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The Pointlessly Alphabetical Guide for the New Jason Fan: P

22 July, 2009 Posted by: McLovin
Funny that the link in the post below should be featured today because it's way past time for our next installment in The Pointlessly Alphabetical Guide for the New Jason Fan:


Our goal has never been to objectify Jason - music first, baby. But you'd have to be blind to not notice the pants -- or only looking at head shots. And we're not blind. Therefore we -- and most likely you -- have taken note of The Pants. Even professional stylists have taken note.

For a brief chronicle of The Pants as applies to Castrocopia, I've poached Lemon's response to a question in our forum from sometime last year:

Pants history:

It started here when McLovin and I were the only ones reading the blog (now I think we have another reader - occasionally). We weren't even on google then so it was a bit of a joke.

So we put the word Pants in all our blog pieces for a while.

Then this happened.

I think Slezak mentioned us as the site about pants, and people started googling Jason Castro Pants, and from there? Global insanity.

For those of you who think it's odd that a bunch of old ladies would be oogling the jeans of a man Jason's age, I say:

a) We're not all old
b) but so what if we were, fuckhead?

PS. We're still #1 for Jason Castro Pants. Google it.

The Pointlessly Alphabetical Guide for the New Jason Fan: N - O

16 July, 2009 Posted by: McLovin

Short on time? Just say "Neener."

Instead of: "Yes, it turns out that I was right about Jason -- even though you couldn't hear what *I* heard because your weak ear requires being assaulted by volumes set to eleven, and/or instead of having your own opinion you are easily swayed by AI tricksiness in all its choreographed (Nigel), sloppily executed (Paula), ostensibly authoritative (Simon), and moronic (Randy) manifestations. But then Idol was over. And Jason got hella rave reviews throughout the tour and was the first non-Country Idol contestant to get signed to a major label that isn't affiliated with 19E 'cause Atlantic knows what's up, even if you don't." Instead of saying all that -- just say "neener."

Nanny nanny boo boo
Suck on THAT!
So, Randy -- produced anything noteworthy lately? No? That's what I thought.

Other Artists

Whether he's mentioned that he's listening to, inspired by, or working with a particular artist or jumping - up - and - down - excited about the success of his friends, Jason has been generous in using his good fortune and fame to expose you to some talented people that might not have crossed your radar otherwise. For your listening pleasure, here's a sampling of some artists Jason has mentioned over the last year and half, including the latest: Roger Miller's "You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd".

Get some for yourself. Christian Ross and Mothers Anthem both have music (or links to said music) for sale on their MySpace profiles. The rest are listed with Amazon or iTunes.

The Pointlessly Alphabetical Guide for the New Jason Fan: LL

15 July, 2009 Posted by: McLovin
LLoras tu y lloro yo

. . . y cielo tambien. When Jason combined Sting's "Fragile" with his Spanish version, "Fragilidad", on Top 10 night on AI, a trio of thoughts went through my head:

a) Crap! WHY is he singing this song? He needed something peppy this week!
b) and those stupid fucking moshbitchez are ruining it! Stop it -- just. . . stop clapping, you morons! It's not a clappy song . . . . ID-iots! [/Napolean Dynomite]
C) Hey. Did he just sing in Spanish?! Rawr.

And so went a performance which ended with Jason's one and only trip to the Bottom 3, where he remained for an agonizing 65 seconds before being sent to the safety of the couch. To add insult to injury, Chikizie ended up going home that night instead of Syesha. WTF? Ah, Chikizie. What might have been, if only you were as hooter-ific as Sy.

Jason Bottom Three
Courtesy of

Continued after the jump:

The Pointlessly Alphabetical Guide for the New Jason Fan: L - M

09 July, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Puppypundit and I stole borrowed the concept of lolzing the object of our musical admiration from the Beck forums where we first giggled at LolBecks. Back in March, 2008, when it became obvious that Jason was going to supply us with a limitless supply of lulzy photos for our amusement, Puppy plopped down a LolCastro and said "furst!" and a phenomenon was born. Several Lolz Masters emerged and kept us laughing for months. Lolzcraft was not unique to Castrocopia for long, rather the LolCastros sprung up in every remote corner of the land. Hoorah!

If you've somehow missed out on Lolcats, start here and giggle as cats pwn ur base. If you've missed out on LolCastros, check out the Just LolCastros thread.

