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Spanish Language Media Campaign

30 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
A few more success stories from the Spanish Language Media Campaign Trail:

~ La Tribuna Hispana of North Bergen, NJ June 25-July 1 edition, page 11
You can use the scroll bar on the right or enter Jason's name in the search field to find the article

~ La Voz de Arizona, from

~ Those of you in the Tampa, FL, area -- please keep an eye out for the June 27, 2008, edition of La Gaceta, a tri-lingual newspaper (Spanish, Italian, English. We'd welcome a scanned copy of the Jason article from that publication if anyone would care to send it in to

Thanks again to Mary FL for all her hard work in promoting Jason.

Squeee! ! ! !

30 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Wow. Just

This. Is. AWESOME!

Thank you to Jason's MySpace friend, Karyl, for mentioning in a comment that Jason is now at


On the MySpace Unsigned Artist List.

Congratulations, Jason.

Edit Liz Lemon: He's moving up fast. I got an email alerting me that Jason had surged to #47. When I went to look he was at #46 already!

Check it out:


New Jason Castro MySpace Bulletin

30 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jun 30, 2008
Subject: hey guys!

thanks for the concern/ help with the bad noise on the page.... i think thats happened a few times but ive yet to hear it.

anyways thanks for having my back!

im at rehearsals, almost done a full show run thru, then we're having dinner and then our first FULL DRESS REHEARSAL!!! woo hooo! im getting wayyy too excited....i dont know what to expect tomorrow... aaahhhh!!!!!




For those of you who don't do MySpace and are wondering about the bad noise on the page: in the most recent incident, someone put this youtube as a hidden, overlapping, endlessly-looped obnoxious audio file in a comment so anyone visiting Jason's page was treated to the sounds of that instead Jason's songs.

Jason and Brooke in The Fresno Bee

30 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason and Brooke spoke to the Fresno Bee before they left L.A. last weekend:

Question: Is it still a whirlwind? Or have you had time to get some perspective?

White: I don't know if you get any time for something like that. Once in a while, you get this moment when you're like, 'I just did that? A year ago, I was doing normal life things, and now we're on a show in front of 30 million people a week, and now we're going on an an arena tour.' It's insane.

Castro: I don't know. It's still kind of crazy ... but, as far as the schedule, it's really slowed down. Now I feel very relaxed, not very stressed.

Thanks, tjay!

Tour Bus Stalking

30 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Tales of Tour Bus Stalking last night in Glendale (with more pictures) from lindzluffsacookie at, she of the fabulous Jason-making-the-peace-sign-out-the-window photo, can be found here, including a nice picture that Jason took of himself and a young fan.

It's Been Far Too Long

30 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
For no special reason other than the tour is almost upon us and this is going to knock me into happiness overload.

It's Tour Time, Baby!

29 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
The AI tour kicks off in zOMG!! TWO MORE DAYS!!!1!!

Jason's fan club president, Sooner, has posted some tips for showing support for Jason at the venues at Daydreaming Boy, such as signs, spirit towels, etc., so head on over there for the lowdown on those.

The spirit towels mentioned in Sooner's post can be purchased here and all proceeds go to charity, so it's win-win.

Also, remember that you can't wave your sign if it doesn't comply with the rules of the venue, so while you're at DDB, check out kimberlywq's list of venue rules here regarding signs and banners.

Thanks for all the info, ladies!

Jason Castro as a Sports Analogy

29 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
No, this isn't about Jason Castro from Stanford, who was recently drafted by the Houston Astros. It's not even about Jason Castro the basketball player. It's about Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte, world record holder for the 200-meter backstroke, who's described as the "Jason Castro of swimming" by the previous record holder, John Naber, in this article from The New York Times:

Like Castro, whose long dreadlocks, blue eyes and warm smile earned him a cult following this year on “American Idol,” Lochte is a fierce competitor disguised as a free spirit. “If you talk to him away from the pool, it’s hard to think he has the competitive instincts of an athlete,” Naber said Sunday.

Except for the part where they neglected to mention THE MUSIC! as an integral part of his appeal, I think that's pretty damned cool.

Jason Castro Picture of the Day

29 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to lovebugger for sharing this picture with us.
Original credit: lindzluffsacookie from

Jason Castro

Jason Castro Wallpaper

29 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
It's almost July - and what better way to show your love of both Castro and country than with shiny new wallpaper for your desktop? Thanks to amberscape for hooking us up with some more wallpapers, including this beauty:

Jason Castro

Full sized version of this and other wallpapers can be found here.

Spanish Language Media Campaign

29 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Mary FL is still spreading the word to Spanish Language publications. Her latest conquest is La Ofrerta.

Good job, Mary!

Mickey CastroLolz

29 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Lemon's been at it again:

Jason Castro

MySpace Top Blogs

28 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to Harold8Maude for the tip that Jason's most recent blog is in MySpace's Top 10 Blogs today, currently sitting at #7. Go to MySpace's Home Page and click on Top Blogs under the MySpace charts section on the left.

JasonCastro MySpace

Special Thanks to Aspiring and DM

28 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
I'm late to express gratitude for two Castrocopian major contributors. I had hoped to get our photo gallery entirely up to date before making an announcement that we were finally caught up. But stuff keeps coming, Aspiring keeps finding it and posting it, and well... I came to realize if I wait until we have it all, we'll be waiting a while.

So without further ado:


We could not have kept up with all the media - audio, video, photo - without your exhaustive efforts.

DM is responsible for 90% of the video we have on the tv. She's generous with her work, always willing to help someone out with technical issues and never complains about how much time she must spend to get us quality video and screencaps in lightning speed. And if someone asks "DM would you please convert this to another format for me?" - she never says she's too busy or she can't. She just continually gives. For this we worship her as the goddess that she is and we offer to her an endless supply of cucumber melon candles and quesadillas. Thanks DM - you are the best.

Aspiring is a machine. There is no other explanation for her mad skills for finding so many never before seen photos. Granted - someone else is responsible for providing the original upload and we are grateful to all those people who make the photos available. And Aspiring never fails to give credit back to the original source of the photos she finds. Where she excels is in the sheer lengths she is willing to go to hunt them down. And after that she still takes the time to share them! When I finally had the time to work on getting our gallery caught up, I didn't need to go any further than our own forum photo thread to pull out the pictures that Aspiring had collected there. If not for her, I would have had a LOT of work ahead of me. If I could Aspiring, for you, I would make this a world where no poster would go without an avatar. Everyone appreciates you and so thanks.

If you happen to see either of these two girls in the forums today, send them a word of thanks and a virtual hug.

Jason Hit #1 Most Subscribed - Musicians

28 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
I noticed this when I was on Jason's YouTube channel and thought Holy Cheeses! How long has he been #1? Then I refreshed and he went to #2. Then I refreshed and he went to #1. So I capped it for posterity. I realize that I'm squeeing over a sub-category, but #1 sounds about right.


Are You A Badfish, Too?

28 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Finnster from our forum dropped a link today to an Amazon page where an mp3 download of Sublime's 3rd CD, Sublime, is on sale for $5.00. Lemon and I have been wanting to put something up about Sublime for awhile, so this seems like a great time to do it.

As I was picking out some songs, I got to thinking: How cool would it be if there was a quiz you could take to determine what Sublime song you are? And then it hit me: Google! Turns out there are a few of them and they're suuuuper lame. But I didn't let that stop me from taking one of them anyway, cause I can do lame like nobody's business.

(continued after the jump)

Answer: 500k

28 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Question: What milestone did the media player on Jason's MySpace hit tonight?

New Tour Poster!

28 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
No, for reals this time. I think. Heh.

AI Tour

One-Woman Street Team

27 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Anyone who reads here may have noticed that, during the AI season, we may have *occasionally* harped on stupidassed incompetent lazy sheep hacks print media AI reviewers or bloggers whose recaps of the performance shows would often mimic -- contestant by contestant -- the attitudes and opinions expressed by the judges on American Idol. There's no need to delve into the specifics of trainwrecks and dorm rooms and luaus (oh, my!); we all remember what was said. The bothersome thing right now is the residual effects that press has on the opinions of consumers.

Jason's existing fans are going to be instrumental in helping him get off to a good start once the tour's over and his planned CD is released, but if he's going to make a career out of this he needs to gain fans outside of the realm of AI viewers. So is there anything you can do to help make that happen?


(continued after the jump. Heh.)

CUSP Reminder

27 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin

Bumping this reminder about CUSP documentation:

If you haven't had the chance to turn in your service documentation -- with hours donated -- please try to take some time to do that this week. DreadNation needs the information by July 1 so that she can begin compiling the book. Every little bit adds to the project as a whole, so if you're not sure your project was noteworthy all we can say is this -- it meant the world to whoever you helped. So please please please get your info submitted to:

c/o S. Wade
P.O. Box 143
Kutztown, PA 19530


Today's the 27th, so if you are sending your information through the postal service, please get that mailed out tomorrow.

Opportunity to Serve in LA

27 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Thanks to stuffedforfluff from DDB for passing along this call for volunteers to help raise food in LA.


For Los Angeles American Idol Concert goers on July 7th at Staples Center:

What: A Food Drive to benefit Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
Where: Parking lot on the corner of Pico Blvd. and Flower St. (across from Metro Line Station) (see link) - easy walk from Staple Center. Look for the decorated green Toyota 4-Runner.

Staples Center :: Parking :: Parking Lot Map

When: July 7th, before the concert, 5:30 to 8:00pm.
Needed: Any canned goods...hit the 99 Cents Store on your way to the concert.
Sponsored by: Jason Castro Fans Unite to Fight Hunger

PLEASE use this opportunity to do something wonderful for the needy of our city and shower some positive media attention on our Jason Castro at the same time - a win for everyone!

And if you cannot contribute something on that evening, you can certainly give online at any time - go to and do this:

1) Click 'Virtual Food Drive",
2) Click "Food Drive Registration"
3) Click "Join aTeam", then scroll to "Jason Castro Fans Unite to Fight Hunger"...

