredible.

He had two "Moment" performances on his way to the Final Four; it is the rare and special contestant who manages even one. That's unbelievable.

When he finally reached the point where he could go no further, he went out joyously, singing the song HE wanted to sing, without tears, recriminations, bitterness or regrets. That's as rare as it is admirable.

He stands in the company of these contestants who have come before him: Tamyra Grey, Joshua Gracin, LaToya London, Anthony Federov, Chris Daughtry, and Lakisha Jones. Anyone who has followed American Idol for a long time understands the caliber of talent in this very elite group of people. He belongs here. That is all that needs to be said.

If it is God’s will, may this remarkable young man continue to give us the gift of his great talent and love for music for years to come. We salute him this day for a job beautifully done, and wish him every blessing for the bright future that lies ahead of him.

Jason Castro Radio Appearance

28 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to Aimster for the tip that Jason will be a guest tomorrow on the Gene & Julie Show on 103.7 in Dallas tomorrow between 7:00-7:30 am (CST). He'll be performing live on the air and taking listener questions.

There's a streaming audio button at the top of their site if you'd like to listen live. And don't go rending your garments if you're not able to tune in at that time; his previous interview with Gene & Julie was posted on their website within a couple of hours of the live segment -- they'll most likely do that again tomorrow.

Idols on Access Hollywood

28 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Moar! From the Idols visit to Access Hollywood last week.

Jason's MySpace

28 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason just added songs to his MySpace yesterday, and already he's got over 22,000 play counts. If you haven't been clicking on his songs, please try to make an effort to do so. You never know who's looking at the play counts on myspace pages and it's only going to help him if the numbers keep going up.

For those of you who don't have his myspace link yet:

Jason Castro on Fox News Radio

28 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to lovinJC for this link to a podcast of Jason speaking to Dave Anthony from Fox News Radio. It's an older interview from right after he was eliminated, but there's still some new things covered here.

If you're having trouble with that link, here's the mp3 of the podcast.

Jason Castro: My Fox Dallas Appearance

28 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Part One

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Jason Castro: My Fox Dallas Appearance

28 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Part 2
After the jump

Jason Castro: My Fox Dallas Appearance

28 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Part 3
After the jump

Jason Castro on MyFox Dallas

28 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks for the reader tip to this link of Jason performing Daydream on MyFox Dallas this morning.

Jason's New Calling Card

28 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Carolina93 never ceases to crack us up in the forums and true to form, she produced a business card for Jason. As she said:

He can give these to interviewers and reporters before they get a chance to open their asinine mouths.


Thanks Carolina!

Another Poll

28 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
I just want to say that I loathe post-Idol polls. To me, the competition is over and it's time to move on and support the people that we discovered during the season and stop measuring success relative to one year's batch of contestants. I don't understand the merit of voting in the polls. I don't believe industry insiders keep an eye on them or care one way or the other which fanbase can zealously spam a given poll more than another. I really don't.

However, I know that some people still have a need to vote for their guy and get the satisfaction of seeing him in the lead. And so, although you won't catch me urging people to flock to a poll and take back the lead, I'm more than happy to pass on the information.

And in that spirit, here's yet another poll sent in by a reader.

Rockwell Parade to be followed by Castrocert

27 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
According to the Dallas News, the parade on Thursday will be followed by a small concert:

The parade, which starts at 5:30 p.m., will roll along Summer Lee Drive from Ridge Road to The Harbor, Rockwall's retail and restaurant development on the shore of Lake Ray Hubbard.

At 6:30 p.m., Jason will perform three songs at The Harbor’s outdoor amphitheater overlooking the lake. Jason is expected to bring his ukulele and sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

What do you suppose the other 2 songs will be?

Castrocopia: Bumping the Old News
When There Isn't Any New News

27 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We've heard from a few people who've said they can't access the MyFox Boston interview cited here from the night of the finale, in which Jason is asked if he was burned by the pyrotechnics during the opening number, Get Ready, so I've loaded it onto our TV. Scroll down the list to MyFoxBostonMay21; Jason comes in to speak to the reporter at the end of the segment.

Larry King Live: Transcripts!

27 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Not sure who said what when? Transcripts would normally be just the thing to clear up any questions you have in a situation like this. But that won't be happening here. CNN's transcripts of the two-part Idol interview are as well formed as some of Larry's questions. "Jason. Why?"

Speaking of that -- here's what one of our posters, castrocaptivated, had to say about that question. It's too good to leave it in the forum

Jason should have answered Larry's lame, "Jason. Why?" question with....."Larry. Why not?"

Or he could have gone on to give a lengthy made up answer like this....

Well Larry, my plan back in high school was to eventually audition for American Idol and I felt like dreads would make me stand out and be remembered and that when I finished in the top ten, number four to be exact, I would go on the press junket and get asked a googillion (thanks Ben!) times about why, when, and how I grew my dreads. I have now got the answer down pat and can tell it in 20 seconds. Now, would you like to hear about my music or the obsession Castrocopia has with my pantz? Both are quite interesting.

And here are the transcripts:

May 23

May 26

Jason Castro's Underrated
Performance of the Week

27 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
There's enough material to do this once a week for at least the next two months and - having been inspired by the woefully hackable AOL Poll - that's exactly what I'm going to do. Until I forget to do it one week and have to be reminded. Because that's how I roll.

I Just Want to Be Your Everything

022608 Jason Castro-I Just Want To Be Your Everything (with
Uploaded by castrocopia

Larry King Live

26 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Here's the first one. The rest are after the jump.

Also, Jason's got the dread story down to about 20 seconds flat.
*thumbs up*

Part 1

Top 10 on Larry King Live

26 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Daily Motion videos of the Idols on Larry King Live (Part 2) are up at mjs, so please head on over there to see them if you find that preferable to waiting for my hapless ass to get the clips cut from Red Lasso. And really -- who wouldn't?

Jason Castro: Homecoming

25 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Keep your eyes peeled on these three sites for updates about Jason's homecoming in Rockwall this Thursday, May 29th. Looks like it's going to be incredible.

Rockwall Loves Jason
City of Rockwall


25 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Well, crap. It was a repeat. disappointment.gif

For those of you who missed it last night (and missed it the first time it was on) it was MAD Tv on the red carpet at the Top 12 party, not at the Finale.

Long Weekends

24 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
I love long weekends. I'm about to go get started on mine, but before I do I wanted to leave you with two things that always say Summer to me: Bob Marley and luaus.

Don't forget to watch MADTv tonight.

Irresistible Object vs. Immovable Force
Uploaded by castrocopia

041508 Jason Castro - I Don't Wanna Cry (with intro and com
Uploaded by castrocopia

Idols on Larry King Live

23 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Although I WILL! win Larry's suspenders for e-mailing in the list of David Cook solo songs in record time, I've still skipped right past the Davids and started clipping when Jason came in. Here's part one; I'll add the rest as I get them.

Part II

Part III

Idols on MADTv

23 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Check your local listings, because according to Fox's broadcast schedule for this week:

Keegan-Michael Key turns on the political charm and the prosthetic ears to play Barack Obama and Daheli Hall plays Oprah in a parody of the popular Flo-rida video “Low” with the MADtv version of Oooooprah! Meanwhile, Arden Myrin and Bobby Lee chat with the AMERICAN IDOL finalists on the red carpet on MADtv airing Saturday, May 24 (11:00 PM-Midnight ET/PT) on FOX. (MD-1312)
(TV-14; D, L) CC

Idols on Larry King Live

23 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Check your local listings for tonight's Larry King Live with the Top 10. If you'd like to e-mail a question to the show, there's an option to do so right under the pictures of the Davids on the left side of Larry's CNN home show page.

Please keep in mind that whether or not Jason said "Don't Vote", how long he's been singing, the story of the dreads and even his favourite jelly bean flavour has been asked and answered, but he's seldom asked about his music and he seems to really like talking about that, so go ahead -- make his day.

Miscellaneous Interviews

23 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From Fox6 in San Diego: Scroll through the "Recent Videos" on the right to find "American Idol Live Tour" with a picture of Brooke and Jason. Thanks to Carolina for the tip.

From MyFox New York: Scroll down the page to the video player. In the list of videos, find "Season 7 Top Singers Talk" for a brief Jason appearance during an interview with MJ and Syesha; also look for "Top 12 Talk Davids" for another Jason bit.

Music First, Pantz Second - the Lolz version

23 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Thanks to ba18ba18a for this genius lolcastro. What is first and second? Look at the wall behind Jason. The photographer is obviously a Castrocopian! Nice work, ba18ba18a!


Jason's Homecoming: Details!

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin

A parade that starts at the corner of Ridge Road and Summer Lee Road kicks off the celebration at 5:30 p.m. The parade will include Castro and his family and two buses full of Dreadheads, his loyal followers.

Castro will arrive at The Harbor where he'll receive a key to the city from Mayor Bill Cecil. The concert follows at 6:30 p.m.

Idols on AI Extra

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
The Top 12, less the Davids, on AI Extra. Thanks to rickey's for the vid.

Uploaded by greateggs

So THAT'S What Happened

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
I guess it's time to just put it here on the blog since I've just had to respond to what must have been the 20th e-mail about either:

1) Jason's a doof who can take nothing seriously, did you see him messing around at the end of the opening song last night? (yes, people write in to tell me that Jason sucks. Asshole people.)

2) OMG! I heard Jason almost DIED last night at the Finale!! (crazy people write in, too.)

3) Also, sane non-assholes wrote in who were just wondering and, God help them, they came to me for an answer. Heh.

So here's the deal: Jason jumped away from something at the end of this performance while everyone else was pointy-posing. He's asked about it at the end of this interview, where he said they hadn't rehearsed with the pyrotechnics and it was pretty hot, so he moved away.

And finally, I'm going to pretend I work for Fox and sensationalize the shit out of this, so here's the dramatic close-up! of the action.

OMG! He DID almost die!! Hey - is there a way we can blame him for this?

Aaand scene.

This just in: Yikes!