Here are just a handful of oldies but goodies:

Credit to Carolina93

Credit to me

Credit to McLovin

And because we always have fun when we find new toys and other ways to express ourselves, we also developed an addiction to creating irreverent "motivational posters". Check out the Just Motivational Posters thread. A couple of winners:

Credit to Ohio

Credit to Calgal

If these make you laugh, head over to and try your hand at the roflbot and the motivational posters. Then bring them back here and share them with us!

Congrats to those of you on the forum who knew me well enough to guess tonight's letter M. Like I'd let a chance pass to lavish praise on my heterosexual life partner.

Newbie, have you ever wondered where the expression "Anyone who doesn't like McLovin is an asshole" came from?

Um, I've never heard that expression before.

Oh, duh. That's because I forgot to coin it. It *should* be an expression, because it's full of truth. You'd simply have to be full of suck and fail to dislike someone as lulzy, badass and winsome as our McLovin.

If you are coming upon us just now, newbie, you are entering a (temporarily) McLovinless world. You may sense a sadness just below the surface of everyone you meet. Avatars don't smile as bright. Bolded text doesn't seem so bold. Font size 14 feels like font size 10...

McLovin's wit is like the truck you didn't see running the red light at 75 miles an hour just as you enter the intersection. You are unprepared for it and it will devastate you. But just as soon as you collect your brains, you will laugh your head right off.

Her wisdom will kick your ass.

Her beauty will make you wish you had 12 eyes.

*eyeroll* Yeah yeah yeah... I get it: Her business acumen will awe you. Her gaze will melt you... So? Why does this matter to a Jason fan?

Is that true about her business acumen? Man, she's been holding out on me. Wait - are you mocking me, hypothetical reader?

Listen, newbie. This fandom would not be what it is without the influence of McLovin. From the day we opened up this blog, she set a tone here that said: "It's okay to be a fan and keep your sanity, humor and dignity. And also your potty mouth, addictive behaviors and wicked awesome music collection." Ask anyone on the forum why they post here and chances are their answer will be "McLovin". But beyond our borders, she has been a strong "international" leader in the fandom. As a moderator at JCM, she helped create a forum where all Jason's fans would feel welcome. In her role as HQ leader on the Street Team, she has been a model of hard work and level-headed good sense. And although there are many people besides her striving together to help further Jason's career and unite his fanbase, I don't think anyone in any position of leadership would disagree that she is the leaders' leader. To be honest, I never thought we'd all be functioning still without her around. But we're not utterly rudderless, so go us!

Oh and if all that wasn't enough, dear new fan, Jason said he's a fan of her work. Also this:

Above all that, she's my friend. And I miss her like the dark side of the moon misses the sun...

We need to get her back here. MCLOVIN! Wah.

This brings us halfway through our ABC's of Jason fandom. I'm gonna take a break to enjoy the company of Puppypundit and Castromaniac in Jamaica and will pick back up where I left off. Unless McLovin wants to take over. *silent prayer*

Also, click on The Jump to see some bonus Lolz....

The Pointlessly Alphabetical Guide for the New Jason Fan: J - K

08 July, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Yeah - like I'm going to try to write a blog article summing up the essence of a guy everyone has come to know on their own terms. All I'm going to say is that Jason is charm, beauty, art and dork. Unique and undeniable.

Dear newbie, forgive my cop out here. I promise that you will have fun filling in all the details. This blog has been running since Jason was a blip on our radar so you can go back and read the archives to play catch up. Or just dive into the forum and start communing with fellow Castro-addicts. We welcome new friends.

Instead of trying to tell you who Jason is, I thought it would be easier to just show you:

Well, YOU think of a better K word. What? Keds? Yeah, I guess that might have worked.

Or you could go back and read the Know-It-All articles McLovin and I used to write back in the day. They may be quite a bit stuck in time, but they are also a time capsule record of the emotions we were all going through from the moment we started pulling for Jason until he was freed from the shackles of AI. And if we could find one thing to be collectively mad about in Jason's defense, we'd probably be writing them still today. But since we're complacent, we just hang out in the forum all day talking about music. And finding ways to plug year old blog posts, heh.

And in case you don't believe that we just plain know it all, THIS is from the Know-It-All rant of April 4. Of last year.