Think of the difference we can make if we simply do this one thing...we have the privilege of going to a wonderful concert that night - let's unite to make someone's else's life just a little brighter as well. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

MySpace Top 100 Unsigned Artists

27 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Guess who just re-entered the list at #92?


Thanks for the tip, Laurinda!

Spanish Language Media Campaign

27 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
The Latinas 4 Jason at DDB are enjoying continued success with their campaign to get the word out about Jason in publications geared towards Spanish speaking Americans. This article in La Prensa, published out of San Diego, is the latest.

Keep up the good work, Latinas!

New MySpace Bulletin

27 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Jun 27, 2008 3:53 PM
Subject: theres a hammock between two palms right outside my room

niceeee. haha so my familys about to get here! they drove all night...something like 18 hrs! thats dedication. haha were gonna go grab some food then hang by the pooool. work starts tomorrow! i hope everyones having a grooovy summer day :) its hot waaaay hot.



It occured to me today that I have friends who write to me less often than Jason updates us. Thanks Jason!

New Jason Castro Blog!

27 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
He's spoiling us.

if you’re coming to a show and bringing a sign....
Current mood: excited

post a picture of it here!!!!

this is totally saraaa's idea......good idea saraaa!

if your bringing a sign to a show this summer then post a picture of your sign on this blog so that if see it out there ill know the face behind it! i love it! how cooooool. so do it! do it! pleeease if you want to... haha i cant wait to see what yall create!


oh this is so exciting!


Currently listening :
The Everglow
By Mae
Release date: By 2005-03-29

Access Hollywood Interview

26 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Another Syesha-Jason pairing for this Access Hollywood interview in which Syesha wonders why she didn't get much press despite finishing top 3... And no teddy bears were harmed.

Picture of the day week whenever we get around to it.

26 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Sorry guys. McLovin and I never promised to be reliable. Here's a picture of Today. Do you think he's playing one of our IPod shuffle games?

Dear Jason, put your IPod on shuffle and PM us the first 10 songs that come up in order.


There are a few more pics on his MySpace under the Tour album. Squee!

Jason Castro MySpace Bulletin

26 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
For you non-MySpacers -- Jason added a new bulletin:

Date: Jun 26, 2008 1:45 AM
Subject: i have more plays than friends today...

i dont know what that means but its more plays than i have ever had in a day...that awesome! i just updated my bio said coming soon for far to long now...haha its almost midnight and im about to start packing! im leaving tomorrow!!!! yayyyy i get to meet my tourbus :) hehe im giddy like a little kiddy..ha so today, i did a video shoot for the American Idol Experience coming to Disney World!!!! this thing loooks sooooo coool i am so excited! you guys have no idea, just wait until you see what this things all about. anywaysssss i need to get to work.



And this is what he added to the bio (About Me) section:


...that is I...haha welcome to the space! you've caught me in a strange time...most of you probably know me from the show American Idol. i came in fourth place this last season and i am now on a nation wide tour playing in sold out arenas and i've never even released an album... isnt that rediculous?! haha so strange but i must say, its pretty fantastic! haha that is the amazing wonder of american idol, and that is where im at right now! traveling the country getting to meet all the lovely people who've had my back these last few months. yall are the best! :) now some might ask, "what can we expect in the future?". well let me tell ya. for one, i hope to find somebody that can help me right a cool bio because i am no good at this. haha and for two, i plan on releasing an album sometime winter/spring. i am currently writing in my spare time and plan on devoting all my energy to it once the tour is done. it is safe to assume that, like every other musician, i am obsessed with music . i have a simple goal, and that is to create songs that grab you by the soul and make you feel! songs that inspire! songs that give joy! songs that make you DREAM!!! if you've read this far, thankyou. i cant say thank you enough. thank you for your support and all of the love you have shown me. you are my inspiration, and for you i pour my life into this. heart and soul baby! we're in this for life.

don't stop dreaming, never stop believing.


Let's go ahead and take another look at that, shall we?

i plan on releasing an album sometime winter/spring. i am currently writing in my spare time and plan on devoting all my energy to it once the tour is done.

I'm really looking forward to us all being able to have a product in our hands that we can listen to and enj......alright - I can't hold it in anymore. OMG!! Squeee!!!!

Also: Jason -- We'd be more than happy to do the bio for you, buddy. Look us up. Right, Lemon? But the one you've got up now is way sweet, so...

Jason Castro on MySpace Celebrity

25 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to Aimster for the tip that Jason is listed under the Rising Star section of MySpace Celebrity. The story is about Tuesday Date Nights and includes his vlog from last Sunday.

Jason Castro Shirt

25 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason is My Dork Dance King. You better believe it, baby. If he's yours, too, and you want to fly your Dork King freak flag, look no further than Poptastic's new shirt:

Poptastic - Dork Dance

And because Poptastic is so cool, they've created a special link to a discounted price page for Castrocopia's readers. Woo-hoo!

Oh, and it turns out that the Jason is My Idol shirt we saw MTv's John Norris sporting earlier this year isn't the only Jason gear he's worn on the air: See?

I gotta tell you, John. You're looking good in that baseball jersey. How YOU doin'?

Alrighty then....I'll quit hitting on John, and ya'll head on over to Poptastic for your dork tee if you are so inclined, or if you prefer one of Jason's official shirts, those can be found on the link we posted here.

Yet Another Interview With the Top 10

25 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
But a thousand videos with Jason in them is never too much, never too much, never too much. And I just don't want to stop.

Aaaannnddd I'm bastardizing Luther Van Dross lyrics.
Let's just go to the video, shall we?

Holy Half-Time, Batman!

25 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
According to BusinessWire, the Idol tour will feature a halftime Guitar Hero World Tour "rockumentary" starring none other than the top 10 finalists looking...

kind of goofy:


Random Music From Not Jason - with a Lemon Twist

25 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
My turn to shuffle!

Elliott Smith - Say Yes
Those of you who know me probably don't believe that Elliott Smith came up first. Calling me a cheater and a liar?

Proof that the fates decreed it to be so. In fact, please note that Elliott came up TWICE in my top 5, so I skipped the second in favor of diversity.

If you're unfamiliar with Elliott Smith, yet recognize this song, you may have heard it in the movie Goodwill Hunting. Nearly half of the tracks on the soundtrack for that film are from Elliott's album Either/Or. He was nominated for an academy award for the song "Miss Misery," a perfectly angst-ridden pop ballad that starts with the line

I'll fake it through the day
with some help from Johnny Walker Red.

Elliott was a gifted guitarist with an ornate yet delicate style, haunting vocals and profound bittersweet lyrics. His music is easily accessible and so multi-layered that repeat listenings don't wear the songs out. Check him out if you haven't already. And watch for my piece about him coming up in August.

Billy Bragg - Levi Stubbs' Tears
I guess it will come as no surprise to anyone who listens to this track that Billy Bragg is English. His career has been long and prolific. I first discovered him as a result of this 1986 album Talking with the Taxman About Poetry - a collection of folk and protest songs celebrating a working man's perspective on life in England. This song, "Levi Stubbs' Tears", made it up to #29 on the UK charts. He has worked most notably with Wilco but also with Kirsty MacColl who broke the UK top 10 with a cover of his "A New England."

Bonus: Kbkysun and Castrophile love Billy Bragg! And they wouldn't be wrong, right?

Tilly and the Wall - Shake It Out
What happens when suburban Atlantans are drawn towards the music scene of Omaha, Nebraska? If they're lucky, they meet up with Conor Oberst's defunct band Park Avenue and record an EP in his garage. Wild Like Children is Tilly and the Wall's second album - released on Oberst's label Team Love (which also claims Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins on their list of artists). There are only 5 songs on this album but they're fun.

Oh and hey, their third album O was released one week ago. Good stuff.

Sufjan Stevens - Casimir Pulaski Day
If you read the titles of Sufjan's songs, you'll think you're about to listen to a comedy album interspersed with a lesson on geography. He has a crazy ambition to record an album dedicated to every state in the US. But he's not content to focus on the various cities (which he does with Chicago, Decatur and Jacksonville), no... you also get songs such as:

"Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois"
"To the Workers of the Rock River Valley Region, I Have an Idea Concerning Your Predicament"
"A Short Reprise for Mary Todd, Who Went Insane, but for Very Good Reasons"

And of course:

"The Black Hawk War, or, How to Demolish an Entire Civilization and Still Feel Good About Yourself in the Morning, or, We Apologize for the Inconvenience but You're Going to Have to Leave Now, or, 'I Have Fought the Big Knives and Will Continue to Fight Them Until They Are Off Our Lands!"

Casimir Pulaski Day is a holiday in Illinois that falls on March 1, the day that the young girl in this song dies of bone cancer. Also - if you hear the opening to this song in a fucking McDonald's ad, change the channel fast so you don't ruin it forever (the song, not the ad). I HATE hearing my favorite songs in commercials. Maybe in this case, there's a hidden meaning - McDonald's will kill you on a holiday.

Dirty Pretty Things - Doctors and Dealers
Dirty Pretty Things is an England-based band formed by The Libertines' front man Carl Barât after the break up of that band. Dirty Pretty Things is one of those bands snobs are referring to when they say "Americans are wholly unaware of music in the rest of the world". DPT have charted 3 times in the UK, making it to number 4 in 2006 with their first single "Bang Bang You're Dead." Their second album Romance At Short Notice is due to be released at the end of this month.

Bonus: Iviil Brown loves the Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things.

I feel a little bad that nothing came up that says "McLovin" when she remembered me in last week's shuffle with Damien Rice's Volcano. I'm going to claim that her collection is just more all-encompassing than mine - and that would actually be true.

MySpace Top 100 Unsigned Artists

25 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Well.....crap. Jason isn't on the list anymore. Meanwhile, David Cook has risen five spots to #47.

How can this be, you ask?

If you look at some of the ranked sites on the Top 100 list, you'll see that both David Cook and Jason are/were anomalies among the others artists. Many of them have a song play count that's in excess of 100% of the number of page views. A lot of them have double or triple the song plays to profile views because people are going to their pages primarily to listen to the music, not to leave a comment or read everyone else's comments.