Jason Castro

Clip sent in by Marillion, who saw it posted by Moony, who credited the clip to Firefly, all from IDF.

Hallelujah on iTunes

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
As of right now, Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah has risen from #89 to #73.

Also, apparently the ban on AI contestants' songs being listed on iTunes charts was lifted in conjunction with all the other AI iTunes singles going off the market, because David Cook has the top 4 songs: the three songs that he sang during the Top 2 plus his coronation song, The Time of My Life (Am I the only one who can't even look at the name of that song without thinking "No one puts Baby in a corner"?)

David Archuleta is at 11, 12 and 22.

One Man's Opinion

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
One that I pretty much agree with. From BuddyTV:

Slow and steady wins the race, I suppose. The best of Brooke White, Jason Castro and Michael Johns were better than the best of either David. Yet, the Davids earned their spot in the finale due to their reliability and consistency – the audience knew what they were going to get.

Jeff Buckley Re-Enters the iTunes Top 100

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
That's right, peoples. It's happening again. Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah from his amazing debut CD, Grace, is back in the Top 100 on iTunes (wonder why?) and is currently sitting at #89. If you've not yet purchased this gorgeous song, or if you have but know someone who might enjoy it as a gift, now is as good a time as any to pick it up.

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Buy it at iTunes

Reader E-Mail Saves the Day!

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
I was computerless for awhile last night and this morning and am struggling to catch up. Thanks to the reader who sent in these two reviews.

I think we've mentioned before that the Village Voice's Tom Breihan waffles between loving and hating Jason. Here's what he had to say about last night:

Jason Castro gets a "Hallelujah" encore. I still can't believe that whole thing happened. I've listened to every version of this song I could find since Castro sang it the first time, and I'd probably put his quavery, tremulous version in the top three. I like that he doesn't do all the overblown vocal swoops of the Jeff Buckley version, that he just sort of calmly speak-sings those words. If a song like this can get play on a whizjet-circus like this finale, there's hope for all of us.

From Foxes on Idol:

Wow, Jason Castro’s performance of “Hallelujah” was full of so much passion. It was stunningly beautiful.

Jason Castro: USA Today

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
In a *rare moment of lucidity, Ken Barnes compliments Jason's Hallelujah from the finale (although I don't remember the overdramatic part, nor the falsetto).

Jason, introduced as a contestant for whom interviews were like pulling teeth, gets to reprise Hallelujah. Truly his finest moment, and one of the best of the whole season. This version seems a bit overdramatic, but still excellent, and I think he did the ending glide into the falsetto better this time.

*I kid because
a.) truth be told, I'm kind of a bitch. Shocking revelation, I know.
b.) I have a disease, one identified by our own sybilsarmy: castropisstivity.

Castropisstivity: The act of being pissed on behalf of Jason, because he's too nice to do it himself.

Jason Castro Says the "D" Word!

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Drums! In this post-finale chat with a reporter from Fox23 in Tulsa, Jason mentions that he may be doing some drum work on the tour (Squee!!)

Click on the link "David Cook is the new American Idol" in the top story side bar on the left.

Jason Castro on MyFox Boston

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
MyFox Boston on the red carpet last night after the finale speaks to past and current contestants, including Jason (who comes in at the end).

Jason Finally Gets His Homecoming

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin

It's the start of a big week for Jason, who'll be treated to a big homecoming in his hometown on May 29. The city is planning a parade, regatta and a Jason Castro Day proclamation.

For those of you who are into spooky coincidences: May 29, 2008, is the 11th anniversary of Jeff Buckley's death. I find it fitting that the man responsible for the renewed interest in Jeff and the boost in sales that gave him his first and only trip to the top of the charts is receiving this kind of recognition on that particular day.

MTV on the Red Carpet

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin

Michael Slezak on the Hallelujah Encore

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From his review of last night's Finale results show:

Similarly, while Jason Castro got a slightly dismissive intro from Ryan (something about his lack of interview skills, followed by a throwaway comment about his ''pleasant'' performances) and some utterly bizarre camera angles (cue Nigel directing his crew to shoot the dreadlocked dude from behind, and at a distance of no less than 200 paces), his repeat performance of ''Hallelujah'' was (amazingly enough) even more touching than his wondrous version from week 3 of the semifinals. I kinda wished Idol had hooked Jason up with a worthy duet partner, or encouraged him to choose a new and unexpected song for the season finale, but in the end, I was cheering as hard in my living room as Melinda Doolittle and Teri Hatcher did at the Nokia.

Castrocopia: Your Source for Old News

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to kbkysun for the link to this audio of the print media conference call that took place the day after Jason was eliminated from AI. Click on his picture and you're off.

Like kbkysun says, it's old but it's 30 minutes of Jason talking.

Jim Cantiello Earns Castrocopia's Right Fucking On! Award

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
For a multitude of reasons, including:

1. A season of excellent and hilarious Idol in 60 Seconds recaps
2. Shouting out to my hetero life partner, Liz Lemon, in his AI Finale Live Blog
3. Naming Jason Castro's Hallelujah as the best performance of the Finale in the latest Idol in 60 seconds.

Can McLovin bear the upcoming dual JC withdrawals without drinking heavily? Doubtful.

Jason on 107.9 The End

22 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Pre-Finale interview with L.A. radio station

Castrocopia: Oh No! We Suck Again!

21 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
This is twice in one day now.

Can you believe that on this - of all days - we've let the Marley slip off the front page again? Shameful. Just shameful.

Irresistible Object vs. Immovable Force
Uploaded by castrocopia

Bonus: I Shot the Sheriff (sing-out), which wasn't on the front page anymore, either.

050708 Jason Castro - I Shot the Sheriff Sing-out
Uploaded by castrocopia

And let's just go full circle, shall we? Daydream.

021908 Jason Castro-Daydream (performance only)
Uploaded by castrocopia

Jackie and Jason Castro

21 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jackie Castro interviews her brother Jason for Fox News.

Fox News - Jackie and Jason Castro
Uploaded by castrocopia

Nigel Lythgoe on KIIS

21 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Nigel allegedly reveals what Jason will be singing tonight on Ryan's show this morning. It's in the David and David interview. I'm listening now, so I haven't heard for myself yet.

Jason Castro on MyFox KC

21 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to Van for the link to this brief interview with both Jason and Chikizie about the David vs. David finale last night with David Cook's hometown Fox News affiliate.

So, About That Finale....

21 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From the Boston Herald's Inside Track: Fast Freddy from Mix 98.5 in Boston spoke to Jason yesterday about two very important things:

~ Marijuana usage. Because we were all just waiting on pins and needles for the answer to that one.

~ Finale stuff

Castro, who will appear on tonight’s finale, didn’t dish up a lot of details. So what can we expect? Freddy inquired.

“dancin’ . . . a lotta dancin’ . . . and I sing. . . . yeah, a solo . . . which is cool.”

There are way too many ellipses in that.

So anyway, we've got the duet Nigel confirmed *grumbles*, at least one solo (which is probably a part of one of however many medleys they're doing, based on previous finales) *yay!* and "a lotta dancin' "? Yeah-ah!

I'm not even close to being ready to speculate on the songs, but you know what this calls for, right? Dork Dance Marathon.

Now we've all been on DD restriction lately and our tolerance is low. We don't have high enough levels in our systems to be able to just jump right into Dork nirvana without risking mortal harm. Srsly - that's how Sid Vicious died. True story.

But we've gotta be ready for tonight. So we're gonna start slow and work our way up to the hard stuff. Ready?

Neil Diamond Medley

AI Top 5 Neil Diamond Medley
Uploaded by castrocopia

Reelin' in the Years

Top 4 Group SIng - Reelin' In The Years
Uploaded by castrocopia

Get Right Back

Top 10 Group-Get Right Back
Uploaded by castrocopia

9 to 5

Top 9 Group-Nine To Five
Uploaded by castrocopia

This is Your Really, Really Last Chance
to Purchase Jason's AI iTunes Singles

21 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Today's the finale. After today, the iTunes are supposed to be gone. Don't spend your Summer crying bitter tears of regret over what might have been -- you, boating or chillounging in your hammock or involved in interstate high-speed chases, all to a lush soundtrack of Castro tune-age. Get over to Jason's iTunes page before it's gone!

Still undecided? Okay, test-driver. Here's the page with all the studio singles, loaded to youtube for your listening pleasure.

Now git!

Radio Interview MP3's

21 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
I've heard some readers - particularly the non-U.S. residents - have been having problems accessing the radio interviews posted over the last couple of days, so here they are as MP3s. They're also available for download via the link on our Radio Castrocopia page.

Interview at the Nokia with WDVD from Detroit

Fox on Faith Interview (Just the Jason parts)

OMG! That's LEMON'S Code-Name!!

20 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From MyFoxWassau:

In other news, MyFoxBoston’s Doug Meehan pressed Jason Castro for insider info on the show’s surprise guest stars. Castro would only reveal that one was known as “codename Virgin Airlines.”

Jason Castro on Idol Wrap

20 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
A thousand thanks to our own Goddess of Media, DM, for capturing the video of Jason's interview on Idol Wrap, which was aired on May 16th.

051608 Jason Castro on Idol Wrap
Uploaded by castrocopia

In case you're wondering, Shirley Halperin is referring to these two men when she says she's not sure what kind of artist Jason will be. I can't even muster a WTF? on this one, but maybe we can get some insight into where Shirley's coming from: in this article, Shirley wonders why Jason selected "I Shot the Sheriff" over Marley's "Redemption Song", which wasn't even on the list of 500 Songs That Changed Rock and Roll from which the contestants had to choose during Top 4.

John Mayer (Blues Rock)

Matisyahu (Hasidic Reggae. I shit you not.)

AOL Poll: O RLY?

20 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
So the results of the AOL Poll are all over the news, the poll in which Jason is named the most over-rated contestant on the show this year.

Um --- what? In order to be OVER-rated, don't you need to garner heaps o' praise from the judges and press? Jason was shot down more often than not by the judges and half the press picked up Simon's opinions and ran with them as if they were their own, so I don't get why he was even in the running.