Liz Lemon: McLovin, if I could talk to Jason, I think I would tell him, gently, that he's got at best a 4th place finish in him - depending on how he falls out with Michael Johns. I don't know who votes for the girls in this race but I do think he can beat them all provided he starts thinking strategically about it. I would also tell him honestly that he should consider himself at risk every week for real. Not like the "anybody can go at any time" spiel. He's really vulnerable. So in order to stick it out, he's going to have to start figuring out what he needs to do to increase his fanbase and energize voters.

So what's it going to take to get him to that 4th place finish? Or am I living in a Castroverse of my own delusions to think he can even finish that high?

This was followed up with oh so many reasons why I really am and always will be in love with McLovin and will fight you if you try to move in on her. That's no joke.

McLovin: Two things: 1.) Much as the judges irritate me, he's got to make them happy because their comments are the last thing the viewer is left with after the performance. 2.) I've seen more serious critiques than just --- did you say "lose the shirt"? He needs to make it look like an accident, though. Take off the guitar, get a button caught in one of the tuning heads and BAM! Skin. Then turn his back to the camera while he buttons back up. Yes.

I've seen more serious critiques, ranging from "he can't sing" to "he's too boring" to "I've never seen anyone more baked on television in my life". I can't argue with the "boring" complaint because Idol tends to reward singers who club you over the head with their pyrotechnics and he did sing Fragile; and I won't argue with the "baked" comments because only a dumbfuck would really believe that he's high on television.

Although my initial reaction to "He can't sing" is an urge to respond with a "Fuck Off", the better argument is to suggest that they listen to the iTunes studio of 'Travelin' Thru'. You're so right -- he's got versatility oozing out of his pores on that one. And luckily the instrumentation wasn't overpowering him this time.

Another argument (and to get back to Point 1, making the judges happy) is this: Simon said that his Hollywood Week audition was "one of the best of the day". No one was saying he couldn't sing in the semi-finals, even when he blew the note on Hallelujah (which you and I both agree made the song more than it took away from it). Randy said he was pitchy at the end of "Daydream" (he wasn't). Randy and Simon both said his vocals were weak on Top 20 night (they were), but Simon bitched more about the song choice than anything else that night. None of the judges have complained about his vocals since then. Where Jason is concerned, the thing Simon bitches about the most is song choice and Simon is the judge that everyone listens to.

But, since we've already got song choice covered (JASON: PLEASE SING DYLAN'S I SHALL BE RELEASED AT YOUR VERY FIRST OPPORTUNITY), the thing he might want to consider is his delivery and look back on what he was doing when he made the judges happy. Apart from needing to gain some on-stage confidence (which he did this week. Go Jason!), I've come to the conclusion that he also needs to put more thought into his use of the band, which he seemed to do in the semi-finals and again this week. As if there wasn't enough wrong with Michelle, the band totally screwed him on that one, and the back-up singers were too loud on Fragile. He's got to make himself and his particular delivery the focus of his songs. That's what worked this week; that's what worked on Daydream and Hallelujah; he needs to keep trying to get back to that. Because I'll tell you what: it's been working for Brooke, her appearance in the bottom three this week notwithstanding.

Other than that, he should employ more of the versatility you've mentioned and then Oh! What about wifebeaters or see-through shirts? Not quite so obvious as the shirtlessness but still effective, yes?

Okay so nobody said we weren't wordy. Also I will be starting a search party and a fund to locate and haul McLovin back to Castrocopia where she belongs. This blog is NOTHING without her. Sniff.

And that wraps up J-K. If you want to go back to read A-I, you can go right here

The Pointlessly Alphabetical Guide for the New Jason Fan: H-I

07 July, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
As much of a crap-fest as American Idol can be, we watch it because, occasionally, the sublime trumps the ridiculous. (Okay, we confess we love the cheese too.) Today's alphabetical roulette wheel brings us 2

Castro-tastic Moments from American Idol

Those of us who were already rooting for Jason from the start knew that he was at a technical disadvantage, because traditionally this competition is geared towards the loud and the melismatic. Jason is neither. And before his season, there had been no "tender dawg", prone towards artistic sensitivity more than vocal bombasity. He was paving a path that the Idol judges would only begin to understand (lucratively) a season later.