David Cook's total song plays are about 20% of the number of his total profile views. Those plays are all coming off of one song, and plays per song as well as total plays are factored into MySpace Music rankings. It has been suggested by critics of MySpace Music that the program favours the labeled artists over the Indie/Unsigned; MySpace is owned by NewsCorp, which also owns...*gasp* the Fox Broadcasting Network and American So David's presence on the "Unsigned Artist" list (where he is seemingly more likely to have a higher ranking than he would if he were sitting among the Major Label artists) is, well, interesting....but whatever.

Jason's song plays are only 13% of the number of his total page views and that's coming from four songs, so the ratios of both his plays per song to page views and total song plays per page views are significantly lower. Every time a comment is added or the page is looked at without a song being played, it drags down the song play to view ratio and - potentially - the ranking.

Anyway..... there it is. MySpace Music ranks in a nutshell. This was posted because people were asking about how the rankings work, not to further my own or anyone else's agenda of what people should or shouldn't do on his page. His MySpace belongs to him, not to us, and we probably all need to remember that.

Another Top 10 Interview

24 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to Castrosized for the link to this interview with the Top 10 from and TVGuide. Bonus! Jason's more talky in this one.

Our First Date!

24 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
It's date night and Jason didn't stand us up!

And here's the bulletin he sent out to go with the vlog:

Date: Jun 24, 2008 7:39 PM
Subject: i just put on some cologne

Time for our date! haha i just posted the new video...i dont know if its showing up just yet... bear with me im learning things as i the fact that its already 10:30 on the east coast..who picks up their date at 10:30?! my baddd. haha today wasnt too you will notice in my vid. haha but this week coming up is gonna be huuugeeee!!!! im taking notes to share everything. yessss.



The Top 10 on The Insider

24 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From "American Idol Top 10 Tour Secrets": When asked what the Idols would be bringing on tour to pass the time:

Jason Castro: I need my guitar. I go crazy without it. And probably some books. I like to read. And a computer. That is how I write my music. I don't do it the old-fashioned way.

5 Seconds of Jason

23 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to freemymind for this one, too. Papz vid with a few seconds of Jason leaving STK on June 12. Jason comes on at 1:10.

Slezak's iPod

23 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Michael Slezak is playing another version of the iPod game than what we did with the shuffle last week. Guess who's among his most recent purchases?

Thanks to freemymind for the tip!

CUSP Reminder

23 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin

If you haven't had the chance to turn in your service documentation -- with hours donated -- please try to take some time to do that this week. DreadNation needs the information by July 1 so that she can begin compiling the book. Every little bit adds to the project as a whole, so if you're not sure your project was noteworthy all we can say is this -- it meant the world to whoever you helped. So please please please get your info submitted to:

c/o S. Wade
P.O. Box 143
Kutztown, PA 19530


Top 10 on Entertainment Tonight

23 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Ever so brief clip of tour rehearsals:

Thanks to LisaRoo for the link.

Jason Castro MySpace Bulletin

23 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason posted a MySpace Bulletin to go along with the new vlog tonight. Here's the text for you non-MySpacers:

Jun 22, 2008 11:18 PM
Subject: hellooo out there!

dear friends,

i have been absent and i apologize! i just posted a new video...check it out...haha ok so like its kind of hard to sit in my room and talk into the camera... its like im interviewing myself...and yall know how i feel about interviews! haha but im committed to making it a habit! i just wish my sister were here to help :( so tomorrow is our last day rehearsing with the band until we get to arizona! its sooo crazy! we're about to be on tour! ah! too exciting! yes yes, i cant wait! i saw the incredible hulk tonight. it was pretty good. now i have this terrible headache so im going to go lay in bed.



New Jason Castro Vlog!

22 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin

Jason Castro Picture of the Day

22 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
It's been awhile since we've posted any pictures of the day around here, so Yippie yi yo ki yay. That's how they say "Joy" in Cowboy Speak.

Jason Castro
Picture courtesy of Kristy Lee Cook

Jason's MySpace....Yikes!

22 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to the idiot that posted a sound file in Jason's comments, anyone visiting his page right now is treated to the obnoxious sounds of a shitty sound mixer playing video games and just generally being an ass. Thanks, twerps. Wishing you success in any future efforts to get some attention on your own merits instead of hacking into someone else's site.

If you'd like to hear Jason's music while we wait for this to be resolved, please click on "Open Player in a New Window" right below "If I Fell" and then close his MySpace. The songs will play, his play count will go up and it's all good.

Jason Castro Wallpapers

22 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We've added five new wallpapers to our gallery. Thanks to amberscapes and leach613 for sharing their work with us.

MySpace Music Charts and Standings

21 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Just a reminder: If you're visiting Jason's MySpace, the best thing you can do for him to increase his ranking is to play as many songs as you can within the smallest number of page views. Going to or refreshing his page just to increase his profile views without playing a song is counterproductive.

Thanks to Aspiring for this article and to greengirl for culling the wisdom contained therein:

How do you climb up the MySpace charts?

Gradual increases are best, not exceeding anywhere from 5000 to 20,000 plays a day. If you take it slow and gradual, this will help you get better positioning on the Myspace Charts. The results will also last longer. You don't want the difference between your profile views and song plays to be so large because you may not be eligible to climb the charts as high as gradual increases.

Top 10 Idols on MyFox KC

21 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to Jillster for the tip about this video clip of the Top 10 from My Fox Kansas City.

080621 Idols On Tour
Uploaded by castrocopia

Top 10 Idols on MyFox L.A.

20 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to tybar for the tip about this news segment with the Top 10 on MyFox L.A.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Castrocopia Hits a Milestone

20 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Oh Mah Gaw! THIS is blog post #1000! And it comes four months TO THE DAY from our first post on February 20, 2008. To think - it all started with a voice, a guitar and a really nice pair of jeans. *drifts*

Who knew we had so much to say or that so little of it would be coherent and profanity-free? (Actually, that last part probably isn't much of a surprise to our friends, right Lemon?) So on this momentousness occasion, there's just one thing we need to say:

Thanks. To Jason, for being interesting and for making music that we want to hear and talk about. To our forum posters, best big-hearted group of peeps with just the right crazy fangirl (and guy)- to -rational adult ratio on the 'net. To anyone who's ever taken the time to let us know about some Jason news that we hadn't posted yet and to everyone who gives us a reason to do this by stopping by to read. Big sloppy kisses all around.

And what better way to celebrate than to drink? revisit our first post?

Jason's Top 24 Performance - Daydream
20 February, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon

MySpace Top 100 Unsigned Artists

20 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Guess who's #83? Well, technically he's #82 because -- for whatever reason -- David Cook is on the list too: at #52. Who knows why? I clicked on his page, and there it is: RCA Records.

Anyway, the two of them are the only Idol contestants listed in the Unsigned category. In fact, the only other Idol contestants I saw anywhere in the listings were Daughtry (#61) and Jordan Sparks (#74), both under the Major Label category.

From what I've been able to find out, MySpace rankings aren't based on number of friends or comments -- they're based on the plays per page within the rankings period. So if you want to help Jason increase his rank --- PLAY HIS MUSIC!!

Edited: D'oh! Thanks to LisaRoo for spotting Carrie Underwood at #20 under the Major Label category.

Jason Castro en La Voz de Hays County

19 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Jason appeared in this month's edition of La Voz de Hays County, a Spanish language publication in Texas. The online edition can be found here; Jason is on Page 2 under People in the News.

Another Jason article is scheduled to be published in "La Oferta" (San Jose, CA); the online edition should hopefully be on their website next week.

Thanks to MaryFL for the tip and for her all her hard work in continuing to spread the word about Jason.

Translation to English courtesy of SantaFe after the jump.

K92 Interview MP3

19 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
For all you Mac users who weren't able to access the audio stream to the interview with K92 in Orlando:

Jason Castro on K92 FM in Orlando

18 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to Zapped for the tip about this interview with Jason on the Doc & Grace Show on K92 in Orlando from earlier today.

EDIT: If you have trouble getting the interview to start playing, try right clicking the link and selecting the option to open the link in a new window. You may need to refresh the window a couple times to get the interview to begin. Also, make sure you've got pop-ups allowed for the station's site.

You can also try this link. A commercial will probably play first, followed by a short delay and then the interview. Again, you may need to refresh/reload the page to get it to begin playing.

Random Music From Not Jason

18 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
What to do while we’re waiting for the tour to begin and the inevitable influx of bootlegs that comes with it? Or for some kind of news about something? iPod Roulette, baby! Well, in my case it’s Zune Roulette, but the idea is still the same.

So, here we go. Shuffle aaaannnnd…..

Damien Rice: Volcano
From 2003’s “O” and featuring the dusky vocals of Lisa Hannigan. I’m glad that this came up, because Lemon thinks it’s a hot song. Lemon is correct.

Al Green – Simply Beautiful
I’m glad this one came up, too, because I think it’s a hot song. Like Lemon, I am also correct. Srsly.

Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place
From their recent “In Rainbows”. I’ve got nothing to say about Radiohead that wouldn’t start off as a gooey chunk of adoration dipped in worship sauce before disintegrating into incoherent babbling, so it’s best that I don’t try.

The Mars Volta – L’Via L’Viaquez
Warning!: Not for the faint of heart, but holy crap does this kick ass? Yes.
Also: dancing to this song from 2005’s “Francis the Mute” will burn 3000 calories! And that’s just for the four and a half minute version of it playing here; the full length 12-minute album cut gives you permission to eat a full box of Hostess Ding Dong’s when your sig oth pisses you off, while still allowing you to go shopping for new clothes when you decide to get even with him for spending $150.00 on a freaking basketball card.

Lucinda Williams – Rescue
Everything in the Radiohead notes applies to Lucinda, too. Except this is from her cd, “West”, not their cd, “In Rainbows.”