Whatever. AOL polls are meaningless anyway because they're too damn easy to spam and there's no feature to prevent multiple votes that are coming in from the same IP address. It's not representative of anything. When the most recent poll was first posted, the two Davids were neck and neck in the race for Most Over-rated contestant -- and then their fans caught wind of the poll. It was all over their message boards to get over there and vote. It was all over Jason's message boards, too, but most of us had better things to do than vote in a spammable poll. Like watch video interviews from Jason's recent press junket.

So go ahead and call me a crazy-ass fan who's in denial of the results of a legitimate poll. I don't care. I know what I know about AOL polls, and it's disappointing that an organization with that much money can't design a poll that can't be hacked.

How do I know it can be hacked? Here's a few links to some scripts for their last poll, Who's Your Favourite American Idol Contestant? While that poll was in operation, all a person had to do to cast hundreds of votes per minute was to open the link and continuously click their refresh button. I don't have the coding knowledge to have written these myself, but they were easy enough to find with a little searching.

Vote for David Archuleta

Vote for David Cook

Vote for Jason Castro

Vote for Syesha Mercado

Vote for Brooke White

Vote for Carly Smithson

So really, AOL. Fix the vulnerabilities in your polls and then get back to us with the relevance of your results.


Jason Castro at the Nokia

20 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason talks to Detroit radio station 96.3 WDVD, who are in Hollywood to cover the finale.

Jason Castro on Sirius Radio

19 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to lovinJC (again!) for the tip about this video clip from an appearance Jason made at Sirius' Morning Mashup. The clip isn't very long -- hopefully there'll be more to come. Or maybe you need to subscribe to get more. *puzzled*

Jason on Fox on Faith

19 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to lovinJC for the tip about Jason appearing on Fox on Faith. Jason's segment is about 3/4's into the broadcast. This clip can be saved by Right click, Save As.

How do we get this into the hands of TMZ?

Update: New and improved with the correct link!
Duh. Sorry about that, ya'll.

Castro and Chris Sligh

19 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason and Season Six contestant Chris Sligh met up recently, which Chris posted about on his blog on Saturday. If you've already seen the blog, Chris Sligh has added some additional info in the comments section.

Thanks to DCGatorJax for the tip.

Happy Monday

19 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
It's just a little over a minute long and it ends really abruptly but you know you love it. You know you wanted it. So here it is -- Jason's American Idol sing-out.

Read This and You Could Win a CD!

18 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
This article in Advertising Age recaps the author's 'seven most awesomest Idol moments!" of the year (two of which are related to Jason) and offers a chance for randomly selected readers to win a copy of Jeff Buckley's Grace or Eva Cassidy's Imagine, in honour of songs these two famously covered, which were then covered on Idol this year.

Good luck!

Last Chance to Purchase Jason's iTunes Singles

18 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
It was announced on American Idol last week that the iTunes singles would only be available through the finale, so if you haven't purchased yours yet, run to Jason's iTunes page and get yours today.

If you're still undecided, we've posted the youtubes of the full length studio singles (again) after the jump. Just for fun, we've included the versions by the original artists because - in the AI world, where making the song your own is cause for acclaim - we think Jason rarely got the credit he deserved for some of his arrangements.

The singles from the Semi-finals (Daydream, I Just Want to Be Your Everything and Hallelujah) are the same performance as taped on the show with the exception of Hallelujah, which has been edited to remove the broken note at the end because, for some reason, whoever was in charge preferred technical perfection over emotional perfection.

Hold the Phone

18 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
I've received some information from a couple of people who've also seen the Hollywood 411 interview that don't agree with the interpretation that I'd previously posted. They've stated that this interview was with Jason and Brooke, and that Brooke said she wasn't sure who'd they'd be singing with at the finale, but didn't elaborate further. After Ms. Scarlett mentioned catching the interview on the TV Guide Channel, I received an e-mail about it stating that the Top 5 would be doing duets, which matched another viewer's interpretation of it in our forum. I've not been able to find the video online to post it and clear it up one way or the other.

I strive to be very careful with the information posted here and cite available sources, but the blurb about the Hollywood 411 interview certainly doesn't bear that out because it was poorly worded. I should have said 'according to some who've seen the interview, the Top 5 will be performing duets", but I didn't.

I and my own momentary sloppiness are at fault for this and I'm sorry.

YouTube Tribute

17 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Quite a number of forum posters have brought this YouTube tribute to Jason created by biancawoehlk to our attention and suggested it was Blog-worthy. So here ya go - enjoy!

Top 10 on Larry King Live

17 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
According to the Larry King Live show page on, the Top 10 will be Larry's guests next week as part of a two-part special on Friday, May 23, and Monday, May 26. Go to the LKL page and scroll to the bottom to submit e-mail questions for the guests.

Jason Castro Radio Interview

17 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Another, this one from KYXY in San Diego, containing the following new info:

1.) Okay. There's no new information.

OMG! Brooke and Jason AGAIN!

17 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Plus Kristy Lee and Michael Johns.

Thanks to Madiownsyou for the tip on this yahoo video interview.

Jason and Brooke, This Time on KTLA

17 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to Castrosized for the tip about this video clip from KTLA in Los Angeles. You may need to find the video on the Entertainment side bar on the right.

Jason Castro on Hollywood 411

16 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Ms. Scarlett from our forum has just told us that Jason is on Hollywood 411 on the TV Guide channel tonight. She says the episodes repeat, so check your local listings. According to this interview, each of the Top 5 will have a duet with as yet unnamed someones. Squee!!

Edited: Please read the update to this item here.

Jason and Brooke on Good Day Dallas

16 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to castrosbitch for the tip on this video of Jason and Brooke discussing the upcoming tour.

Marley Time!

15 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Gah! This was like, three pages back!

Irresistible Object vs. Immovable Force
Uploaded by castrocopia

Ah. That's better.

AI Behind the Scenes, Top 4

15 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
The Top 4 get the chance to thank anyone they'd like in the latest Behind The Scenes episode.

AI Behind the Scenes, Top 04
Uploaded by castrocopia

Jason Castro on Idol Tonight

15 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Many thanks to the reader who sent us in this info.

Essential Justin clipped the Jason portion of Idol Tonight and made it available, so our deepest thanks to them. The download link itself can be found here (right click, save as). If you post it anywhere, please be sure to credit Essential Justin.

Jason Castro on Idol Tonight, 05/14/08
Uploaded by castrocopia

Sweet Natured Jason

15 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Ya gotta love him. He endures the nightmare of three -- that's right, THREE! plane delays on his trip back from New York and still finds himself capable of being more than civil to in-his-face ignoramus papparrazzi that can't be bothered to do a little research before they stalk him through LAX and actually ask him --- get this -- "Is that a violin on your back?"

Also: double-douche points for asking him if he inhales.

Thanks to lovinJC for the tip.

Jason Castro on 96.3 WDVD

15 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to kbkysun for the tip on this radio interview from Detroit (you can listen OR download and keep it forever and ever and ever!). Scroll about two-thirds down the page and look to the left.

Also: first words out of Jason's mouth: the name of a KISS song. Yeah-ha!

Amazon Notification List

15 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to kbkysun for posting this link in our forum, and to, where the link was originally posted. It's a ranking of sign-ups for new music notifications at Amazon.

The Top 3: David Cook, Jason Castro, Michael Johns.

To quote Castrophile from our forum


Castrocopia: Asleep at the Switch

15 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
There was a short interview conducted last week with Jason that aired on The TV Guide channel's Idol Tonight last night. I don't see where we posted that anywhere, so please accept our apologies. According to this guide, the episode should be repeated over the next few days so check your local listings.

We're trying to track down some video, and if we find any we'll get it up asap. We recommend checking Jason Castro Online because they're pretty good about getting media up and they've got some great pictures of the Top 5 at a Dodgers game on their front page that you really need to see.

The interview with Jason and Kimberly Caldwell covered a lot of the same old/same old: are you relieved, etc. but Jason did express his gratitude to his fans for helping him get to where he did and that he looks forward to 'our future together'.

Spirit Towels

15 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
The Dreadheads are Jason-izing the Aggie tradition of waving 12th man Spirit Towels during football games by changing the colour from maroon to baby blue and adding a Dreadhead logo. They're hoping to get these out to as many fans as possible to be waved at the AI concerts this Summer to show support for Jason AND will be forwarding a portion of the proceeds to a charity of Jason's choosing.

Go here if you'd like to get a spirit towel for yourself; scroll down to see the design and a youtube of the Aggies Fans in action. It's no wonder they tend to win their Maroon Out games!

Edited: Whoops! Looks like Lemon already posted this. Ah, well.

Idolatry, Part III

14 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
The third part of Slezak's interview with Jason is up.

Spirit Towels For Jason

14 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Aubrie Baughman has set up a site where you can purchase a "spirit towel" to carry to the AI concert in support of Jason. Part of the proceeds will go to the charity of Jason's choosing. If you're interested, check out her site here:

Jason Castro/Armstrong and Getty Interview

14 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We've heard from a few readers/forum posters that couldn't get the Armstrong-Getty interview to work, but LisaRoo found that someone had uploaded the Jason portion onto youtube, so here it is.

Thanks for the tip, Lisaroo, and thanks to sunkissed867 for the upload.

Jason Castro on Best Day Ever

14 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
What happens when a real pothead meets someone he supposes is a pothead? Best Day Ever's interview with Jason Castro, is what! Jason doesn't come in to talk to Doug Benson until about 1:40, so go get a cup of coffee or something while you're waiting, because Jason is the only thing that makes viewing this clip tolerable.

Jason Castro on Access Hollywood

14 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
It would be nice if some people did a little research before they interview other people -- maybe if they had some real questions or knew that Gnarls Barkley is a 'they' and not a 'he'. We may be expecting too much. I mean, it IS Access Hollywood, after all.

Thanks to JasonCastroOnline for uploading the video and to LisaRoo for the tip.

