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22 May, 2009 Posted by: Liz Lemon
Have you ever noticed that American Idol is like a college football season - always at a new school? The single-minded devotion, the hive mentality, the fascination with rankings, the demonization of the other guy (and all his fans), the donning of tour colors, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat... Football Saturday, meet Performance Tuesday. With so much passion surrounding this show, it's no wonder that an entire "idol commentary" culture has sprung up around this event - predicting, arm-chair critiquing and analyzing every single aspect of this obsession.

Can anyone any longer fathom an American Idol season without the scrutiny? From the forums and blogs to Cantiello's Idol in 60 on MTV, the secondary media has become the primary reason to follow the show in the first place. And we all eagerly anticipate Michael Slezak's audacious and perspicacious Popwatch blogs, Idolatry videos and exit interviews. Not for nothing, he's the recipient of two Right Fucking On awards here. See? Why? Because he's generally right fucking on. For those of you who have missed out on this cultural phenomenon, go here (and you can just leave your Castrocopia membership card on the table on your way out). The rest of you, go follow him on Twitter.

Michael has also always been a stalwart supporter of Jason. And for that we have always considered him to be an honorary Castrocopian (and McLovin's alter-ego). But the reason this site is such a hot-bed of Slezak fans (all between the ages of 18 and 23 and a half...) is because he truly loves what we love about this silly show and he articulates so well what the rest of us are thinking. One day, I hope they will replace Randy with Michael at the judges' table, but only if it doesn't interfere with his work at

Finally I want to thank you, Michael, for putting up with my tenacious nagging with patience and good humor. (I was slightly less determined than Tatiana del Toro on a mission to get her hand on a bullshit AI award. ) You are free at last!

Click on The Jump to listen to Michael's shuffle and read his "jaunty" commentary below. (squee!)

Michael Slezak Shuffle

1. Playgroup, "Number One" (Playgroup)
This one is from my hubby's half of the iTunes, but it's truly a hot-ass track. The minute it comes on, it's time to get down with the git-down!

2. Jody Watley, "A Beautiful Life" (The Makeover)
My all-time favorite artist miraculously surfaces in a shuffle of 4,000+ songs? My iPod must really understand me!

3. Jill Scott, "It's Love" (Who Is Jill Scott?: Words and Sounds Vol. 1)
"Do you want it on your rice and gravy? Do you want it on your biscuits baby?" Good food, good song!

4. Roisin Murphy, "Body Language" (Overpowered)
Thanks to my colleague Annie Barrett, for turning me on to the awesome sounds of this Irish chanteuse. Overpowered is a life-changer of a CD, and it's one I'll be spinning for the rest of my days.

5. Darkchild, "America's Next Top Model Theme"
I knew something embarrassing would pop up on this shuffle, but good grief, this is about as bad as it gets. (That said, the song immediately turns any sidewalk into a runway.)

6. Aimee Mann, "You Could Make a Killing" (I'm With Stupid)
And now we come to the singer-songwriter portion of our shuffle.

7. Cowboy Junkies, "Walking After Midnight" (The Trinity Sessions)
And our first appearance by a harmonica!

8. Kristine W, "Some Lovin' (Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit)" (Some Lovin': Remixes)
Back to the dancefloor with one of the greatest diva voices of our time.

9. Madonna, "Rescue Me" (The Immaculate Collection)
When will Idol have Madonna as a guest mentor? WHEN?

10. Tami Gosnell, "Where's Your Fire" (Star Satellite)
And just in the nick of time, a former Idol contestant. She may not have made the season 6 semifinals, but darn it all, she should have!

I know Michael would agree that we should support artists by purchasing their music when available. But check it out, Tami's got a website where you can grab a few of her tracks. Looks like you can purchase her CD from there as well. (It was no longer at Amazon.)

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