Okay, then! That wasn’t so bad, was it? But I’ll admit that we dodged some bullets here today, people. Be thankful, ‘cause I’ve got some crappola in my music files and this could have just as easily been a suckfest of Backstreet Boys and Color Me Badd. If we do this again and that horrid Butterfly song by Crazy Town or Mambo #5 comes up, I’m playing it, so be afraid.


17 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
DreadNation has had some requests that the instructions for submitting CUSP project information and hours donated be re-posted, so here it is. Sorry about this first part here -- she's kind of scary when she's fired up. I think the best thing would be if we all just do what she says.

I have had a few people request that I re-post the instructions for submitting your CUSP project. And trust me, if you don't submit it, I am going to go through this thread and hunt down each of you who said you had done something. This is so important to the success of our book for Jason, as well as promoting positive media for him.

Please send this information to me by July 1. What I will need from you:

1. The number of hours you or your group volunteered during or in honour of The CUSP (this includes any prep time like planning). If you don't know, guess. I need to know this one!!!

2. A picture - It can be of you, your group, your project, your dog, anything within reason. If you send more than one picture, give me an idea of how you would rank them – we might not be able to put all of them in the book based on space so tell me which one(s) are your favourites.

3. A paragraph or two – this can include what you did, why you chose it, why you decided to volunteer for The CUSP, what the time volunteering meant to you. Again, within reason, it is open to your creativity. Remember, Jason will read these.

4. A way to contact you – just in case I have questions

5. Let me know how or whether you want to be identified – i.e. Real name, board name, no name, etc

6. Also, let me know whether you would be interested in purchasing a copy of the completed book when it is finished. This is more of a survey to know how many we should print and what the cost would be. I would let you know the cost of the book before printing so you can make a final decision. I am thinking that if any profits would be collected we would pass it along to a charity in Jason’s name.

When you have all of this information collected, please send it to me via post or email.

c/o S. Wade
P.O. Box 143
Kutztown, PA 19530


Jason Castro on Mix 107.7

17 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Audio from Jason's interview on Mix 107.7 yesterday morning:

Jason Castro in NY

16 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to freemymind for this video from Jason's post-elimination trip to New York last month.

Jason Castro on Mix 107.7

15 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to Aspiring for the tip that Jason is scheduled to appear on Mix 107.7 Monday at 8:05 AM Eastern. There's a "Listen Live" link on the page.

The Castros

15 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From Daydreaming Boy:

Jason's mother, Betsy Castro, shared the news that her father passed away early this morning at a hospice in Florida. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Castro family.


15 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin

Servanthood sees the wholeness of each person,
In the center of their brokenness,
And serves the dignity of that wholeness

Our thanks to tjay from our forum for sharing those words with us, and to all of you who participated in the Castrofans United Service Project. The project was a huge success, and documentation for hundreds of hours of service have been coming in. Repeatedly, we are hearing from those who participated in a local project that they can't wait to get out there and do it again -- we understand firsthand what Jason meant when he said he gets the most joy from serving others.

There's talk of this becoming an annual event and - for those of you who are interested - Amber Snyder from GLOW Ministries in Zeeland, MI, has extended an invitation to us to join them for a week in Haiti to help out at their mission. We've been discussing this in our forum and hope to make this a big part of the next CUSP project -- if we can bear to wait that long, that is!

Continued after the jump.

TMZ and The Rest of the Story

14 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
I'm feeling a little squicky about this because we really don't like to get into Jason's personal business around here, but given how irritated we all were with TMZ yesterday I am relieved that they've redeemed themselves (a little) by expanding on their 'news item' from yesterday.

cats and castromaniac from our forum have reported that the clip of Jason walking down the street that's posted on TMZ's website was included on their televised program last night. TMZ reportedly added a clip of Jason and his girlfriend from the Mike and Juliet Show, and stated that he's totally into her and is happy 'to be monogamous. (I'm pretty sure they were aware of that before they asked him about using his fame to get laid, but whatever.)

Then they showed a picture of Edvard Munch's 'The Scream', I guess to illustrate either the fan girls that are going to be disappointed to find out that Jason's not slutty or because TMZ-ers can't imagine not being slutty if given the opportunity.

The Scream

If we find or get a clip of the entire piece, we'll let ya'll know.

Thanks to cats for the video.

CUSP Extra

14 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
sybilsarmy from the Castrocopia forum had this to share:

Thing of the day:
Most people have heard of Locks of Love, the charity that collects ponytails to make wigs for kids. I had never heard of Beautiful Lengths before. Pantene sponsors it, and the wigs to go women who've lost their hair during chemo. The good thing about this one is that they'll take a ponytail as short as 8". I did it tonight, so if you're going to see me tomorrow, don't make fun of my lumpy neck, 'k?

CUSPs of the Day

14 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
These are for Friday. I apologize for the delay -- something came up and I wasn't able to post these last night. But late is always better than never, so here we go!

Naquita's selection from Jason Castro Online:

Michele wrote:

I volunteered at "The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Central Florida".
They care for orphaned and injured wildlife, then release them back into the
wild. The photo is of me not working very hard, but trust me--I worked my
butt off in 90 degree heat. I spent most of the day cleaning stalls that
housed injured or baby raccoons, squirrels, otters, opossums, ducks, owls,
turtles, armadillos, rabbits and more. Lots of poop to clean up and hay
to clean out and replace. I hauled around wheelbarrows of sand to help with
a project and hundreds of pounds of produce donated by local grocery stores,
which feeds the animals. It was hugely rewarding and of course a little
sad. I'm returning next week.

CUSP - Wildlife Center

My husband and I also adopted a blind dog from a rescue group called
"Coastal Poodle Rescue". He's a little old man, mixed breed with only one
eye that he can't even see out of and requires eye drops 3 times a day!
His prospects for adoption were not good because of his age and blindness,
but we think he's a doll. We've named him Bouncer because his blindness
doesn't stop him. If he bumps into a wall, he just bounces off and
continues on his way. He sleeps with us and despite his blindness (which
was the result of neglect, but I won't make this any sadder than it is), he
loves life. He plays with toys, gives us sloppy kisses and we love him.

CUSP and Jason are great inspirations to me and I hope to others. Bouncer
sends lots of sloppy kisses!

CUSP - Adoption

DreadNation chose this one from DaydreamingBoy:

myjason15825 said:

I just contracted a Neil Diamond impersonator to do a 2 night fundraiser for our local food bank! I will be making sure he mentions Jason a few times during his acts! I will also make sure that we mention CUSP in all the promo for the event! How cool is that??? It is August 1st and 2nd at a little place called "Tony's Lil Roma" in Brookville, PA. It's the only dates I could get from the performer!

Finally, from Castrocopia:

Jason4Prez wrote:

Just finished doing my CUSP. I had been thinking about what to do exactly for a while now. Being all Jason-y (haha) i wanted to do something for battered women and children, as Jason has been reported to advocate. So i got my dad to contact his friend who ran a shelter for sexually abused women and children. It was all arranged, and so i brought my sister with me to the shelter 4 hours away from where i live. We stayed there for 4 days, and the girls were absolutely wonderful. We arranged all sorts of games for them, where they could just let loose and have fun. We bought them groceries, a mini pool (like the one where you just fill the water up. We spent time with them, talked to them, became their friends, their sisters.

While i was planning this CUSP, i thought i would do service to other people and make them happy, but then after doing the activity, i serviced myself, too. I mean, i have done a lot of outreaches in the past, but they were all done because of a school requirement, never out of my own volition. It was different this time, because i arranged everything myself; nothing was graded, i didn't have to pass a report afterwards. I did it for them, and for the other abused women and children out there. I realized that in helping these dignified women, i also helped myself. I have become more caring, less apathetic, and a lot more fulfilled.

So thank you Castrocopia and Jason and whoever started this CUSP project for inspiring me to inspire others.

That would be DreadNation, the CUSP Queen, who started this phenomenon. The projects we've featured on the blog alone show an incredible amount of work done oh behalf of CUSP, and they don't even scratch the surface.

Well done, DreadNation. You rock, girl.

Jason Castro on WZPL Radio

13 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Interview from this morning:

 Smiley In The Morning - Jason Castro

I Still Hate TMZ

13 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
But Jason sure knows how to be adorable and gracious in the face of rudeness.

Thanks to DCGatorJax for the tip.

Update: TMZ has edited this video to highlight their scum-baggediness.
Isn't that special?

CUSP Extra

12 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Joni posted the following information on our forum about ONE, and organization dedicated to fighting global poverty, hunger, and disease.

Join me in fighting poverty!


I've just signed the ONE Declaration committing myself to help fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty.

I'm asking you to make that commitment, too, by adding your voice.

I think our names belong on that declaration, too. You can put it there by visiting:

ONE is a new effort by Americans to rally Americans - one by one. So far, over two million have signed the declaration in support of a historic pact for compassion and justice to help the poorest people of the world.

Together as ONE we can make a difference!


CUSPs of the Day

12 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
We're happy to welcome Naquita from Jason Castro Online with a CUSP of the Day selected from the JCO forum:

Here is what * Amanda* from over at my site did:

I went and cleaned up the local beach tonight. I wasn't able to do the
whole thing tonight, but I am going back first thing in the morning to
finish up. My mom is even going to help me in the morning. Tonight my little
brother helped me. He is 10 and he was like "Amanda this is a big beach you
can't do it all by yourself". He was actually a big help.

Here is the picture we took:


DreadNation selected this one, an e-mail from one of the Dreadheads at DaydreamingBoy:

Portraitpainter writes:

No more invasive plants choking the oxygen out of our beautiful Chesapeake Bay!!.

I know this for a fact because I pulled out every bit of the dreaded "garlic mustard" (why does that sound like part of a sandwich order? but no kidding, that was my assignment) in the 5000 sq foot Thrifton Hill tributary (in northern VA)-- in appreciation of Jason's music and philanthropic spirit---volunteering through Save the Bay Foundation.