OK Magazine Actually Asked the Question

13 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Thanks to kbkysun for pointing out this article in OK Magazine where Jason finally has a chance to set the record straight on the question, "Does he or doesn't he?"

He says people have always thought that he did, but the truth is he never has.

Regardless, he said today, "I don't worry about what people say, and if they ask me I always tell the truth. But it doesn't matter what they say -- I just go about my business"

Part 2 of Idolatry is up

13 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Part 2 of Slezak's interview with Jason can be found here.

Michael talks to Jason about song selection and time constraints.

And if you missed Part 1, the direct link to that is here.

Unbridled Joy

13 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Still feeling blue tonight even after watching those performances? Need a dose of Castro joy?

One - or two - of Our Favourites

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Not watching Idol tonight? Neither are we. Which makes this a good time to revisit one of Castrocopia's favourites, the current poll leader for Jason performances from Top 12 forward.

040108 Jason Castro-Travelin' Thru (Performance only)
Uploaded by castrocopia

And of course, this would be the all-time favourite.

030408 Jason Castro-Hallelujah (performance only)
Uploaded by castrocopia

Jason Castro on Idolatry

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Part One of Slezak's interview with Jason is up on Idolatry.

Thanks for the tip, LisaRoo.

Jason Castro TV Guide Video Interview

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to lovinJC for the tip about this video interview with Jason.

McLovin Earns the Right Fucking On! Award (again)

13 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
McLovin - thanks for this tremendous suggestion for donating the money we would have spent in ITunes to GLOW Ministries. I kicked in a Hamilton. I hope others will follow suit. What a nice way to turn our loss into their gain.

Jason Castro on Talk 650

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Roll the mp3 bar towards the end to hear Jason talking with Armstrong and Getty here. If that doesn't work immediately, click on Armstrong and Getty's 7 am podcast here.

Thanks to DcGatorJax for the link.

Jason Castro on The Today Show

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
There's a Sex in the City/Financial infidelity interlude in the middle, but the beginning and ending is 100% Jason-ness. Man, I could never keep the schedule he's been keeping this week. Ai yi yi.

Jason Castro on KVIL

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
KVIL's interview with Jason is up on their website here.

Jason Castro on The Mike and Juliet Show

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
OMG! They didn't even ask him about his dreads! Juliet's on my New Favourite People list.

More crackly audio on this. Not sure what's going on with the Fox-5 feed to Red Lasso. Did the AI sound man transfer to New York?

Part 1: Interview

Part 2: Over the Rainbow

Part 3: Young Love

More from Morgan Stanley
Children's Hospital Of New York-Presbyterian

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to LisaRoo for letting us know there was more video from yesterday's visit to Presby Children's and thanks to fanaticdoc4jc for the upload.


The rest are after the jump.

Jason Castro: Goodday New York

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
And here's the clip from this morning's broadcast. The audio is a little crackly.

Jason Castro on Gooday New York

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We're trying to get a clip from the broadcast but for now, enjoy this Web Extra from MyFoxNY, featuring talk of matador pants.

Get Jason on Your Hard Drive

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Now YOU can watch or listen to Jason all you'd like, even in the face of 10-hour long internet outages caused by who knows what (this happened to me yesterday. It was AWFUL! Withdrawals + McLovin = misery for those unfortunate enough to cross my path.)

We've added a Download Audio button to Radio Castrocopia and a Download Video button to the Blog TV so help yourself to our media. The audio is performance mp3s only and pre-Idol music only. Please go to iTunes to purchase Jason's studio singles.

Thanks as always to the benevolent DM, Castrocopia's Goddess of Media.

Castrocopians on the Scene at Regis and Kelly

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Two of our forum members, Van and Jules, were able to make it over to the studio for Jason's appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly yesterday and brought back news of Jason sightings. After the jump.

Jared and Steve: What were YOU Thinking?

13 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
"Bob Marley Wrote That. -- Eric Clapton Covered It."
~ Jason Castro on Fuse TV's The Sauce

And just because this fell off the front page again:

Ah, Hell. Let's just watch the song again, too.

Jason Castro at Morgan Stanley
Children's Hospital Of New York-Presbyterian

12 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Found on youtube and posted in our forum by LisaRoo. Jason performed Daydream, Over the Rainbow and Hallelujah for patients and staff this morning.

Thanks to MyNameIsMelissa718 for going above and beyond to get this video for the rest of us Jason fans. He sounds fantastic.

Link to youtube page.

Jason Castro on Fuse

12 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon

Jason Castro on Idol Tonight

12 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Check out Idol Tonight Wednesday on the TVGuide Channel. Thanks to Ms.Scarlett for spotting a promo showing that Jason will be on this week.

Jason Castro - Updated TV Appearance Schedule

12 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Now that Ellen and Regis and Kelly are behind us, what's left?

~ Jason should be one of the guests on The Sauce (Fuse TV) tonight, but they seldom list their guests in the info bubble for the show, so this isn't confirmed.

~ Our forum member Faith reports that therer will be something about Jason on Reality Remix tonight (according to her DVR.)

~Jason will be interviewed on The Gene and Julie Show on KVIL-FM. They will be reading listener comments on the air, so if you want to send in some warm fuzzies for Jason, here's their contact page. If you won't be able to listen on-line during the broadcast hours of 5am-10am, watch their podcast page for the interview to be uploaded.

~ Fox's The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet: Jason's name is appearing in the info portion for this show on my DVR, so check your local listings..

~ No updated info regarding Good Day New York yet, so New Yorkers - keep a lookout for this tomorrow morning.

According to neighborsgo, Jason did a ton of interviews Friday so keep your eyes open to catch him on the following over the next few days:

Access Hollywood
Entertainment Tonight
Inside Edition

Jason Castro on Ellen

12 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin

Jason Castro on Regis and Kelly

12 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Here it is: Over the Rainbow and a short interview with Regis and Kelly

Jason Castro - AI Extra

12 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
So I finally got it together enough to upload all the Jason bits from the most recent American Idol Extra. Thanks to Rickey's for the loaner of the condensed version of Jason's AI Extra interview.

First vid here; the rest after the jump. As always, thanks to DM for keeping us in media.

Part I

American Idol Extra: Jason Castro, Part 1
Uploaded by castrocopia

Reminder! Check Your Local Listings

12 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Just wanted to bump this article since today's the day we'll start seeing more Jason on the interview circuit.

Please oh please let SOMEONE ask him about something important, like his original music or his post-Idol tour plans to record or whether he's got just one day right after the finale to come perform at this great little club I know of in Salt Lake City. Anyone who doesn't know the history of the dreads or whether he said "Vote Vote" or "Don't Vote" by this point and wants to ask him about it is just wasting our valuable time.

Jason Castro - Ellen Podcast

12 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Can't wait for the show today? A portion of Jason's appearance on Ellen is available at iTunes as a podcast. It's a free subscription item, so don't be scared - go get it!.

Edited: Okay, the link's a little wonky so if it doesn't work, go to the iTunes store and enter "Idols on Ellen" in the search bar. Click the "Subscribe" button to download the latest Ellen podcast for your listening pleasure.

Castrocopia Uses Bo Bice to Defend Jason Castro

12 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
I don't speak for Bo any more than I speak for Jason, so whether he would agree here is unknown.

There's a video clip after the jump of Bo Bice's appearance on American Idol Extra the night Jason Castro was -- well, I'll say eliminated, because voted off makes sense to almost no one outside of American Idol itself or those who haven't reviewed iTunes sales, google hits, fan sites and their membership lists, and the number of people attending the hometown celebrations for each of the three remaining contestants. I'm not saying it's not for the best that Jason is off the show. I'm just not going to call it 'voted off'.

Back to Bo. Bo makes a very good point in this video that I think a lot of people are overlooking. He remarks that he's been a working musician for 17 years (he was on AI 3 years ago, so he went into it with 14 years experience.) He points out that because of that experience and being required over time to learn new songs quickly, he was able to hang when the competition started getting tougher and they added more songs to the mix every week.

Another Fox Interview

11 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
A reader sent us the Flash file for an interview of Jason from the Fox station in Orlando, Florida. The link to the video was dead so we don't have anything to post back to their web site, but the interview itself has been added to our TV. If you scroll to Top 4 Interviews on the list you'll see the 16 interviews that we've found all lined up.

TMZ Still Doesn't Understand

10 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
It srsly cracks me up that they're even trying to get Jason to shit-talk Jeff Archuleta. To probably no one's surprise, he doesn't.


10 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
One of these days I'll quit reposting this just to keep it on the front page.
One of these days. Could be awhile, though.

Also, thanks to the readers who have pointed out that the saying is "What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?", but I switched the two up on purpose. You can decide who is who for yourselves: Simon or Jason.

AOL Poll

10 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason's American Idol run may be over, but you can still vote for him on this new AOL Poll that asks, among other things, what the best performance of the year was. Also, you can vote for which judge needs to immediately remove themselves from our tv screens, which mentor was the suckiest and who was the most over-rated contestant this year.

Thanks to Chickadee for the tip.

Coming Up: Jason Castro

10 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason's got a busy week coming up, so be sure to catch him on the following:

Monday: Set your DVRs to record:
~ Live with Regis and Kelly

~ Ellen. Bonus for all you House fans: Hugh Laurie will be on Ellen that day, too. (I can't figure out the common denominator, but we've got a ton of Hugh Laurie lovers among our Jason-loving forum members - including me.)

~ The Sauce (Fuse TV)

~Jason will be interviewed on The Gene and Julie Show on KVIL-FM. They will be reading listener comments on the air, so if you want to send in some warm fuzzies for Jason, here's their contact page. If you won't be able to listen on-line during the broadcast hours of 5am-10am, watch their podcast page for the interview to be uploaded.

~Jason may be on Fox's The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. New Yorkers can also look for him on Good Day New York either Monday or Tuesday.

According to neighborsgo, Jason did a ton of interviews yesterday so keep your eyes open to catch him on the following over the next few days:

Access Hollywood
Entertainment Tonight
Inside Edition

Edited to add some additional information from a reader. Thanks!

