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Castrocopia Remembers Jeff Buckley (Reprise)

29 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
I'm reposting this blog McLovin originally posted one year ago today in remembrance of her husband in heaven -- Jeff Buckley. I know she's thinking about him today and although it was my hope to distract her a little by focussing on the fun and games of her birthday, it doesn't seem right to let the day go by without paying tribute to a legend, lost before his time. It's a beautiful article. Thanks, McLovin.

Jeff Buckley
November 17, 1966 - May 29, 1997

Jeff Buckley

When he came out everyone was a little afraid to commit. They kind of used irony as a sheet around them, kind of protecting them from having to own up to what they said. Not only did he have one of the best voices I have ever heard, he was one hundred percent committed to what he was doing. He was unabashedly romantic in his lyrics and the way he sang.
~ Brandon Boyd


Happy Birthday from Jason Castro!

29 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon

A Birthday Bromance from Zsus!

29 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon

Happy Birthday from Jim Cantiello!

29 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon

Happy Birthday from Mothers Anthem!!

29 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon

Hey McLovin we hear it's your birthday.
Mothers Anthem want to wish you many blessings.
We appreciate you and how you have welcomed us into your fold.
Have a rocking day and grab Liz Lemon, head to Texas and come out to a show. We would love to see you.

Mothers Anthem

Kirk, Julian, Zak, Drew and Jono

An Album Review by Tdouglas Woomble, Esquire

29 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
E Pluribus McLovin
Pantz Records International. 8 tracks.
Rating: 11 stars (out of 5).

Suck it, Mozart. Hang your surviving heads in shame, Beatles. And with all due r-e-s-p-e-c-t, Aretha, your ass just got served. The latest album by Utah-based pop diva and Internet impresario McLovin is quite simply the most riveting, most audacious, most transcendent work in the history of music. It is also, perhaps not coincidentally, one of the filthiest.

Much is known about the multimedia queen’s life already, thanks not only to her candid and frequently bawdy songwriting on previous albums, including 2006’s octuple-platinum Smell the McLovin, but also to her myriad appearances in the tabloids. The scandalous bi-curious affairs, red carpet nip-slips, nightclub tantrums and restraining orders have been exhaustively documented. Yet prior to E Pluribus McLovin, which hits stores on the voluptuous bombshell’s birthday (age undisclosed, natch), two mysteries remained: 1.) Could she top herself musically? And 2.) Could her lyrics get any more x-rated? The new CD emphatically delivers the answers: “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes” and “whoa, mama!”

More on the blush-worthy content in a moment. As usual, McLovin is writing about what she knows here. The epic dirty-funk opener “It’s Hard Out Here for a Mod” addresses her duties as headmistress of the Castrocopia web community, and her lyrics take deadly aim at pot-stirrers and trolls that might unwisely consider crossing her:

Here’s a class, so tall and cool
Of STFU, now go read the rules.
Oh yeah, beyotches,
You think I’m playin’?
I’ll cut you like a Christmas ham
And serve you with a glaze
Made of your own tears.
Peace out.


Happy Birthday from Christian!

29 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon

Happy Birthday, McLovin!!

29 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
It's a day early but it's never too soon to start celebrating the birth of our beloved McLovin. If you happen to suspect this list was selected with a purpose, you'd happen to suspect correctly. Just ignore that line in the Jenny Lewis song that says "I hate you" cause that was just unfortunate and flies in the face of all logic and reason.

I hope you have a happy day today, tomorrow and for all the days to follow. You rock. I love you. Happy Birthday.

Y'all stop in to the forum (there's a forum!?) and drop a birthday greeting or two! And join the party!!

McLovin Birthday Shuffle Thoughtfully Selected Playlist

Lemon Shuffle

26 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Since it's my turn to shuffle, Jason must have his head buried in his work so don't expect any big news... Hope you all had a great long weekend!

Lemon Shuffle

1. Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
I find it impossible to refrain from singing to this even though I'm not 100% sure what the lyrics are. Surely he isn't really "hunting the horny backed toad"? Or is he? I hope that's a euphemism.

2. Neil Finn, Wherever You Are
Oh to be gifted with the skillz of a Finn. Neil is a pop genius. His brother Tim is touched with the gift as is his son Liam. Their music is so utterly listenable that I have yet to find an album of theirs I don't like.