So even if I get poison ivy or sumac on every inch of my exposed body (tho I would
prefer not of course) it will have been worth it. Also turned on all my co-weed-scavengers to the DDB website and music downloads.

"Come Sail the Bay", Jason! You've earned it (and your spirit deserves some tranquility.)

From Castrocopia:
kbkysun's CUSP project, featured as a CUSP of the Day yesterday, inspired another one of our other posters, Castrophile, to do something similar that is very close to her heart.

kbk - if you were here right now, I would jump in your lap, hug you and squeeze you and call you George! (please tell me some of you remember that cartoon...) Your WONDERFUL, inspiring post, and your beautiful, giving, caring Grandmother have lit a fire under my considerable derriere! After the Bug went to bed, I sat on the sofa next to Hubs and crocheted my first two "CUSP Preemie Beanies"! Took me about an hour, because I'm two years rusty, but I think I can get that down to finishing four in the course of a movie without breaking a sweat - YAY! And the best part is - I LOVED IT!

It felt SO GOOD to make something for someone with my own two hands. As I worked, I thought about Liam, and how tiny he was, and how blessed we are that he is now a huge, healthy hunk! I thought about the parents of the babies whose tiny little heads might be covered with these hats, and their fear and pain in seeing their children so helpless in that NICU. I thought about YOU, kb, and how caring, thoughtful and giving you ALWAYS are, and what an inspiration that is to me. And I thought about your Grandmother, who threw stitch after stitch making all those mittens, year after year...and, of course I cried. But, it was a GOOD cry - a HAPPY cry - a GRATEFUL cry!

And, I thought again about this little Castro kid...whose quiet, generous spirit has moved so many of us to do more than we otherwise would have...even the most curmudgeonly (Lemon, you know who you are!)...and once again, I was awed and humbled.

So, overall, I had a KICK ASS NIGHT, and I just had to come in here and say THANK YOU!!

Now, don't look too carefully at the stitches - my tension is a little off, but it'll come back...and I don't think the munchkins will mind. ;) And, DN - this isn't THE picture - my goal is to have at least ten done by the end of CUSP week to donate to the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughter's NICU, so I'll take a pic of them all. (This won't stop at the end of the week, though - it feels too good, and I'm a selfish bitch, so it'll be an ongoing thing - I'm hooked!)

And, the phone is there to show how teeny they are....

CUSP Preemie-beanies

Chat with Michael Orland (Transcript)

12 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Our chat with Michael was delightful, informative and far too short. Michael, if ever you can fit it into your busy schedule, we'd love to have you back. Thanks again from all of us. It was fantastic.

Q & A's posted after the jump.

Chat with Michael Orland

12 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Reminder: The chat with Michael Orland, AI's Music Director/Piano player, is on for tonight, beginning at 8 PM Eastern, 7 PM Central, 6 PM Mountain, 5 PM Pacific. The chat will last for about an hour. With the help of our posters, we've assembled a great set of questions for him and hope you can join us for the chat. We'll be posting a transcript of the chat here on the blog afterward for those of you who don't venture into the forum.

Thanks again to Ms. Scarlett for making this possible and to Michael for being our very honoured guest.

Jason Castro - Picture of the Day

12 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Thanks to kbkysun for prompting me to do my damn job and post a picture of the day already since I haven't since.....I don't even know.

So by popular demand, Jason and the robe that the Dreadheads gave him at his Rockwall homecoming. Photo from Jackie Castro via Daydreaming Boy.

Jason Castro

New Jason MySpace Blog

12 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
From today:

Thursday, June 12, 2008


hello everybody!

sooo i've been in LA a few days now and....i forgot my camera! hence the reason i havnt had any video updates! but it is on its way, my dad sent it in he mail :) so its been a while since we spoke last...i like the camera waaay better...haha writing is difficult. haha ok focus jason, focus. what are we talking about here? well i have the day off today... i had my first rehearsal with the band yesterday and it was AWESOMEEE!!!! i got soooo excited and now i just want to get this show on the road! i've been meeting alot of new people these last few days bc its a whole new crew that goes on tour with us. i have a hard time remembering names and theres alot of new people so im going CRAZY! haha hopefully ill get the names down before the end of the tour...yessss ok so! i think everybody should be on summer break nowwwww, any cool plans?! you all know my cool summer plan! haha well post your plans here and ill check em out and tell you how jealous i am. haha aaaaaahhh well im going to go find a fax machine now.... the day off isnt what it seems.... im a busy beeee!



Currently listening :
Enema Of The State
By blink-182
Release date: By 1999-06-01

CUSPs of the Day

11 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
The CUSP stories keep coming in. Just a reminder that if a rep from JasonCastroOnline, IDF or any other forum would like to send us a CUSP to be included in a future post, we'd love to hear from you:

DreadNation's selection from DayDreaming Boy:

keyeser wrote:
Jason's Sunshine shined at the Orlando Coalition for the Homeless Shelter this Tuesday night. About 35 kids, and teens living in the family center came for a puppet show, craft night! It was great! The kids went nuts over the puppets, loved the bookmarks with cool stickers and tambourines with rainbows! There were 9 Jason fans and we loved the smiles and hugs!

And from Castrocopia:

kbkysun wrote:
What I should do for CUSP has been weighing on my heart. It has been challenging to me to find something that goes above and beyond what my normal activities would be. I have lived a very blessed life. I have no idea what its like to go without something or to be in a situation where I feel helpless, neither does my daughter. It has always been my mission as a parent to instill compassion into my child. I never wanted her to feel guilty for what she has because when you work hard it is okay to have reward but I wanted her to see that other people do go without and are put into bad situations. We already volunteer at an animal shelter, we already donate supplies to a woman's shelter and we have Alex's Lemonade stand every summer to benefit cancer research. I already had a garage sale planned for this weekend and the money is going to charity. I am not telling you all this because I want to be congratulated for what I do. Its never been about that for me, its always been about leading my daughter down the right path by example. I tell you these things so you can understand why I needed to find something else to do.

Today would have been my Grandmother's birthday. I brought flowers to her grave early this morning and had an epiphany of what I should be doing. For as long as I can remember my grandmother was always knitting mittens. She made about 100 pairs every year and sent them to a church in a disadvantaged neighborhood. She didn't want the children to have cold hands. Eventually the Priest from that church transferred to the church my grandparents attended. At my grandmother's funeral that priest asked why she was being buried with a pair of mittens. He was told the story of the mittens. The priest then told us all that he never knew where they came from. The box just showed up every single year on the steps of the Rectory with no return address. Well my grandmother taught me to knit. Today I bought yarn and am going to continue on with my grandmothers work. I will not be done this week or have pictures for the book but this is something I am going to continue on with for years to come.

So, if those stories aren't enough to turn you into the blubbering mess that DreadNation and I have both become today, there's more. The Castrocopia CUSP of the Day had already been chosen when another great story came in that we both agreed needed to be told because it illustrates, as DreadNation said, "what can happen when our eyes are open to the needs around us - because we're all thinking about it this week -- just look for the possibilities for making a difference."

sybilsarmy wrote:
I haven't been great at coming up with new ideas lately, but I've been trying to walk with both eyes open, and found an opportunity last night. I was leaving Walgreens and there was a woman asking people for help with bus money. I talked to her for a few minutes, and she said her husband died and she had to go back to work - but didn't have any real experience. She just lost that job recently. I picked up some groceries for her, then took her to Kinko's and helped her put together a resume - today I brought a copy into our HR dept. I don't know if they'll do anything with it - I can be a reference, but I don't have any say - but I hope it works out for her.

New Not-a-Tour Pic

11 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
I have an issue with the brain being dead. Sorry.

AI Tour

From the Larry King Show.

Jason Castro in Spanish-Language Media

11 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
You may remember that a couple months ago, we published an article about a media campaign one of Jason's fans had started to get Jason's name out to Spanish-language media here in the U.S. That fan, MaryFL, has been kind enough to really make my day by sending in some of the fruits of her labour.

She was successful in getting CNY Latino, a monthly publication based in Syracuse, New York, to feature Jason in their May, 2008, issue. He was on the cover of the magazine and the story was the first featured item.. MaryFL reports:

What's interesting about the CNY Latino newspaper is that Jason is on the front page, right under the masthead, and he's on page 3 (the May issue is 32 pages). Page 2 is the table of contents, so Jason is really the first thing you see when you open the newspaper. Above his article is an article about minority business owners hiring fellow Hispanics. You have to go all the way to page 10 to read about what Hispanics think of Obama in the upcoming presidential election. I think the editor knew Jason would draw in readers. ;-)

Text of that article -- in both Spanish and English - posted after the jump.

MaryFL's co-hort, Mariana, was able to get an item published in the April 17 issue of Dos Mundos, out of Kansas City. As MaryFL says, what's so great about this is that Mariana enticed this Missouri publication to do an article on Jason even though she was writing from Mexico!

Here's a pic of Jason's portion of the article (he's featured next to an item about Penelope Cruz) Full-sized image of the page can be found here.

Jason Castro

Congratulations for a job well done, ladies. Thanks for sharing these articles with us.

OMG! Is Jack Johnson a CUSP-er?!

11 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Jack Johnson has launched a new online community called "All At Once" during CUSP week, but I'm not above drawing you in with a sensationalist headline. I spent the last three months watching a lot of Fox Television after all -- I'd hate to think I walked away from that without learning anything.

I got a MySpace bulletin from Brushfire Records today, who's one of our myspace friends. You know what that means, right? We're buds. Srsly - Brushfire and Castrocopia? likethis. Alphabetically, at least. [/ Willful ignorance of Cadillac Sky, Camera Obscura and every singer named Bryan with a MySpace] The blog was published from Jack's MySpace as well.

The focus of Jack's community is to "bring about positive environmental change" and bringing the world back to Green is just as CUSP-y as our other service projects, so I encourage you all to get over there and sign up. Oh, and bonus for participating? Free Jack Johnson downloads. It's win/win/win!

Here's the site:

And if you're not the close, personal MyySpace friends with Jack and Brushfire that we are (*pretentious*) or just not interested in the whole MySpace thing, here's the blog they posted about the site launch.