Jason Castro - Picture of the Day

10 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Let's call this one the picture of yesterday, because we never posted one then. (Sorry.)

Jason Castro

Jason Casto - E! Online Interview

10 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Plus a pep talk from Paula. After the jump.

Thanks to lovinJC for the link.

In the "Now what the hell do I do with this?" Category

09 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Did you buy a Go Phone? Yeah me too. I did it 2 years ago also and didn't think I'd get so invested as to buy another. I did. Now what the hell do I do with it? In my case I was planning on buying a phone for one of my kids for emergencies so that's my personal excuse. But for some of you, maybe it's an embarrassing reminder of temporary insanity or just taking up space on a desk somewhere.

You might consider donating the phone to a local shelter for battered women. Look in your community for such a charity and contact them to find out if they accept them. Your phone could go to help out someone in need.

Also, thanks to pants4pantz for letting us know about You can help a soldier overseas to be able to call home with your donation.

There may be other charities that will accept a cell phone donation. If you know of any, don't hesitate to let us know and we'll post it here. No need to feel bad about that silly purchase.

More from the Print Media Conference Call

09 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
More of the same actually, but! This time, with pictures!


Top 4 Favourite Performances

09 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
The Top 4 reveal which of their co-contestants delivered their favourite performance of the year, plus some of Jason's sing out. From MJ's.

Idols Favorite Performances
Uploaded by mjsbigblog

Jason Castro on KIIS

09 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to one of our readers for sending in the link to Ryan's post-Idol interview with Jason on KIIS-FM. Click here and find Jason's picture under "Browse All Videos".

Jason Castro - Fox Interviews (Bump!)

09 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Just wanted to re-post the links to the video interviews we were able to track down today. Thanks to everyone who helped out in tracking these down by posting the links in our forum or e-mailing them into us. These videos are also loaded on our TV, if you'd prefer to watch them there (as is Jason's official AI Exit Interview). Scroll down to the bottom of the play list; they are labeled as Top 4 Interview - (Name of Interview).

If you're aware of any Fox News videos that we've missed, please feel free to e-mail us a link so we can add it for everyone's enjoyment.

MyFox Atlanta.

MyFox Boston


Dallas/Ft. Worth

MyFox Houston

My Fox Kansas

MyFox LA

MyFox Milwaukee

MyFox New York

MyFox Philly

San Diego

St. Louis

MyFox Tampa Bay

Twin Cities

Washington, D.C.

Jason Castro on The Tonight Show

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin

Jason Castro on AI Extra

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From Rickeys

Uploaded by greateggs

Live Text Chat With Jason

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
AT&T sent out an invitation to text chat with Jason to some of their subscribers. HUGE thanks to Faith from our forum for making a transcript of the session when I could barely keep up flipping back and forth between the Q and A's. Most of the session is posted after the jump.

The majority of the questions were pretty fluffy and I'm bummed that not many substantial questions were asked, but this one? This one was worth the entire conversation.

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is wasting my life.


08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason revealed in the print media press conference that he would have been performing this song from the movie Garden State next week, Cary Brothers - Blue Eyes

I'm sad, but it reaffirms my belief that he has really good taste in music.

Next Week in New York

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason will be in New York next week for some television appearances and - thanks to some of our lovely readers, we've got some contact information you can use to forward questions, marriage proposals, sales pitches or whatever else you've got regarding one Mr. J. Castro:

Good Day New York has an on-line form you can use to submit questions.

Ellen Degeneres' E-Mail Ellen page

Live With Regis and Kelly contact info (scroll down)

Fuse's The Sauce:

What Were You Thinking?

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Just because it's not on the front page anymore, and it really should be.

Jason on KIIS

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We keep seeing the following on KIIS's webpage, but the interview isn't up yet on the play-on-demand section. Keep checking back here for it to be uploaded.

Jason Castro

Fox Interviews

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We've added the twelve MyFox interviews that we've found this morning to our TV. Scroll down to the bottom of the player to the "Top 4" interviews and you'll see them there.

If you know of any we've missed, please feel free to notify me:

John Norris Earns Castrocopia's Right Fucking On! Award

08 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
MTv's John Norris, he of the Jason Is My Idol T-shirt, had some choice words to say about Simon's reaction to Jason's song choice this week:

As if anything is inviolable on “American Idol” — please. A sanitized version of “Imagine” is OK, stripped of its atheist, socialist teeth, but a “karaoke” version of Marley’s fight-the-power anthem is not? Spare me the double standard.

And once again the right people - MTv - got Jason, which will prove more important in the long run than winning the respect of Randy Jackson:

Jason, sorry you got the boot. I doubt you really thought you were gonna win this thing, but thanks for a good run, some nice song choices, and exactly the right attitude. Good luck, dude. It will be a less interesting show without you.

Thanks Jim C for the alert.

Even more!

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Ya'll realize, of course, that we wouldn't be getting all this if Jason had come in third, right? He'd have been tied up with finale preparations and we'd have been twiddling our thumbs. Or second, because he would have been lost in the blitz for the winner. And I'm stopping there, because this is good.

Fox Houston

And Fox Tampa Bay

Edited: Now with the correct link for Houston!

Jason = Fox

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Another interview with, this one with MyFox Kansas.

And another.

More Jason

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From Fox New York, in which Jason clears up the "Vote Vote" vs. "Don't Vote" debate.

Jason Castro Video Interview

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to SuzyCastroFan for the link to this post-Idol, too-damn-early-in-the-morning interview with Jason from MyFox Atlanta.

Mr. Tambourine Man iTunes Single

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
As part of our Sample It Then Buy It marketing program for Jason Castro, here's the Crowning Achievement of Jason's AI catalog. As Lemon says, it's full of beautiful.

Purchase Mr. Tambourine Man

MTV's Idol in 60 Seconds

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Viva Castro!! And Thanks, Jim.

Jason Castro - Picture of the Day

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason Castro

Okay, He's Gone. But Idol Won't Be Fun Anymore

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Amen, Ann Powers. (Lucky for me, I unshunned Ann moments before I posted this and seconds after two of our forum members, ang and shin, pointed this article out. Thanks, ya'll!)

From the L.A. Times:

Jason Castro had more fun than any other contestant has managed in weeks, doing his hippie dance as he romped through “I Shot the Sheriff” after being eliminated. Good for him for reprising a song the judges clearly thought was inappropriate -- a song he obviously loved, and actually sang fairly competently, whatever the panel says.

Think about “I Shot the Sheriff” for a minute. A huge crossover hit for Eric Clapton in 1974, the song definitely sounded more Marley-esque in Castro’s hands. Its lyric is about killing a police officer; its rhythms evoke the off-kilter, skanky reggae of the late Jamaican master’s most revolutionary songs. This choice was way edgier than David Cook’s post-Stone Temple Pilots reworkings of R&B.

EW and the Aftermath of Hall of Fame Week

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Whoa! Slezak's list of memorable Jason performances mirrors my own.

After all, it was Jason's refreshing lack of camera readiness, his random, bewildered sound bites, that made me a fan in the first place. And let's not forget that for a guy who didn't get a second of significant airtime until week 1 of the semifinals, Jason exceeded expectations, leaving behind a pretty long list of memorable performances, including ''Daydream,'' ''I Just Want to Be Your Everything,'' ''Hallelujah,'' ''If I Fell,'' ''Travelin' Thru,'' ''Over the Rainbow,'' ''I Don't Wanna Cry,'' ''Memory'' (which I still contend was touching, and misunderstood by Simon and Randy), and ''Forever in Blue Jeans.''

Yeah, that looks about right, doesn't it, Lemon? Everything but Fragile (which the moshers ruined) and Michelle? (I refuse to discount September Morn because of the conditions under which he had to perform it and ---- call me crazy, I liked I Shot the Sheriff.)

Jason Castro Exits Laughing

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From Reuters:

Admitting that his inexperience had gotten the better of him during the previous night’s grueling performances of “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Mr. Tambourine Man,” Castro appeared visibly relieved to have the pressure of the competition behind him. Having to perform two songs in one week, he said, was tough to handle.

The 20-year-old [sic] college student, who all season long seemed to take the pressure of the show less seriously than his rivals, even said he had appreciated one of the barbs sent his way after he had forgotten some of the words to “Mr. Tambourine Man.”

We're Doing the Marley One. What's Going On?

08 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From the L.A. Times:

Ultimately, felled by his poorly received version of Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff,” Castro proudly stood by his choice Wednesday. When the Idol band began starting up his other Tuesday number, Castro interrupted them and insisted on saying farewell to the show with the Marley tune.

It's taken us far too long to do this, and we've no idea how Jason would feel about the language included in our highest honour, but here goes:

Jason Castro Earns
Castrocopia's Right Fucking On! Award

Jason Castro - You Did Good, Baby

07 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Castrocopia couldn't be prouder of Jason for his run on American Idol and congratulate him on his 4th place finish. Thanks for bringing your uncompromising artistry, your love for great music and your beautiful soul to us all.

Jason Castro

Jason Fought the Law and the Law Won

07 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Castrocopia mourns the loss of Jason from the shackles of American Idol and celebrates his blazing BRIGHT career in the music industry.

Jason - look us up. We love you, man. You're beautiful inside and out. You showed us who you are as a person and as an artist and didn't create a fiction of yourself to get by. And you won our hearts.

Is it too soon to ask when your album will drop?

To our readers - McLovin and I are often asked what will become of this website after AI. We plan to continue supporting Jason in his music career and bringing you news and information as best we can.

Thanks to all of you for making this site what it is - smart, funny and pro-pants. Mad love to all of you.

And It Burns, Burns, Burns

07 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
The AI Top 4 Ford commercial, set to June Carter's ode to falling in love with her husband, Johnny Cash -- Ring of Fire.

Ford Commercial, Top 04
Uploaded by castrocopia

Mr. Tambourine Man Available on ITunes

07 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Purchase Mr. Tambourine Man

I Was Thinking Bob Marley!