Then for 80s Week, Jason brilliantly chose a song made famous by Jeff Buckley whose unique vocals were more emotive than technically perfect (in the traditional sense). And for a wonder, the judges had heard this song before and actually understood where Jason was going with it. (And were quick to pat themselves on the back for this astonishing musical knowledge.) The last note of this performance really underscores why Jason would never be the judges' favorite, and yet will always be a more personal and emotionally evocative artist than previous winners.

The Castro Bump
The aftermath of this performance was staggering. Though we lost Jeff Buckley over 10 years ago, his version of Hallelujah suddenly moved up the ITunes chart to #1. His album Grace went as high as #4.

Strategically speaking, having a momentous performance (the so-called "moment") during the early rounds of American Idol can be both a blessing and a curse, as it galvanizes a fanbase early on but then becomes the bar against which the judges compare all future performances. Most contestants on AI are lucky to have that one "moment" during the season, let alone 2. Yet, Jason managed to achieve just that later in the season with Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version Somewhere Over the Rainbow. And when Iz's song soared back into the Top 10, the "Castro Bump" became a legitimate phenomenon.

Because Hallelujah was so popular the first time around, Idol had Jason sing it again at the finale. It's amazing to see the difference in confidence from the first to the second performance.

Amar a Morir
As if all that was not enough, there's a footnote. The producers of the movie Amar a Morir had decided to use Hallelujah on their soundtrack. After watching YouTubes, they discovered Jason's AI performance and knew that they wanted to have him on their album. And then, in January, 2009, he was invited to perform the full version at the Santa Barbara Film Festival for the airing of the movie. The producers of the film had glowing praise for Jason's professionalism and talent. As does anyone who has worked with him.

Here he is performing at the film festival:

You can purchase the Amar a Morir soundtrack here. Don't have a heart attack, the price is in pesos. You will need to register, though. In case you don't read Spanish, the street team HQ put up instructions in English to aid in this process here.

I was thinking Bob Marley!
What do you say when an irrelevant critic, who believes that the importance of music is measured in units and revenue, who will NEVER see your value as an artists as it relates to his pocketbook, and who thinks that there are songs that are "untouchable", even when said song has been covered, famously, by Eric Clapton, asks you

"What were you thinking?"

If you're Jason Castro, the answer is obvious:

Irresistible Object vs. Immovable Force
by castrocopia

Yet another reason why we love Jason Castro.

Your alphabetical guide: A-G

The Pointlessly Alphabetical Guide for the New Jason Fan: G

07 July, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
O hai, newbie. You're still here? Well, I am four consonants and 2 vowels into this thing so I guess I can't back out now!

I realize that all the different fan groups have participated in various charitable activities, but I'm going to focus on Castrocopia's adopted charity because, well, this is Castrocopia. GLOW is a charity based in Zeeland, Michigan that works tirelessly to improve conditions for the people of Haiti.

Wait a second... You are a Jason Castro fansite, right? What's the connection?

Way-ul, way back when... (Gonna go BACK in time) .... McLovin and I decided we wanted to adopt a charity and we discussed different ideas. Some as flippant and silly as sending jeans to Eastern Europe - "The Pantz Outreach Project". In the end though we agreed that we should honor Jason's favored charities and so we took our cue from his then official site which linked us to GLOW.

Oh okay, so this is Jason's official charity?

Uh, no. We soon learned that the wrong GLOW was listed and we *should* have been sponsoring this GLOW which is a race that benefits an orphanage in Honduras.

OMG. So you totally sponsored the wrong charity. Wow. You must have been totally embarrassed about that.

Oh yeah. We were. At first. You can read McLovin's original post about the mix up here. However, by the time we found out about the error, it was too late; we were smitten with *our* GLOW. I mean, look at these faces!
We had already been in communication with the folks up there in Zeeland and had fallen in love with Amber and Phil. And we'd learned about the plight in Haiti, which broke all of our hearts - especially as the devastating flood ripped right through OUR village. So we've learned that when it comes to acts of kindness and generosity, there are no accidents.

You can read the article published in the Zeeland paper about the impact an American Idol contestant made on GLOW's incoming donations. (Those of you already in on GLOW who haven't read that article, you *should*. It will make your heart grow three sizes.)

Phil and Amber, the amazing stewards of GLOW, began visiting us here on our forum and quickly became a part of our family. We learned about a pre-school in LaKoline that was being built and expressed an interest in sponsoring this school. Boxes and boxes of school supplies, clothes, toys and everything that we could gather were sent up to Michigan to be transported via a school bus down to our village. That was just an amazing project we are so proud to have been a small part of. Check out video of all that we sent.