(I love their slogan, by the way: All of us. All at Once.)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Joining All At Once = FREE Jack Johnson Downloads

Hey Jack Johnson friends!

Just wanted to share the inside scoop about a partnership that we're all really excited about. Jack has just launched a new online community called ALL AT ONCE (

This social action network offers information, tools, and inspiration for all of us across the globe to bring about positive environmental change. The concept is simple: An individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change.

Join Now! Go to

This new community is an exciting place to connect, discuss issues and events, learn about non-profit groups and take action together. Tens of thousands across the world have already joined. Now's your chance. Not only can you receive FREE music downloads, you can:

• Explore videos and Jack will donate $1 to the non-profit • Connect with and volunteer with local non-profits • Share and upload photos and videos • Capture Your Commitment at the All At Once Photo Booth at the show • Register to vote and vote the environment. • Use the easy Carpool tool • Text in for instant rewards • See how All At Once community actions are adding up

You can also experience ALL AT ONCE live at Jack's concerts. Called the Village Green, this collection of interactive booths is a place where fans can educate themselves and connect face-to-face with local, national and international non-profits.

Individual Green Actions = FREE Music.

Over the next several months, at the first of the month, we'll connect with you again to tell you about eco actions you can take to receive FREE music downloads.

We'll be in touch soon!

All of us at All At Once

CUSPs of the Day

10 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
Keep up the good work, ya'll. We haven't even hit the halfway mark for the project and so many of you have already contributed your time and effort to improve your corners of the world.

Crazydo from DaydreamingBoy:

I just got back from our local animal shelter where I walked dogs and donated some items on their wish list. I had a great time. I even signed up to volunteer there this summer. I hope I can get there at least once a week. While I was walking I keep thinking about when Jason said in one of his first interviews "whatever you do at the end of the day, if it's all for yourself, what good is it?" "I find the most joy in helping others". I did find joy and I think the dogs enjoyed it too. I'm off to the Food Bank tomorrow.

Tiffani from Castrocopia:

Today Riley took two Target bags and a backpack filled with breakfast and lunch snacks, juice boxes and supplies to her summer enrichment class for the deaf/hard of hearing. The last thing the teacher needs to do is worry about enough snacks. Even though everyone is asked to bring in stuff, there are always some kids who just can't. Riley wanted to make sure everyone had plenty, so we sent extras. It sure made her feel good.

CUSP Project

For those of you with a Face Book and a few moments to spare, sbb from Castrocopia had this idea to share:

Here's a simple CUSP project for anyone with a Facebook account.*

Short version - Just join this group or look for Let's talk to Coca Cola about saving the World's children. Joining the group shows Coca-Cola that a lot of people want them to help make a difference in the world. Then encourage your Facebook friends to join.

Long version - Here's what I like about this project.

  • First, it's about fighting dehydration, a leading cause of death, in developing countries. Water alone can't treat dehydration (parents, you know that you give your child something like Pedialyte or Gatorade) – once you're dehydrated you have to replenish salts, sugars and basic nutrients.

  • Second, the solution to dehydration is simple- a packet to pour into water. It's lightweight, easy to use, and easy to manufacture. (I love simple solutions.) The only challenge is really distribution.

  • Third, this project is about getting help for distribution from the world's leading distributor of beverages – Coca-Cola. Coincidentally a major sponsor of American Idol. (Don't you love the irony of that?)

  • Finally, project originator Simon Berry is now (as in, they just started this week) in serious discussion with Coca-Cola executives about how this can happen. They see the reasonableness of using their distribution network (small locally-owned businesses in Africa) for dehydration packets. This is not about cutting into their bottom line, and is especially not about hurting the local distributors. This is about using existing channels to save lives.

  • More info – You can read about it on Facebook or on Simon Berry's personal blog – the first video, where Simon explains how the campaign started, is a good summary.

    Summary - Coca-Cola is paying attention to the number of people (customers) who are signed up with the Facebook group, so if you have a Facebook account, please sign up there, and encourage your friends to do so as well. You really don't have to do anything else besides spread the word.

    *You can also sign up for alerts on the blog if you don't have a Facebook account.

    Jason Castro's Underrated
    Performance of the Week

    10 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    Is it Tuesday already? Time for Jason's Underrated Performance of the Week.

    This week, it's....Forever in Blue Jeans.

    Did any of us even notice what anyone did that week amidst the scandal of Paula-gate? Neil Diamond night, by and large, seems to be considered a big stinker among Idol viewers, and srsly -- there were better songs in Neil's catalogue than what was selected for Top 5 (what was actually available to the contestants may be another story; I'm still having a hard time with NO ONE choosing Solitary Man. Just ....why?) I was so incensed at the halftime events during Top 5 myself that I have to admit I barely recall the second half of the show, but if had I been sitting at the judges table my own review of the first half would have been:

    Jason: 2nd best of the first five. David C.: Swear -- I have no idea what he sang. Can't even remember. Brooke: WTF?! David A.: Yikes. Syesha: Best of the five.

    I think a lot of us Castro fans weren't able to appreciate Forever in Blue Jeans until the next night, when Jason was declared safe and the iTunes single was released. And then we all were ooh-ing and aah-ing over that. (In our defense, the vocals on the studio track are really, really sah-weet.)

    Since the night was such a big nightmare, I'm only going to point to two things before we get to the video:

    1. From Idolator: Five Reasons Why American Idol is in No Way a Singing Competition

    2. Jim Cantiello's re-cap of the whackiness

    Aaannndd: Here's Jason.

    No News

    10 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    What to do while you get through the doldrums between now and the start of the AI tour? If So You Think You Can Dance is your Summer fixation of choice, head over to Bored Morons, where Zsus and Murghi take a look at the Top 20 dancers as we head into the first week of voting.

    CUSPs of the Day

    09 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    It's only Monday and already we've been reading some great posts from people who aren't waiting for the world to change as part of CUSP. DreadNation and I have each selected one from our respective forums to post and hope to continue this throughout the week. Please keep those updates coming. You never know what is going to inspire someone to take some action of their own. It could be YOUR post that moves them to participate.

    If a rep from JasonCastroOnline, IDF or any other forum would like to send us a CUSP to be included in a future post, we'd love to hear from you:

    From DaydreamingBoy:

    Myty11 wrote:
    You guys it was great! My brother, daughter (she is 1 and 1/2) and I went shopping, got bags of groceries for 3 of the food pantries in the area plus dog and cat food for the humane society. The food lines at the shelter have grown longer and longer recently due to the economy and the donation sites were very grateful for the help. They were happy to take pics for us and thought the CUSP was a great project. What made it special for me was spending time with my brother and daughter. My brother and I lost our mom 1 and 1/2 years ago and we talked alot about her today(something we don't do alot because its upsetting but today for some reason alot of happy/silly memories came out and it was very healing). I am so glad this project was started and of course am glad Jason's wonderful example was the reason for it. If you haven't done it yet I recommend it. It makes you feel GOOD!!!!!

    P.S We also wore all blue, our Dreadhead hats and carried our towels-it was a blast, even my brother (who was hesitant about it all because at first he didn't understand what it was all about) got into the spirit and threw on a blue shirt and waved his towel...Too cute..can't wait for the pics!!

    And from Castrocopia:

    wrypilgrim wrote:
    Our church has the mother of all tag sales this weekend to benefit 3 charities (a food pantry, domestic violence center and homeless veterans). In the spirit of CUSP, I signed up to work every afternoon this week and today was my first day sorting and pricing the thousands and thousands of items people donate. I live in the NE and man oh man was it hot today! Plus a good deal of the donations do not arrive in great condition (dirty, dusty, food encrusted, sticky...generally toxic). Nonetheless - every time I broke nail, wiped a liter of sweat off my brow or wanted to scream ENUF - I just hummed a little SOTR, picked up my bottle of Windex and went back to work!

    Thanks, ya'll. We're proud to be associated with such good-hearted people.

    Castocopian Know-It-Alls Ramble On

    09 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    Liz Lemon: McLovin, it's been a long time since we rocked and rolled. Post AI elimination was supposed to be down time for us and yet we've been busier than ever trying to keep tabs on Jason's interviews, Finale media, homecoming bootleg, the advent of his MySpace, semi-stalkers in Florida and the whole rumor mill of the impending tour. I wonder what this whirlwind feels like at the epicenter. And yet through it all, Jason has seemed so poised and mature - even seasoned, without appearing weathered. I've worried a lot about how he will manage in the circus of his present life and continue to be amazed at how he seems to move through it all as though it's all just a terrific ride.

    Where to start? I'm going to just dive right into the opening of his MySpace since I think that is the single most important event of the past couple of weeks. Yes - singing for millions on tv and greeting fans at home were also very big, but the MySpace allows him to speak directly and personally to each fan through his blog posts and make everyone finally feel like they have the chance to reach him and say "thank you, I love your music" (and unfortunately a whole lot more than that). Do you feel the same way?

    McLovin:Do I ever, Lemon. At least two of his 3800+ comments came from us, and it felt great to tell him thanks for what he's done. Being able to leave a comment is probably just as fulfilling to the weirdos that comment that they want to have hot monkey sex with him/birth his babies/admonish him to stay away from drugs .... although I do have to wonder if these people have any information at all about the person to whom they're commenting. Srsly, people - do a little research, would ya? (Said the lady who cusses like a sailor.)

    And good on him for the blogs and video updates. If the pony you backed in the AI race didn't come in first or second, you can languish for months with no news and that kind of sucks. No, it really sucks. So I'm glad he's being proactive and getting the news out himself, like that he was writing some new music last week (yes!), that a fan mail address is in the works (yes again), that he mis-types 'unfortunatley' the same way I do (okay, that one probably only made me squeal with delight) and that - in the Castro household - the kids can sit together in the back seat of the car for five minutes without bickering about something (how is this possible?)