07 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
I Shot the Sheriff

Now I can't speak to any hidden agenda in the choice of the song I Shot the Sheriff, but as soon as the song spoilers started making their way around the web, nearly everyone lit on the anti-establishmentarian theme pervasive in the lyrics of this song. And you know - whether it was coincidental or intentional, there couldn't be any better lyrics in any song to exemplify Jason's ride on this show. You know Jason's aware of the sabotage directed at him for several weeks now, so how appropriate is this:

Sheriff John Brown always hated me,
For what, I dont know:
Every time I plant a seed,
He said kill it before it grow -
He said kill them before they grow.

I read on another blog the following analysis:

(after the jump)

Purchase I Shot the Sheriff and Mr. Tambourine Man on ITunes

07 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
As a sign of soilidarity and love for Jason, Jason's friend Soonerlover on the AI Boards posted a request that we go and buy the most popular version of Marley's I Shot the Sheriff and Dylan's Mr. Tambourine Man on ITunes today.

Here are the links:

I Shot the Sheriff

Mr. Tambourine Man

Let's give those songs a boost.

Jason and his New Guitar

07 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Look, Derek! He played your guitar for BOTH songs. Looks like he loves it. And you know in addition to looking amazing, it sounded lovely.

Jason and the Luna Trinity


06 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon


TEXT the word VOTE to 5703.

Edited by McLovin:
"I was thinking Bob Marley!"
Right on, my brotha!

Pre-Order Jason's Top 4 Single

Picture from Rickey's

I Shot The Sheriff

Mr. Tambourine Man

DialIdol Reminder

06 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
If you are using DialIdol, please be sure to select BOTH of Jason's phone numbers.


TMZ Song Spoilers

06 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
After The Jump

More Positive Pep Talk

06 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From Everyone is Entitled to My Opinon (I'm totally starting to crush on this writer)

If Jason brings the mojo tonight, he will deserve the top 3 and beyond. He will deserve fans – and record labels – that bring the money.

Warning: Contains song spoilers, so don't click on the link if you don't want to know.

Thanks to raya4 for the tip.

Positive Pep Talk

06 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Thanks to several readers who emailed this blog piece to us: mr. magic will not decide for me.

Criticize him, badmouth him, quote him out of context, edit his clips in such a way that he will look like a villain or a slacker. Crucify him even! True fans will not stray; fans will remain fans come what may. The unwavering love and support of Jason’s fans have showed me that much.

Nicely said, Erin.

Chaaaaaarge... Your Cell Phones!

06 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Here's a To Do list for the day:

1. Charge your Go Phone and your cell phone.
2. Make sure you have learned out to text, dial idol and gizmo.
3. Before the show airs, make sure your dial idol is hooked up and your gizmo is ready for use.
4. Go ahead and select both Jason's names in Dial Idol and select Auto start.
5. During the show - after Jason sings first - program his number into your contacts for texting.
6. Five minutes before the show ends in your time zone, start phone voting. You can get through a lot of votes then. Do this EVEN IF JASON IS LAST.
7. During your voting block, vote every way you can - and try to refrain from hanging out posting on the boards. Try to maximize your votes.
8. Starting at 9 pm EST until 2 am EST use the Gizmo 25 and send blocks of votes.
9. Eat fruity snacks.
10. Relax knowing you did your part.

Calling All Aggies

06 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Poster from Texas A & M University

Jason Castro

Jason Castro Watch Party

06 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Details for this week's watch party at the Hilton Bella Harbour Hotel are here.

The watch party starts at 6 p.m. The show starts at 7 p.m. on Fox (Channel 4). Wednesday's

Song Choice Poll Results

06 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We had a record number of votes in our Song Choice Poll this week; thanks to all of you who took the time to vote of just stopped by for a listen.

Since the contestants each get two songs this week we're going to post the top two.

Winner: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - American Girl

Runner-Up: Elton John - Your Song

Aggies Maroon Out for Jason

06 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
I was wondering what a "Maroon Out" was ever since we received information that one was planned for Jason this Thursday night at Texas A & M.

According to this, Bleeding Maroon is an A &M tradition of spirit and solidarity.

Each year one football game is specially designated for Maroon Out. In the first five years of the Maroon Out tradition, the Fightin' Texas Aggies have overcome all five opponents including four teams that were higher ranked and in the national top 10 at the time.

Idols in Vegas

06 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From E! Online

Jason Presented with a Luna Trinity Guitar

05 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
We're all familiar now with the Breedlove guitar Jason has most often strummed during his performances this season, but tomorrow night we may see him adorned with THIS beauty:

Luna Trinity

I spoke with Derek Badala , a Luna representative, on the phone today to find out about this stunning guitar and to inquire about the motivation behind giving this particular design to Jason. I learned that all of the top 5 were presented with guitars, not just Jason. The initial idea to match the contestants with Luna products came from people inside American Idol who loved the unique designs of the guitars and the background of the company, particularly Yvonne de Villiers, its founder.

According to , Yvonne's approach to guitar design is in sharp contrast with Fender's. Instead of looking to produce a cost-efficient one size fits all model, she set out to design guitars that fit an individual, specifically a woman guitarist. Furthermore, as a stained-glass artist, she approached the design as more than a functional problem. If you look through the catalog of acoustic guitars you will see an array of gorgeous, unique guitars.

Derek told me how they matched up each contestant with a hand-picked design according to their personality and ability. He chose the extremely limited Luna Trinity for Jason because of Jason's strong faith. I also learned that Syesha was presented with the Dolphin because of her ties to Florida. Brooke was given the stunning Lotus.

This past Tuesday, Derek headed out to LA and later met with the Idols on Wednesday. He had nothing but strong praise for all of the kids and admitted he doesn't want to see any of them eliminated. His impression of Jason was that he was just genuine and nice. And later, he ran into Jason out at a restaurant with his father (sporting a Luna T) where he was treated to warm smiles and a hug.

Whether or not Jason will play the guitar on Tuesday is up in the air. Apparently he would love to, but we'll have to wait and see how song choice and band arrangement affect which instruments he will play.

Special thanks to Derek for taking the time to talk to me and once again, kudos on some fine guitars.

Aggies Vote Jason Home

05 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Forwarded by a reader (Thanks!): From the Aggie Daily Hotline

Plans Being Made For A Campus “American Idol Maroon Out” Thursday

As fans of the American Idol television show know, the show tapes segments at the hometowns of those contestants selected as the three finalists. Should Aggie Jason Castro, a student currently enrolled in the College of Architecture, be among the remaining finalists after the results are tallied from the show airing from 8 to 9 p.m. Wednesday (May 7), Texas A&M officials will host an “American Idol Maroon Out” to welcome him back to campus at 7 p.m. Thursday (May 8) on the steps of the Williams Administration Building. Castro will be performing live at this event, and footage will be aired nationally on the FOX show to approximately 40 million viewers. The event will be contingent on Castro remaining a finalist.

A "Vote Jason Home" podcast is available on Texas A&M on iTunes U by clicking HERE

Jason Castro Day - Update

05 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We've received a bit more information to go along with this info from regarding Jason Castro's homecoming this week.

Below is an excerpt from a Texas A&M Student Body e-mail with more details re: Jason's arrival and the events at College Station:

As the plan stands today, Jason and the American Idol crew will arrive at Easterwood Airport on Thursday, May 8, at 5 p.m.; then he will perform a 1-hour outdoor “concert” at 7 p.m. on the steps of the Academic Building.

For all of this to happen here on our campus, of course, is that Jason will have to perform well and get his share of the 45 million votes that will be cast. We’re hoping Aggies will help boost his numbers. The event continues to evolve and plans are moving quickly. We’ll keep you updated if anything changes drastically, and let me know if you have any questions.

Sounds like a wonderful couple of days are in the making for Jason, so everyone make sure you're voting hard and voting smart so we can get him into the Top 3. If any updated information becomes available, we'll get it to you as soon as we can.

Many thanks to my penpal/fellow Jason supporter for keeping us all in the loop.

Being Uninformed is Never Pretty

05 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Ed at Idolheaded didn't get the memo. Or he didn't do any follow-up. Whichever.

Idolhead Ed: I hate to say it but I am ready for the final. And I hope all the Jason fans stay off my back. He is the weakest singer left and even said he is ready to go.

Posted on Sunday, May 04 @ 21:43:40 EDT by ed

Ed, sweetheart. Watch the latest EW Idolatry video. The original author of the "Jason is ready to go home" story, Jessica Shaw, says herself that IMMEDIATELY after Jason said that, he amplified his answer to indicate that he didn't mean go home now. She calls it "back-pedaling", but then again she's the hot-shot journalist that decided to leave said 'back-pedaling' out of her printed story, denying the reader the opportunity to make up their own mind about what his true intentions were. In my opinion, she hand-picked the juicy portion of a statement made by a tired man who was recovering from a recent illness when she spoke to him and left out the rest (she makes note of Jason's phlegm in the video; he did have a bronchial infection and was being treated with anti-biotics that week.) The story has gotten a ton of mileage because of it; it's been picked up by everyone from OK! Magazine to my local newspaper. And bloggers like Ed, who took it at face value.

Interesting side note re: the video. Slezak states that he's troubled to hear that Jason is not so sure about the whole thing [the competition]. Ms. Shaw notes that she really likes Jason and hopes that this doesn't come back to bite him in the butt. Did anyone else roll their eyes right there, considering that it was her story that de-pantsed him and put his butt on a platter for the world to feast on in the first place?

Ed's haste to write Jason off on this fine day demonstrates the Jason ass-chomping that Ms. Shaw was so hoping would be avoided, because just the other day, (before this "Jason wants to go home" story came out) he posted this:

Normally I wouldn’t comment on the group song even though I always like them. The reason I am commenting tonight is I was shocked when Jason started it off…..and sounded ……great. Why does he not sing like that when he sings in competition? No note cheating no breathy singing. This is singing. I had heard some hints of this but not this. He sings like that next week and I’ll be on the Jason bandwagon. Better late than never I guess.