Flatty heading to Haiti

Btw - Phil is going to be on the tv show "I Survived" at some point to relate his true story of being kidnapped and shot(!) while in Haiti. And it wouldn't be Phil if the reason he was in a position to get kidnapped in the first place wasn't because he was totally helping a motherless, injured child make his way to a better life. Sigh. Our hero. Read THAT story right here. So heart-wrenching and heart-warming all at once.

It's not too late to be a part of GLOW. Take some time to read about what we've been doing here and here or join our thread here. They can always use "wampam" to pay for the school building and other supplies. We have so much and they have so little.

To donate to GLOW, go here and add -Castro to your last name so they know the donation is for our kids.

Thank you to everyone who has sent prayers, money or supplies already.

If you've missed earlier guides, you can read A-F here.

The Pointlessly Alphabetical Guide for the New Jason Fan: E + F

03 July, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Today's pointlessly alphabetical guide is brought to you by the letters E and F. No other fortuitous theme could be teased out of these, but this does not dissuade us from lumping them together on the same post. Maybe one day, we'll get Slezak to pose with flatty and then oh boy!
It's amazing to me how many of my "real life" friends love AI and yet have never caught the brilliant Idolatry videos at Meanwhile, it seems to be a religion among the friends I keep inside my laptop. True, Jason's season is so 2008, but if you're 2000 late, you can still see all the old videos. Just go here and click the tab for videos from last year. Scroll down to watch the 3 part interview with Jason. You can also relive all the goodness of Slezak's commentary by watching the old Idolatry videos. They are srsly FTMFW. I've grown to love ew's Kristen Baldwin for her ability to stick her opinions just over the line of "omg did she actually say that?" while still making Slezak laugh his ass off. But Michael Slezak is revered around these parts like an AI prophet. And he's still relevant to Jason's career because he has remained a fan and seems willing and ready to promote Jason over there on his Music Mix blog. Read this blog to see just how happy he was that Jason was signed. Aw.

And while we're plugging our favorite professional AI bloggers, you can still catch Jim Cantiello's end of 2008 Year in 60 seconds at and see why we look forward to Jim's AI recaps every week.

Meet Flat Jason. Or as we like to call him: FJ or Flatty. Flatty is a friend to Castrocopia and really to all of humanity.

I think everyone understands the concept of a "flat" image. You take a photo of the intended flattified object and laminate the hell out of that sucker to make it sturdy for travel. Pop him on a stick and he's ready to handle every situation. Look! CMF even made a handy guide so that Flatty could propagate across time and space.

Make special note of the booze.

The premise behind your basic Flatty is to carry him along with you wherever you go and then foist him upon the unwitting. If you can get people to pose with him, great. If you can stick him in compromising and potentially libelous situations, even better. (Get it - it would be libel because he's in print, hahaha. Oh I slay myself.) If you choose your flat image wisely, hilarity will ensue in the most seemingly innocuous of settings. Yes, you can even make him take lewd and obscene pictures, but then you're missing the point. Draw the line at crude and absurd and you'll be the Mayor of Flatville.

Now I realize there are sites out there where WE, the fans, are the celebrities and our every move is monitored and cataloged with the frenzied obsession of a 13 year old Twilight afficianado. And I have had cause to occasionally read their ... (I was going to say "critical commentary" but that implies some thought went into it) ... their snide remarks directed at our use of Flatty. As if we were wholly unaware of how ridiculous it is. I mean LOOK at the picture we're using! But I'm not here to deride our faithful followers. If we weren't doing stuff, they would have nothing more to live for. I only bring this up, dear newbie, in case you have happened upon these comments leading you to wonder if you are entering into a fandom comprised of bat-shit crazy stalkers. Relax, newbie. We're in on the joke. It's not like we're making out with these things.

Also we realize that Flatty is not actually Jason.

While we did not have the first Flat Jason, our Flatty is the first to actually evolve into a "real" pseudo-person on the internet. He has a login on the forum. He even has his own MySpace account, where his 2-dimensional adventures are chronicled for the lulz.