    I hope he can keep it up while he's on the road for the tour. Oh, mah gaw! Does he have a laptop? A wi-fi card?! An iPhone? *panic!* Speaking of the tour, he also mentioned on the vlog that he's headed back to L.A. for rehearsals. And it's starting to sound like the suckage that was the musical selections on AI this year might be bleeding over into the tour, Lemon. I believe sales were down for the tour last year, but from most accounts from people that did go to a concert last year, the format was great -- lots of new songs and group numbers and duets interspersed with the solos. From what we've seen posted across the interwebs, they're reverting to the "10 separate mini-concert" format of Season 4. What the Hell?

    Pop-Tarts Presents....

    08 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    Thanks to Aspiring for the reminder about signing up for e-mail alerts at the Pop-Tarts American Idol Tour 2008 site. In the past, they've had exclusive content, like behind-the-scenes tour information and videos so don't miss out! The link to register is in the upper right corner of that page. Plus -- ooh! You could get a *free MP3 speaker!

    *click here for details. You will have to purchase Pop-Tarts to get one of these. If you don't like Pop-Tarts, purchasing a box of the Strawberry and mailing them to me IS an option. I'm all about taking one for the team and don't mind helping ya'll out.

    P.S. - I cannot even describe the suck that is the music playing on that site. Yikes.

    New Pics of Jason

    08 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
    Trey Hill Photography has a new blog up with some test pictures of Jason. Unfortunately, he had to remove one of the pictures because it started circulating on the net already. If you happen to have these pictures, please respect this artist's right of ownership and refrain from posting them here on our forum. You can see still see the tests on his site - so unless and until he offers us permission to repost his pictures here, we won't be displaying them here.

    But do go and take a look - the tests themselves are stunning and I cannot wait to see the final product.

    Chowie Earns a Castrocopia Right Fucking On! Award

    08 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
    Thanks to spinningwheel for bringing this fantastic blog to our attention. Go on and read it. You'll also be punching the air and saying "Right fucking on, Chowie!" It's like re-living the season over again, with hindsight and wisdom. Oh and the best part? It's about the music. Thanks, Chowie!

    Official Jason Castro Shirts

    07 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    Thanks to Nana Dreadhead at DaydreamingBoy for letting me know that this design by Rockwall artist Brandi Patterson has been selected by Jason and his family as the official Jason Castro shirt design. Proceeds from the shirt will go to the charity of Jason's choice and are available now.


    According to the link, the shirts will also soon be available with "I Shot the Tambourine Man" on the back.


    07 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    I just couldn't wait another four and half hours to put up the banner made of win created by Chickadee for the week of The CUSP. She did a great job, huh?

    Hope everyone's all set with their service projects; if you're still undecided and need some inspiration, ideas or even a little guilt, please have a look here.

    Or just watch this if all you need is a teeny push.

    Neighborsgo Print Edition

    06 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    Neighborsgo has uploaded PDF files of the Jason Castro section of their print edition for those of you who don't live in the area but would like to see the coverage. Links in the upper right under the Jason Castro Central banner on this page.

    They've also uploaded a new video here.

    New Jason YouTube

    06 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    Jason posted another youtube to his myspace to thank the Dreadheads for the ad they placed in today's Rockwall Herald Banner for him. Kewl!

    Chat With AI's Piano Player Michael Orland

    06 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    We've got a firm date set for our chat with Michael Orland from AI, (which was first announced by Liz Lemon, copied below): Thursday, June 12th, 5 PM PST. 6 PM Mountain. 7 PM Central. 8 PM Eastern.

    If you've got questions you'd like to ask Michael, come on into the forum and ask away. We recommend viewing this video to get some background on Michael and what it is that he contributes to AI before adding your questions, since we all know what it's like to see an already-answered question being re-asked ad nauseum when you're dying to find out something new.

    Lemon's Post:

    Thanks to one of our posters, Ms.Scarlett, we have been offered a unique opportunity to present some questions about the behind the scenes process at American Idol. Her friend, Michael Orland, the piano player and Musical Director for American Idol has agreed to drop into the forum some time during the next few weeks to respond to the questions we will have selected beforehand.

    If you are interested in learning more, visit our informational thread here. We have already received some wonderful suggestions and hope to hear more.

    When we have a firm date for the chat, we'll post it right here.

    Thank you again, Ms.Scarlett!

    One Texas, Two Jason Castros

    06 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    From neighborsgo:

    Jason Castro signs with the Houston Astros

    No, not Rockwall's Jason Castro - Stanford's Jason Castro. In addition to being one of the Pac 10's best hitters, the catcher's name and image often appear in search-engine queries for "Jason Castro." Is this the time and place to mention that there'll be a special photo section in this week's Rockwall-Rowlett neighborsgo print edition devoted to the former American Idol contestant? Stay tuned.

    The CUSP is Upon Us!

    06 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    Be sure to keep reading after the jump!

    The CUSP

    DreadNation is back for a visit from DaydreamingBoy about the upcoming Castrofans United Service Project that's taking place - Yikes! - next week already! Time flies when you're O.D.-ing on homecoming news and videos. I'm glad a lot of us got our CUSP ducks in a row before last week.

    We've got several group and individual projects in the works here at Castrocopia, but let's check in with our guest of honor first. So, DreadNation....what's going on in your neighbourhood? Is everyone amped about the service project? What are some of the things being planned by The Dreadheads?

    Behind the Homecoming

    06 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    New article in the Rockwall Herald Banner detailing some of the planning and events at Jason's homecoming to Rockwall on May 29, 2008:

    Preparing for the celebration was more than a month in planning. Castro family friend, Carol McMillan, met with city officials before the American Idol Top 3 were announced to make plans for Jason’s hometown visit. Although Jason did not make the Top 3, the city of Rockwall kept the plans in place to honor Castro for his achievements and welcome him back home Texas style.

    Jason Castro Shirts

    06 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    Well, sort of. That title is just a blatant attempt to move up the Google chain. And's on to the shoes, baby!

    Anyway....the shirts. Ashokie from our forum has come up with this kick-ass design:

    Ukulele Hero

    With a little coaxing, she's decided to make a shirt available. Here - I'll let her tell the story of Ukulele Hero.

    So I am quite the fan of Guitar Hero and Rockband. I am no good, but a fan. So much a fan, in fact, that my air guitar has morphed into air Guitar Hero: instead of strumming, I push down an air strum button - like in the game.

    As a big fan of Jason - knowing that I was going to attend 3 of the concerts this summer and drawing on past Idol-concert experiences - I had been thinking about what kind of sign/poster I wanted to bring to said concerts with me. On a drive back from celebrating the birthday of my very tolerant hubby, we were listening to music, as usual, and some guitar riff heavy song came on the radio. I started my air Guitar Hero, right on cue, and he looked over at me and said, "That is an awfully small air guitar you have there."

    And right then, like a ton of bricks it hit me and I said "Its my air Ukulele Hero."

    Right around that time, I was given the opportunity to attend the Idol finale in L.A., i.e. the perfect time to try out this sign idea. Its a long story, but the end result was being fortunate enough to attend the taping of American Idol Extra/Idol Tonight that evening, after David Cook was crowned the new Idol.

    Everyone who had signs in the small group of 150 attending this taping had David and David signs. I did not. I had my giant Ukulele Hero sign which I prominently displayed as much as I could. First Carly saw it, then Michael Johns, who managed to get Jason's attention long enough to glance up at the sign. With that token grin and thumbs up, my sign was acknowledged and my night was made.

    And this shirt was then developed. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    You can get your own Ukulele Hero shirt here at Ashokie's Zazzle link.

    Thanks for sharing, Ash -- I want!

    Jason's Performance Today

    05 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
    Mama Castro answered the question "Where did Jason sing today?" in a thread at the DaydreamingBoy Forum

    His aunt invited him to visit some kids in the burn unit of the Hospital she works at, so he did. We got to visit some very special kids and they lit up when they heard Somewhere over the rainbow. He even let one of them help him tune his Ukelele. Very precious. I'd post pictures, but he didn't want to make a big "look at me" deal about it. He just wanted it to be about the kids, so...sorry! But trust was precious!

    The boy is perfection personified.

    Picture of the Day

    05 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
    Jason Castro

    Castro Fan Wins Larry's Suspenders

    04 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    Alas, that fan was not named McLovin.

    Congratulations to MtnLaurel of the Castronauts at IDF!

    Drumsticks Denied ! ! ! eleven ! 1 ! !

    04 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    The BAMF-fest that-might-have-been of the proposed David Cook on guitar/Jason Castro on drums/ Carly Smithson on vocals hard-rockin' Barracuda that David Cook mentions in this Idolatry video from EW has been REJECTED! by American Idol. Or veteod. Or whatever other verb they use to describe their bad decisions. UN!-bah-leevable.

    Why, in this year of the 'MOST TALENTED TOP 12 EVER!' they would do something as ill-conceived as....I can't even finish. I'm flabbergasted. And I'm not alone. Word has spread across the interwebs to the fans of all three idols and people are unhappy. Oh, and Brooke's fans aren't happy either as word of a planned duet on tour being canceled has made its way to them as well.

    We don't understand, AI. Why do you hate us? Is it our breath? *breathes into hand....Wintergreen* Surely you can find something for the others to do that would balance this all out.

    Please let us have the Rock. The ass-kicking rock that only this song performed by these people will bring. Pretty please? \m/_

    If anyone wants to sweetly let them know how much we want this, here's some pertinent e-mail addresses:

    New Jason MySpace Blog

    04 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    For you non-MySpacers:

    Wednesday, June 04, 2008

    Your Questions
    Current mood: awake

    so i have realized it is going to be impossible for me to even just read all of your messages, much less get back to them. im still reading them, it just takes me about 7 hours to get through one calender day and im still back in february... haha but do not fear! i wont ever stop reading them, for they are such a huge encouragment and so entertaining to me, i just love them! i love yall! but so, as an effective way to communicate i have decided i will start answering questions that i see alot through blogging in hopes that i may answer as many of you as possible! also, feel free to ask on the blog, thats probably a faster way of reaching me and that way i can see all the questions in a concentrated group and see what yall want to know the most! ill try to answer a question or 2 every time i log on!

    so todays question...well there have been a lot of questions about dreads and how to do them and what not so i am going to refer you to a website.

    this is where i found out how to do mine and they have a wealth of information, products and resources so if you interested, check out that site! and then let me know if you go through with it...i would love to see some pictures! viva the dreads!

    and my sister says hi. im going to sleep, goodnight everybody!