Posted on Wednesday, April 30 @ 22:19:57 EDT by ed

Yes, he did sound great. And I hope he does come out singing like that this week and lays this shit storm to rest once and for all. As for Ed's conflicting opinions -- that's okay. He back-pedaled. It happens - people change their minds all the time. I'm happy to quote both of his opinions here. So people can decide for themselves what he means.

Almost forgot: this.

Jason's Fans: Takin' Care of Business

04 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason's biggest cheerleader, Soonerlover from the official site, is encouraging Jason's fans to drop a dollar on the iTunes' single of Bachman-Turner-Overdrive's "Takin' Care of Business" from 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Bachman-Turner-Overdrive.

This isn't a song-spoiler - it wasn't even on the list of available songs; it's a rallying cry for Jason's fans and it might just send a message that we're a force to be reckoned with if the song ends up charting out of nowhere. So if you've got a dollar to spare, we'd like to encourage you to join Sooner and the Dreadheads in a show of solidarity for Jason.

iTunes: BTO - Taking Care of Business

Aaaannnnd mine has just finished downloading.

Fighting for Jason

04 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Here at Castrocopia we are committed to raising awareness about Jason's talent, combatting the misinformation that has been repeated throughout the media and educating every fan in ways to spread the love and increase the votes.

In case you've missed our appeals, we're encouraging every Castro fan to download Gizmo - it will let you vote outside the US and it has a nice additional feature that will let you send 25 votes at a time. This 25 vote feature worked for 5 hours for all voting regions last Tuesday. That's an easy way to get in hundreds of votes.

Any Castro fan with regular phone service and a computer that has phone modem should download DialIdol and set it up to automatically send votes over your landline so your hands can be free to vote with a cell phone, Gizmo or texting.

We also encourage you to consider buying a GoPhone for $20 and adding a $20 unlimited texting plan to maximize votes. Right now Best Buy is giving away the GoPhone free if you buy a $25 calling card. Please call them in advance to confirm.

If you have a cell, Gizmo, DialIdol and Texting, you could send Jason over 1000 votes easily.

Please visit our Voting Forum for more information about each of these voting techniques.

Let's Rock the Vote on Tuesday!

Idols On Fox News

04 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Fox-5 in Vegas reports on the Idols' visit.


04 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
This picture reminded me of the old Tim Buckley song.

Jason Castro

Lord, I'm not the one to tell this old world how to get along
I only know that peace will come when all our hate is gone
I've been a-searchin' for the dolphins in the sea

~Dolphins, Fred Neil

Thanks for finding the pic, kbkysun!

EW's Idolatry

04 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Slezak speaks with *cough* Jessica Shaw. And now she tells us that Jason immediately "back-pedaled" (I say "clarified") on his "I'm ready to go home" statement. Whatever. Just as a reminder -- Jason was still sick when he first spoke to her. She mentions the "phlegm", but not the illness.

Also, Michael name-checks Castrocopia!

One More Reason to Rock The Vote!

04 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Top 3 Homecoming!!

In addition to the May 9th festivities for Jason Castro Day in Rockwall, a reader has let us know that there is also an event planned at Texas A & M for the evening of Thursday, May 8th. More details as we get them. If you're in the area, plan on trying to attend at least one of these events.

And then send us pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. And a re-cap!

Go Get a GoPhone!

04 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Tip from the Dreadheads over at the official site.

BEST BUY is offering a free ATT Go Phone with the purchase of a $25 airtime card.

It's advertised in their Sunday circular in the newspaper today!!!!!!

So you can get what you need fro $25......


2 contestants now have a large number of phones being handed out at their watch parties on Tuesday. Jason doesn't so we're on our own. So if you can afford one, please go for it!

Thanks for the tip, kQQky.

Link to online circular, courtesy of Castrophile

Edited, online circular added.

Ain't Too Proud To Beg

03 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
We're all about rocking the vote this week. In case you haven't voted in this week's Song Choice Poll, go on and do so.

As for next Tuesday - we need every single Castrocopian, Dreadhead, Castronaut or casual Jason supporter out there helping out with the votes. Check out this area of the forum for more info on getting set up to send more votes. If you have ever said "I did my part, I sent in 100 votes" then you need to read our forum because 100 votes isn't scratching the surface of what you could get in with very little investment of time and no money. Please check in with us. We want to help you help Jason. It's for the Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantz.

Idols at The Mirage

03 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
What's more important than practicing your Top 4 songs? Having to fly to Vegas, baby! for an appearance at Cirque Du Soleil's production of "Love" at the Mirage.

There are a couple of youtubes available of the Idols' arrival on the red carpet. What a madhouse. Like Carolina93 said in our forum, it's no wonder peeps might occasionally feel 'overwhelmed'.

Thanks to raya4 for the links to the youtubes.

Get Out The VOTE!!

03 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
After the farce of Paulagate and its subsequent cover-up this week, the unilateral trouncing of Memory the week before (on AI, but certainly not throughout the media - you can search through the April archives for links to several positive reviews of Memory), and the shit storm of media reports over the last two weeks stating that Jason was 'exhausted' (he was really sick. MOST people are exhausted when they're sick) or that Jason wants to go home (not) we've got our work cut out for us this week if Jason's going to make it from the Top 4 to the Top 3. Do not be fooled by the "Oh, we love you, Jason" reviews that may be coming his way this week, because you KNOW he's going to kick some ass. You still need to vote like you think he's going home if you don't, because he will go home if you don't.

Please make sure you are doing all you can to maximize your voting. We've got a whole bunch of voting tips here and have opened up a section for voting tips and advice here, with separate threads for DialIdol, Gizmo and text voting. The information was previously in a 'members only' area of the forum and I could kick myself for putting it there, but it's out in the open now. I'm working on moving some additional information there and should be finished by tomorrow, so check back later if you have a question for which you don't see an answer. If you have additional questions you'd like to ask, please register for an account and ask away. We'll be sad if you don't like us enough to stick around but we have no problem being used and pumped for information if it means Jason will get more votes.

I'd like to really push the gophones from AT&T if you are not text voting yet. They are really the most efficient, effective method of getting votes through and for $40.00 you can get a phone ($19.99) and an unlimited text plan (which is now covered under the $19.99 gophone card that you can purchase at the same retailer that you purchase the phone from.) Remember that text votes are only accepted from AT&T ceIl plans, because AI are greedy fucks that want you to purchase their sponsors' products. If you don't have use for a gophone for anything other than AI voting, the phone can be donated to charity in three weeks. Changing the world, ya'll. One gophone at a time.

If you have some friends who might be interested in Jason's music, we recommend burning a CD of his performances and giving one to them. It's amazing how great he sounds when his songs aren't immediately followed by Randy saying "I didn't get it, dawg." If they like what they hear, encourage them to vote.

Now about Jason wanting to go home. He doesn't. There are trusted posters who are close to Jason's family on both the official site (Soonerlover) and IDF (Kbelisle01) who both say that this is simply untrue. These ladies have done nothing but selflessly support Jason this entire year because they know and love him, and care about his well-being. If he really wanted to go home, it makes sense that they would tell us that instead of telling us that he wants to be there. It makes more sense to believe them than to believe an article in EW that was completely lop-sided in one contestant's favour while it made the rest of the contestants look bad. It makes more sense to believe them than to believe the other media outlets that have picked up THAT story and re-published it. It definitely makes more sense to believe them than to believe AI employee Debra Byrd when she says Jason would be relieved to go home.

To that I would like to add two more things:

1.) I usually strive not to mention Jason's faith because I think that is the most fair thing to do for our readers since I don't know what their own beliefs are, but I'm going to mention it now.

As most of his fans and our readers know, Jason is a Christian who is deeply-rooted in his faith. I think his laid-back attitude is largely due to that. He trusts that God will do what is best for him and can accept it when God's plans differ from his own. If he hadn't made it through one single stage of this competition from the auditions through Top 4, he would be able to live with that because he trusts. Some people see that as not caring whether he's there or not, but I don't think anything could be further from the truth.

2.) Tell me he's not happy to be in the Top 4. Can't do it, can you?

Jason Castro

I Remember When, I Remember
When I Lost My Mind

03 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
February 18, 2008.

That's the day my friend alab dropped a link to the youtube of Jason Castro performing Gnarls Barkley's Crazy at The Prophet Bar. I had already seen the video of his performance of Sublime's Santeria a few days before. It's not the full performance, but I thought it was pretty good and I was excited that someone who liked and had performed Sublime was going to be a contestant on Idol this year. But Crazy. That's the one that did me in. Most shocking of all is that neither video is crisp or clear enough to see what Jason looks like, other than some long-haired guy wearing jeans. I thought people only liked Jason because he's good-looking? Huh. That's so odd.

Jason auditioned with Gnarls Barkley's Crazy, but AI couldn't get the rights to the song so the audition was never aired. One of our newest forum members, hurtville, brought up how frustrating it is that the general AI viewing audience has never seen this phenomenal performance and wondered aloud how great it would be if the song could be cleared for Jason to be able to perform it for Top 3. That set off a chain-reaction here and at IDF where the Castronauts were smart and sleuthy in coming up with some contact information for Dangermouse, who was the lone hold-out in allowing rights to the song. If you'd like to help out in an e-mail campaign, I copied a post from our forum that contains some contact info plus a couple of good selling points for allowing Jason's use of the song after the jump.

But first! Crazy

Jason Castro Live - Crazy
Uploaded by castrocopia

Slezak Blasts Idol on CNN

03 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We may need to add a Slezak Love section to our blog. Or open a fansite for him or something.

Michael Slezak just appeared on CNN to discuss Paulagate and its affect on Jason. While we hunt down video of the interview, here's our forum member, JID's, recap of the segment:

Okay, a quick recap..he said that AI owes us all an apology, but ESPECIALLY Jason..thinks it totally sucks that he had to go out and perform after that. Said there was no rational explanation given, the whole thing was glossed over, basically 'wtf? are they watching rehearsals or not?' and then they showed some statement from some big-shots saying that when the judges DO watch rehearsals, they dont' take notes and it doesn't affect their judging of the performances. Slezak called bullshit on that, too, and said that for the amount of money they are making they should at least be expected to judge the performance that they are supposed to judge, and friggin' pay attention instead of watching a rehearsal or whatever and then talking and looking around through the whole performance.