3. Thom Yorke, Analyse
Radiohead genius Thom Yorke hits all of my buttons - happy, sad, lonely, rapturous ... is it because he pwns all the keys? I just know that he's the ugliest guy I'd like to get it on with.

4. The Concretes, Song For the Songs
ANOTHER Swedish group lands on the shuffle. Don't they know that ABBA is the only Swedish music we need? Wait... but this is such ear candy. Are you bopping in your chair? I am.

5. Sigur Rós, Gobbledigook
Hi Soda! Do all Icelanders hang out with Sigur Ross? Check out the names of the band members: Jón Þór (Jónsi) Birgisson, Georg Hólm, Ágúst Ævar Gunnarsson, Orri Páll Dýrason. That's some serious diacritical business. I can sing Lalalalalalala with this song. Catchy!

Buy the songs you like from somewhere. Invest in music.

Picture of the Fiscal Quarter

25 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
From Twitter:


Guest Shuffle Featuring Michael Slezak

22 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Have you ever noticed that American Idol is like a college football season - always at a new school? The single-minded devotion, the hive mentality, the fascination with rankings, the demonization of the other guy (and all his fans), the donning of tour colors, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat... Football Saturday, meet Performance Tuesday. With so much passion surrounding this show, it's no wonder that an entire "idol commentary" culture has sprung up around this event - predicting, arm-chair critiquing and analyzing every single aspect of this obsession.

Can anyone any longer fathom an American Idol season without the scrutiny? From the forums and blogs to Cantiello's Idol in 60 on MTV, the secondary media has become the primary reason to follow the show in the first place. And we all eagerly anticipate Michael Slezak's audacious and perspicacious Popwatch blogs, Idolatry videos and exit interviews. Not for nothing, he's the recipient of two Right Fucking On awards here. See? Why? Because he's generally right fucking on. For those of you who have missed out on this cultural phenomenon, go here (and you can just leave your Castrocopia membership card on the table on your way out). The rest of you, go follow him on Twitter.

Michael has also always been a stalwart supporter of Jason. And for that we have always considered him to be an honorary Castrocopian (and McLovin's alter-ego). But the reason this site is such a hot-bed of Slezak fans (all between the ages of 18 and 23 and a half...) is because he truly loves what we love about this silly show and he articulates so well what the rest of us are thinking. One day, I hope they will replace Randy with Michael at the judges' table, but only if it doesn't interfere with his work at

Finally I want to thank you, Michael, for putting up with my tenacious nagging with patience and good humor. (I was slightly less determined than Tatiana del Toro on a mission to get her hand on a bullshit AI award. ) You are free at last!

Click on The Jump to listen to Michael's shuffle and read his "jaunty" commentary below. (squee!)

Video Interview

21 May, 2009 Posted by: McLovin
From Fox Orlando:

New banner

21 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Thanks to Amberscape for the beautiful new banner!

Interview with Jason on Fox LA

21 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Interview with Jane Yamamoto from Fox LA

Thanks Raya!

Mix 105,1 Interview with Jason

20 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Check out this blog for a WOMX interview with Jason at the AI Finale. (Or Finally).

Thanks Jasonized!

And a Date Night!

20 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon

Thanks for the tip, Violet!

Video up at JCM

20 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
There's a new "Webisode" up at JCM.

It's lovely ... well just go and see.

The McLovin Shuffle

19 May, 2009 Posted by: McLovin
It's the "Holy Shit! I Just Remembered That the Internet Can be Used for Good!" edition of Random Music by Not Jason. Wanna know what *I've* been using the internet for over the past month and half? For gaining a working understanding of this for my job. Go ahead and click on like, ANY of those links. Fun!

So if any of you happen to see me on my way into a store or walking down the street or anything, just go right ahead and mow me down with your car. It would be a kindness.

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Hey Momma
These guys remind me of those dreams you have where everything seems really normal, but if you look closer you see that the clocks are all running backwards and your neighbour's watering his lawn wearing a coconut bra and a codpiece. But you don't care because your neighbour is Channing Tatum and, luckily, he can pull off a coconut bra and a codpiece. Know what I mean?

Dayna Kurtz - Love Gets in the Way
I first heard Dayna and this song because of a beautiful-hearted woman named Ooshe, who I don't think has gotten a shout-out on our blog before. It's about time. Hey, Ooshe!