    (the man with the peeling nose... wear sunblock!)

    Currently listening to :
    Sleep Through The Static
    By Jack Johnson
    Release date: By 2008-02-05

    Oh, sweet CD he's listening to. I like Angel and They Do They Don't.
    Oh, yeah -- and Go On.

    Also: there are some new pics from the homecoming on his page, too.

    So that's a good idea, to cover the similar questions all at once. What do you say, Lemon? Are you up for some dreads of your own while we wait till he has a chance to get to our message from May 27 at 5:57 PM Mountain Time?


    Some of the questions he answered tonight are posted after the jump. Thanks to castrippin for getting those for us.

    Plus! Video!

    Even More Homecoming Video

    03 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    From neighborsgo, with footage from the boat that ferried the Casto's into the harbour during Jason's homecoming last week. Oh, and it's not over when the credits roll. Keep watching.

    Ugly Ol' Mojo, Where Ya Been?
    ....Up Your House and Gone Again

    03 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    From today's L.A. Times:

    Primal rock and blues musician Bo Diddley, who helped cast the sonic template of rock more than 50 years ago with a signature syncopated rhythm that became universally recognized as "the Bo Diddley beat," died Monday. He was 79.

    Bo Diddley

    Does the average Rock enthusiast realize what Bo contributed to the music they love so much? Do they even know what the Bo Diddley Beat is? Maybe. They just might not realize that that's what it's called. I'm not sure how to spell it, but I'll go with bomp-de-bomp-bomp (pause), de-bomp bomp. Close enough.

    It's the sound of songs as diverse as Buddy Holley's Not Fade Away, George Michael's Faith, U2's Desire, Guns 'N Roses' Mr. Brownstone, and The Smiths' How Soon is Now, just to name a few. And Bo was the one who introduced electric guitars to distortion. He was, in fact, the shit.

    From a 2005 Rolling Stone interview:

    History belongs to the victors, and in the annals of rock & roll, three men have emerged as winners: Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Bo Diddley, a holy trinity who were there at the start. Diddley's importance is acknowledged but less often celebrated. His music strikes many as more simple, more direct than his contemporaries, yet it remains more difficult to categorize, understand or explain. Listen to "Bo Diddley" and you won't hear the teenage fantasy of Berry's "School Day" or the youth-gone-wild adrenaline of Richard's "Tutti Frutti." It is slower and unearthly, with a space-age tremolo guitar rippling through the song, the nervous rattle of constantly shaking maracas and a staggered shuffle-beat that sounds completely primal yet wholly original.

    Thanks, Bo. Thanks for rocking.

    Good reading:

    Maximum Ink interview
    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Listing
    New York Times interview

    Good Listening:

    1. Who Do You Love 2. I'm A Man 3. You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover 4. My Babe
    5. Before You Accuse Me 6. Ooh Baby 7. Bo Diddley

    Bo Diddley on Amazon

    Jason Castro's Underrated
    Performance of the Week

    03 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    For this week, I've selected......Memory. Oh, you read that right, h8erz. Memory. Am I the only one who thinks Jason's performance was short-changed? Nope.

    Idolator ranked Jason at #3 for ALW night, with BOTH the Davids coming in behind him.

    I get that the judges are so used to hearing songs like "Memory" belted in the American Idol vocal-cord-hemorrhage-inducing style that they were probably flummoxed by Jason's super-whispery treatment (and let's not even get into the "whoa, it was sung by a cat?" thing). But I kinda liked this performance, especially in the context of the awfulness surrounding it.

    From Michael Slezak's review of ALW night:

    Here's the crazy thing: I've spent four seasons covering American Idol for, and never before have I been more in agreement with Paula, and less in agreement with Simon, than with regard to their respective opinions of Jason's ''Memory.'' Granted, the guy probably should've Googled his song choice at some point in the last week — thereby robbing us of his ''I didn't know a cat was singing it'' sound bite — but his performance, well, I'm not even gonna try to pretend it didn't touch me in a way that never would've happened if it had been trotted out in the traditional Big Diva Number fashion.

    There's more reading after the jump if you're so inclined, but without any further delay, here's Memory. (Interesting spot where the frame is frozen. If I were a camera director, it would never have occurred to me to shoot from the foot of one of the moshers. Guess that's why I don't do it for a living. I don't know all the 'tricks'.)

    The CUSP

    03 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    The CUSP

    Just a reminder for any reps from any Jason fan site that want to join Dread Nation from Daydreaming Boy and I for an update article on plans for The CUSP project -- which is next week! -- PLEASE get those in to one of us by the end of the day, Tuesday, June 3. We want to get the post up no later than Thursday and we'll need time to get all the details together.

    Updates can be sent to Dread Nation:, or to me:

    For those of you who've not yet heard of The CUSP, click on that kicking "The CUSP" graphic, made by the lovely Chickadee.

    Chat With AI's Piano Player Michael Orland

    02 June, 2008 Posted by: Liz Lemon
    Thanks to one of our posters, Ms.Scarlett, we have been offered a unique opportunity to present some questions about the behind the scenes process at American Idol. Her friend, Michael Orland, the piano player and Music Director for American Idol has agreed to drop into the forum some time during the next few weeks to respond to the questions we will have selected beforehand.

    If you are interested in learning more, visit our informational thread here. We have already received some wonderful suggestions and hope to hear more.

    When we have a firm date for the chat, we'll post it right here.

    Thank you again, Ms.Scarlett!

    Abrahammy Gets Some Love

    02 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    From Sunny, at Idol Blues:

    Abrahammy's Post was one of the highlights of the presentation portion of Jason Castro Day in Rockwall. She nailed it in concise phrasing, making this an appropriate salutation to Jason last Thursday. I remember thinking when I heard it how very perfect this is for Castro's Day. Not doing forums much I had no idea where it came from, so it is great to know whom to give credit where credit is due.

    Thanks to lovinJC for the tip.

    Guess Who Hasn't Posted
    a Picture of the Day Lately?

    02 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    What can we say? There's pictures everywhere and we couldn't decide on any? Yeah, that'll work.

    From PandeMOnium Productions:

    Jason Castro

    From Ali at DDB (thanks for sending that in, Ali):

    Jason Castro

    And from I honestly don't remember anymore
    (but I'm thinking it's PandeMOnium again):

    Jason Castro

    Continued Homecoming Coverage

    02 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    You may recall that we posted Abrahammy's summation of Jason's time on American Idol the morning of Jason's homecoming last week. Abrahammy has been gracious enough to share her experience of attending the homecoming last week where Jason was presented with, among other things, a plaque with her words on it.

    Arrived early, around three o'clock because I have a tendency to get lost when going places I don't know. I checked out the marina, the amphitheater, and a few other places before heading into the Lake Pointe Church to get some instruction on what to do next.

    (Continued after the jump)

    Castrocopia: Your Source for Old News

    02 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    Alright, already! We'll post something about the iTunes.

    iTunes downloads as related to this year's Idol contestants has been all over the news the last few days, what with David Cook selling almost a million copies (combined) of the three songs he performed during the Top 2 plus the winner's single, The Time of My Life, and Jason being the only non-David to break the Top 100 for the week. Srsly, it's been everywhere: here and here and here. There's more - and I'm sure you've probably seen them - but I've been resisting linking to any of them because I was torqued off at the comparison of apples to oranges based on availability of the downloads: Tuesday (for pre-orders) through Sunday for the Davids vs. Monday - Wednesday for everyone else. The finale was watched by over 50 kabillion people and most of the sales occurred after that, so I concentrated on Jason's homecoming, drunken celebrations of the anniversary of my birth, and recovering from both instead.

    But I'm going to quit being bitter about it. Jason broke the Top 100 this week with Hallelujah, a song that was only available for a few hours after his goose-bump inducing performance during the American Idol Finale and seen for the first time by countless viewers that don't bother watching Idol until the Top 12 are selected (or only tune in for the Finale because it's such an extravaganza). Good for you, Jason. We're proud of you and I'm sorry that it took so long to say it.

    For those of you who are interested in some sales history, Rickey's has done a great job digging up the iTunes info all season long. Here's the link to everything he's got dating back to March 8th.

    Jason Castro Shirts

    02 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    I've gotten some e-mail questions about the shirt MTv's John Norris is wearing in this epic photo. Man, I love that picture. I plan on being buried with a copy of it clutched in my withered fingers, along with a picture of Lemon dressed in a Mojito and one of Jason doing just about anything -- singing, yawning....whatever.

    But I digress. The shirt. People want to know where to get one. Well, I've tried without success to get a job as Norris' wardrobe mistress but I do know where he got that shirt because he mentioned getting it from Café Press in this article.

    The designer, Poptastic, has a ton of stuff in their Café Press store. Per this interview Jason doesn't have any official merchandise yet (keep checking his myspace for that), won't have any for awhile, and is okay with you getting a shirt somewhere else so if you're looking for a shirt, these are nice. (I got this one in charcoal.)

    And with that, I think I've achieved my personal best for most links in one article. This calls for a celebration.

    Jason in Florida

    01 June, 2008 Posted by: McLovin
    So what does a fourth place AI contestant do the weekend after his huge homecoming event that drew a crowd of 15,000 who came out just to see him?

    According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, Jason attended worship services at a Florida church this morning like a regular guy.

    The dreadlock-wearing Jason Castro popped in for worship Sunday morning, Shari Bruns said.

    "He wasn't there to perform or anything," she said. Castro, the fourth runner-up on this season's American Idol, stopped by just to take part, she added.

    Cute pic of him with some kids on that page.
    It was cute. It's gone now.