Some of you out there may feel that Flatty is the stuff of dreams and that your life is too boring or unremarkable to be worth the 80 lb 8 1/2 X 11 brilliant white cover paper. But you would be wrong. For Flatty transcends cardstock. He is already a part of you. Indeed, he lives within each and every one of us.

Flatty IS us.

Special thanks to Castrophile, CMF, Greenie, Kbkysun, Slutty and all the rest of the original Flatty crew for making such a winsome Flatty and for all the fun.

If you missed the guides for A, B, C and D, never fear, they're right here.

The Pointlessly Alphabetical Guide for the New Jason Fan: C + D

02 July, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
I confess that a good part of the overall "pointlessly alphabetical guide" will include memes specific to Castrocopia because this is where I live and so this is what I know best. However, Castrocopia is only one fansite/community and if you are just starting out, you should not limit yourself to one corner of the universe but should branch out, say hi to our neighbors and figure out where you feel most comfortable.

And it just so happens that today we rolled the letters C and D which will launch our discussion of the many groups of fans that make up the beautifully diverse mosaic of Jason's base. I'm a little scared to try to categorize folks so I ask you to take my comments in the spirit intended but check out these sites and get to know them for yourself. There is quite a bit of overlap here though, as fans are welcome in each and every community without prejudice and all are made up of generous, friendly, funny people who all want to support Jason. (As always - do read the forum guidelines and get a sense of the community before racing in so you don't embarrass us or you.)

Still - most of us find ourselves more comfortable in one place than another and so I give you:


Except the ones I don't know about....

Q: What's a Castrocopia?
A: You're soaking in it.

The question I'm often asked is this: There's a blog?

Yes, yes, yes. And I'm proud to say that this blog has been up since February 2008. It was conceived under the influence and an initial belief that McLovin and I would likely end up collecting every video, mp3, photo, press release and errant observation made about this Jason Castro fellow - so why not share? But even we were surprised at our ever-increasing respect for this musician who impresses us both with his artistry and his personality. And since we actually found a readership, we have gotten a kick out of forcing our music collections and other interests on unsuspecting people who find us by googling "Jason Castro Pants", "i shot the sheriff lyrics explained" or "drink bacardi like it's your birthday" (no joke!). It's all still right here for you to go back and read, so there's no sense wasting valuable keystrokes explaining a blog.

And for the rest of you who haven't heard the news: there's also a forum! And this is where we REALLY define "Castrocopia" because the true spirit of this site derives from our members. We are a vibrant, strong, irreverent and unbelievably loquacious community, made up predominantly of women* all characterized by the mental acuity of a pulitzer prize winning novelist, the body of a Swedish runway model, the looks of a Hollywood screen star, the mouth of a sailor, the humor of a 12 year old boy and the housekeeping skills of a sedated rhinoceros. Some of that is true.

*Hey guys - we love you and we'd love for you to come join us over on the forum. Come give Dan some company!

We can't possibly talk about Jason's fans without talking about the dreadheads.

Psst. I think you misspelled that. Didn't you mean DEADheads?

No - dreads, as in dread LOCKS.

Omg. That's pretty clever.

Darn right it is. The Dreadheads and the equally cleverly named Castronauts formed their ties early in 2008 via the and boards respectively. While the Castronauts stayed on, the Dreadheads have at times been like the tribe of Moses, always together but not always in one spot. They began their journey on the "scary boards" (, then moved to the now defunct after Season 7 ended. They have finally settled at and are still going strong.

So what's the difference between a Castrocopian and a Dreadhead, other than the fact that you guys are stuck with a clunky NON-word to describe yourselves?

Hey - that's not called for. And other than the above mentioned fact that we swear like drunk loggers here, for which we are often (unsuccesfully) chastised, there are far fewer differences than similarities between us (but we're usually drunker). We all have settled into the forums that fit us, but again, there is a lot of cross over.

But I won't cop out entirely. The Dreadheads do have a distinct "culture" if you will, of which they are very proud. If you head over there, you'll soon learn about the buses, DH numbers, bonfires, etc. - all original Dreadhead inventions. If you are a die-hard, enthusiastic Jason fan and you want to find a group of people who are as eager as you to talk about and support Jason, you will find the Dreadheads to be right up your alley.

Goth girls
Q: Goths? You mean like moody vampires? Should I be scared?
A: Yes. No. And probably just a little.