U2 - Seconds
Not all of U2's songs are about causes, activism, and the plight of the less fortunate. They sing love songs once in awhile too, you know. This isn't one of them, but they're out there. Let's see, there's . . . . . well, I can't think of any, but I know they exist.

By the way, that's The Edge singing solo until about a minute twenty or so on this track.

Primus - Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
It's Primus, bitches! Looks like Jerry is that one lucky bastard in a million that grows up to live his childhood dream. Did my dreams of being a kept woman work out? Nope. Instead, I got this.

Sarah Jaffe - Watch Me Fall Apart

Dear Jason Castro,

Thank you for top-friending Sarah Jaffe on your myspace page -- elsewise I'd likely not have heard of her. Since I really like her, that would have given me a great big sad - the source of which I wouldn't have even been able to identify. I'm glad that didn't happen, because I like being able to identify the source of my sadnesses.

See you Friday,


The Sarah Jaffe song can be purchased via the Snocap Music widget on her myspace.

TV Guide's Sexiest Idols: Jason Castro

18 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Thanks to toomuchsausage for posting this up on youtube. Enjoy:

Jason at the Season 8 finale

14 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
According to JCM

Jason will be interviewed on Idol Tonight Wednesday, May 20 before the Season 8 finale. The show is filmed live at 3:00 PM outside the Nokia.

Jason will also be walking the red carpet and will be sitting in the audience at the finale.

Watch for him!

Lemon Shuffle

12 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
It's Tuesday. There's no Jason news to be found. It must be time for the Lemon Shuffle!

1. Lykke Li, Breaking It Up
You may remember Lykke for her work with Röyksopp. No? Well, hmmmm. Did you know this album (Youth Novels) was one of Spin's Top 40 albums of last year? No?

Okay well what about this: Lykke Li's "I'm Good, I'm Gone" as sung by Season 8 American Idol Top 7:

2. Spoon, The Guest List/The Execution
This Austin TX based band already has a shit ton of albums under its belt. But I always get stuck wondering, "Why Spoon". I mean, why not "Fork" with all its ambiguity. Or maybe "Crucible" which is a cooler kind of spoon. Maybe they were going for the verb "to spoon" but their music isn't really conducive to that.... So I finally asked Wiki who said "The name Spoon was chosen to honor the 1970s German avant-garde band Can whose hit song "Spoon" was the theme song to the movie Das Messer." *facepalm* So obvious now. And heh - Das Messer means "the knife." Now to figure out who in the hell names a band Can.

3. Sex Pistols, Anarchie Pour Le UK
When I was in high school, I'd find these Anarchy symbols painted on walls here and there - you know the red A in a red circle - usually from the skate punks who listened to Dead Kennedys and Black Flag. I was always tempted to get out the yellow spray paint and color in their Anarchy circle, then paint 2 eyes and a smile and write "Anarchy! Have a nice day." Alas, for the wasted opportunity. And yet, with a couple of accordions, I feel that Sid Vicious has accomplished musically what I was too timid to perpetrate in graffiti.

4. The Killers, A Dustland Fairytale
I couldn't remember if the Killers had come up or not. So I figured if I don't recall, nobody else will either. The Killers is definitely a good band name, depending on the genre. I mean, it wouldn't really suit a boy band so much I don't think. Dustland Fairytale on the other hand is kind of a misleading name for this song.

5. The Killers, For Reasons Unknown
It weirds me out how often my Shuffle fails to actually shuffle the songs and I end up with the same artist back to back. I'm gonna go with it. Especially as the next track to come up was Portishead. So I'm gonna cut and run right here. In case you wonder what you're missing: Portishead.

Hope you've enjoyed today's adventures in "Praise cheeses we dodged the Moby bullet again this week." And if you do like any of the above, you should shell out the buck for the mp3. Except for the Sex Pistols cause you have to buy the whole album to get that one. Sorry - take it up with the Queen.

‘American Idol’ Fourth-Place Finishers Give Clues To Allison’s Future

07 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Eric Ditzian dices up the fate of Idol's previous 4th place finishers in his article on Allisons tragic and untimely exit this week. And he had this little nugget to say about Jason:

Jason Castro, Season Seven: After getting the boot, Castro kept his head down and stayed busy recording music. Now he’s signed to Atlantic Records and is working with top producing talent like “Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi and Sacha Skarbek (Jason Mraz). Iraheta would — and should — be stoked to walk in Castro’s footsteps. Success score: 3.5 out of 5 “Idol” stars.