He also said when Archie did ALW week he screwed up major and the judges never called him on it, and he was wondering if they were even watching the same performance!

CNN guy Mike Gailanos (sp?) is also suitably pissed and agrees with Slezak.

They also showed a clip of Jason looking pissed/ready to cry and some shots of him singing.

Simon Cowell Insults Our Intelligence. Again.

03 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
There was a piece in OK! yesterday in which Simon Cowell sugar-coated his way around the words "America is stupid." I'm confident that he couldn't care less how America might feel about that, but we can still address it on our blog, because that's what we do.

So let's have a look, shall we?

Simon faced some tough Idol questions on May 2 as he promoted the summer show he produces, America's Got Talent, for NBC.

When asked about Paula's horrifying gaffe, however, Simon claimed he's taken it in stride.

"She just got a bit confused," he said with a huge laugh, rolling his eyes.

"I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. She made a mistake. I think...on live embrace things when things go wrong. If this was a pre-recorded show, none of this would have been shown and it would have been a bit boring. There was no conspiracy--I hear all this stuff about how it's rigged. We watch the dress runs occasionally, sometimes we take notice of it, sometimes we don't."

(more after the jump)

Jason Castro Day

03 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
As has been remarked in our forum by several members, we thought every day was Jason Castro Day, but there will be an official Jason Castro Day in Rockwall on May 9th. Details at, so if you're in the area plan to attend, take lots of pictures and post them all over the internet for us poor schmoes that won't be able to make it.

Idolatry - Watch It

02 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Michael Slezak. That is all.

McLovin Exposes Her Lack of Football Knowledge
To the 12 People Reading This Blog

02 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
If only it had been the Sixth Man! That one I knew - it's a basketball term for the guy who comes in off the bench more than he starts. The NBA rewards excellence in Sixth-manship (it could be a real word, yeah?) every year - but have yet to award it to a member of the Utah Jazz, which is criminal per Mr. McLovin.

Several readers wrote in to explain that the FANS are the 12th man in a football game (I did know they needed 11 players on the field. Go me.) Our own Lundy told me this:

I LOVE pro-football and watch religiously every season. The sporty talking heads often refer to the "12th man". They're referring to the home town fans in the stadiums, during the games. Fans make a helluva lot of noise when the visiting teams offense is on the field. It's an attempt to prevent said offense from communicating, and thus force them to execute their game plan poorly.
The fans get quiet when the home town offense is on the field...

pinkpjs offered this:

There are 11 men on the field at any given time during a football game. There must be an extra man...a 12th man waiting on the sidelines just in case someone gets hurts and can't continue. Without the 12th man, the game would be forfeited. It's really a neat little legend and supposedly all Aggies stand at the ready, waiting to go on the field if need be. That's why they stand for the whole game.

Thanks, pink! and Lundydoll!

I also heard from reader and Aggie Alumni Kris, who said:

No way I am the first Aggie to respond re: 12th Man, Aggie Tradition, etc. But, perhaps I am the first almost 50 year old MOM! I graduated from Texas A&M in 1981 and my husband in 1983. We have twin 16-year-old boys who hope to attend there when they finish high

THERE IS NO PLACE IN THE WORLD LIKE TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY! And, no other group of folks will support each other like Aggies - aka: the 12th man. Why? Rich tradition more than a century old AND a student body (past and present) linked by that tradition.

Jason is such a great example of all things good about our school - of course he is
different from the other contestants - that's why we love him and why this mom will keep dialin' along with the rest of the Ags worldwide! By the way, we Aggies take it personally when one of our own is being attacked. Much to the chagrin of the judges, EW and the rest of the critics...such injustice is a call to Aggie action so they had better fasten their seatbelts!!! Thanks for Castrocopia - it's a blast!

Gig 'em,

And with that, my day has officially been made. Thanks, Kris!

Moving Forward

02 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Have we mentioned how much we love our posters? Yes, we're a rowdy group and could probably all use to sit in a chair with a bar of soap in our mouths, but I wouldn't trade it for the world, especially with the frequency with which we get posts like this one:

From kbkysun:

I am leaving all of the negativity in yesterday. I am going to focus on the good and with Jason there is a lot of it. For each negative piece of press there is a positive. Anyone searching for Jason Castro will encounter both and can form their own opinions. After this week's show I think the judges' comments will not be taken at face value. Jason has a huge following. We have the real power not the AI fuckwads. We have them shaking in their product placement boots with how powerful we are.

I am sure he is aware of the things that have been said about him. I am also 100% positive his parents and friends are telling him to focus on the good things people are saying and there are a lot. As a mother I know that is what I would do and we know how awesome his parents are. He has a lot of integrity and strength of character. Maybe he did waver in confidence for a moment and just wanted this all to be over with. He is after all 21 and that is expected. Who could blame him? He was just ripped apart by ALW and the judges, his meeting with Neil Diamond went bad. I think he may be getting less sleep than I did when I first brought my daughter home from the hospital. His attitude on Wednesday showed his joy with making it to next week. Just look at my avatar. That is the face of someone that wants to be there.

The face of someone who wants to be there.
And who is so looking forward to songs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Jason Castro

We're Also About the Lolz

01 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
We've been sounding shrill and bitter lately because there's a lot to be frustrated about. But we vent in a very specific genre: lolcatz. And some days we mix in some literary or movie allusions. Thanks to CharismaticMegaFauna for this Monty Python lolz that really cracked me up.


Where Will Brooke's Votes Go?

01 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We've thought - along with a lot of other people - that Jason and Brooke have been splitting the coffeehouse/singer-songwriter vote for a lot of people who prefer their kind of music. We don't jump up and down when anyone leaves and have been outright pissed when a couple of the contestants have gone home (e.g. David Hernandez, Michael Johns), but the nature of the beast is that someone goes home. We've been lucky to have Jason for as long as we have.

The person that went home this week was Vote For The Worst's pick. Brooke replaced Kristy, who replaced Amanda, who replaced Danny, who......I don't know who was before Danny. So VFTW had to decide on a new pony to ride and that pony is......Jason Castro.

Now, before anyone gets their knickers in a knot there's a couple things you need to remember:

1.) VFTW's goal is to thwart the producers. Having had the producer's goals flaunted in our faces this week, that's our goal, too.


It's win-win!

And don't none of ya go over to VFTW and bitch about this, either. They're not a fan site, so leave them alone, ya trolls! You want to talk about Jason's music and the Pants, even if you have a critical opinion? Feel free to join our forum, we'd love to talk to you. (Note: If you don't know the difference between a critical opinion and a hate-filled opinion, please go somewhere else.) You want to talk about Jason and post a million smilies but have an inability to tolerate critical opinions? Um.... we might not be the right place for you, either. But that's the beauty of the internet. There's a place for everyone.

Go, VFTW!!

Castrocopia Calls Bullshit on EW and Signals for Slezak

01 May, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
On EW's Hollywood Insider, it's being reported that Jessica Shaw spoke to Jason on Monday and that he flat out said he's ready to go home. In addition to this, he allegedly indicated he hadn't started practicing and that he would "get around to it." Finally, it's reported that he called the gift of balloons "weird".

Thanks to Violet for emailing me to point out that the contestants aren't allowed to talk to the press while on the show - with obvious exceptions. Would Jason be hanging out on Monday chatting with a journalist?

There are other aspects of this story that flat out stink. Carly interviewed that Jason practiced diligently so it's not plausible that by Monday - when they record the studio versions - he wouldn't have started practicing yet. And I'm just not convinced at all that Jason would ever interview that a gift from his fans was anything less than appreciated.

EW has got some splainin' to do. I'm pulling out the big guns and shining the Slezak Signal. Michael, Castrocopia is calling you! We respect you and trust you but right now that stops with you and does not extend to the rest of your organization at EW. Michael, please get out your bullshit sensors and knock some heads - BIFF, BLAM, POP! Srsly, Michael, help a blog out.

Never thought I'd see the respected rags driving the bus.

iTunes Forever in Blue Jeans

01 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We get a lot of Google hits from people looking for Jason's studio singles. We've never posted them here as a download and we never will. Sure, we don't want to be hit with a copyright infringement fine, but the main reason we don't offer it is because it's counterproductive to our mission of supporting Jason.

But it occurred to me today - after someone hit me with a brick by actually saying they don't want to buy Idols' singles without hearing them first - that not everyone will buy the single just because it's Jason. Whaaaa? It's madness, if you ask me, but to each their own. Since there are people out there that are uploading the songs onto youtube, we'll go ahead and start posting those here as a marketing tool.

So here's "Forever in Blue Jean". Singles from previous weeks after the jump.

Forever in Blue Jeans at I-Tunes

Top 4 Theme

01 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Ryan mentioned it during the show tonight and now here's the official press release:

On Tuesday, May 6 (8:00-9:02 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) the final four (David Archuleta, David Cook, Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado) will return to the Idol stage to perform music from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Idol Answers the Rumour-mongers!!

01 May, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
And lays to rest - once and for all! - whether there was anything underhanded in Paula's negative review of Jason's as yet unperformed second song on Tuesday night.

From Entertainment Weekly:

Ryan Seacrest addressed last night's controversy in a brief, vague statement, focusing on unspecified ''rumors.'' ''It sparked a lot of gossip about Paula,'' the Idol host said, ''and I read some of this online this morning. And just for the record, the rumors, they're not true. She's part of our family and we love her."

Wait -- Now I feel completely out of the loop because in my haste to WTF? over the many explanations (I'm not even going to try to link any of them. Scroll down the blog -- you'll see them) for this horseshit I completely overlooked the speculation and rumour that Paula might not be loved by her AI family.

Bad McLovin.