Yes, I could just wait for the G to come up to talk about the Goths, but they deserve equal time with Castrocopia and TDH. Please note the url - not to be confused with any others. And as for moody vampires, well I can't say they don't harbor a single ground-dwelling, light-fearing, Twilight-reading, blood sucker (I mean, what family doesn't?), but as a whole, they are a very fun and, as they will tell you, lusty group of fans who really appreciate the pants.

Trust me, the drool emoticon (this guy: ) was created with the Goths in mind.

The Goth's history on other forums is a laundry list of ostracization: kicked out, moved, moderated, deleted... They finally got the message. And that message was: "We need to start a website!" Never daunted, this feisty group of women has never apologized for being the nice, but naughty, side of Jason's fanbase. And we love them - they are as smart, funny, irreverent and fun as any other fan group. Don't be scared - head over and gaze at the eye candy and find your inner goth. It's okay!

Last and most definitely NOT least....

JCM =, Jason's official site. The forum caf at JCM is a melting pot of all fangroups - everyone is welcome. If you're looking for the forum where Jason might just show up and say hi, JCM is the forum for you. JCM has all the news and they throw the best parties, complete with fun games and lots of prizes (signed posters, concert tickets!!). The last time they had a party, Betsy donated never before seen pictures of Jason. How fun is that?

And if you keep your eye on the front page, you will get to catch up with Jason via the webisodes courtesy of Atlantic Records (did we mention that Jason is signed with Atlantic Records?? *still squeeing*).

And there you go - the biggest Jason fansites in a nutshell. I apologize for leaving anyone out. I would have included but the site has been down. (Naquita always had the best pictures). The best advice is that you should lurk a bit, get to know the forum and then ... take a chance and say hi. What's the worst that can happen? I'll tell you the best - you'll make life long friends who make you laugh and cry and enrich your world in ways you have never imagined. Welcome, newbie! We're glad you're here.

The Pointlessly Alphabetical Guide for the New Jason Fan: A + B

02 July, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
I suddenly realized that soon, hopefully VERY soon, we may find ourselves inundated with new fans of Jason who may not have watched AI, who won't know there's a forum (or a blog), who may not have seen a single date night and who may well be wondering how to get along in this new world of Jason Castro fandom. And so I thought it would be useful to jot down a totally incomplete and pointlessly alphabetical list of


Or something like that. Tonight we start with A-B and hopefully, in the next week or two we'll get up the rest of the list. Feel free to suggest alternate results for these - obviously there were many directions one could go.

Atlantic Records

Not many American Idol contestants end up on a record label - unless that label is wholly owned and operated by some arm of the American Idol franchise. And those who are so lucky usually find their homes on smaller niche labels. So it was a HUGE big deal when we all learned that Jason was with a label as renowned as Atlantic. Check out the roster at Atlantic's web site if you haven't. Jason's in wonderful company with other unique, talented and diverse artists. The people working at Atlantic are equally amazing with their enthusiasm and understanding of who Jason IS and what his fans love about him. It's about as great a fit as any young new musician with an eager fanbase could hope for.

Betsy Castro
Anyone who has dipped his or her pinky toe into the Jason Castro fan waters will already know Betsy, but we must not be remiss in our guide to the new fan. Though you may be tempted to guess that Betsy is Jason's older sister, she is in fact his incredibly youthful, vivacious, energetic, never-seems-to-sleep, always-on-the-go, will-answer-an-email-at-2am, appears-to-be-in-several-places-at-once-as-she-raises-3-larger-than-life-children-across-multiple-cities-while-never-batting-an-eyelash-at-all-the-NORMAL-stuff-housewives-and-mothers-with-lesser-demands-have-let-fall-by-the-wayside-while-following-her-son-around-via-internet-portals-that-seem-to-have-been-invented-solely-so-we-forget-to-dust, no-I-haven't-forgotten-there's-a-noun-coming mother.

Seriously though, Betsy's that person you see from afar and think, "wow she'd make a really cool friend" despite the fact that she leads the most envy-inducing life imaginable. And you know what? She totally is a really cool person and a friend to everyone she meets. She's just that down to earth and friendly with everyone she meets. We love her and you will too, dear newbie. Just don't drink the Bragg's vinegar. That stuff is nasty.

This blog has been brought to you by the letters A and B. No vowels have been hurt in the production of this article. Stay tuned for more of the pointlessly alphabetical guide to the new fan.